Hump Day Kick Start – Pin-up Roadster Rage Edition

December 17, 2014

Song of the day: Down  by Lit

Hump Day Kick Start – for your muse, a writing picture prompt, or just a visual treat.



Going fun and flirty today. Well, it’s flirty to me. Might not be for the poor fella in the trunk.

Tell me about today’s prompt. Who is our couple? Are they rival hot-rod racers, and she’s ensuring a win? Is this a form of road rage? Could she be upset with him for not paying the bill for her long hours repairing his dragster? Was he caught cheating? Or maybe she’s done waiting for him to make it official. Clearly she taking matters into her own hands.

You tell me. Love to hear your take.

Link of the Week – Creative Commons

December 16, 2014

magnifying-glassFind content for your blogs a challenge? Need help with research? How about finding and using music? Here is a site that helps you find just what you need. Creative Commons offers content you can use freely and legally.

  • Let people share and use your photographs, but not allow companies to sell them.
  • Access to course materials from the world’s top universities.
  • Encourage readers to re-publish your blog posts, as long as they give you credit.
  • Look for songs that you can use and remix, royalty-free.

Friday Fun Facts- Uhmm Not So Fun Today

December 12, 2014

Have you ever heard of Willard Asylum? Believe it or not, this place was a major improvement for the mentally ill. Take a look at some of the facts:

- The average stay was…30 years.

- 400 suitcases were found in the attic after it shut down. They dated from 1910 to 1960 and weren’t found until 1995. All were still full of the owners belongings.

- When patients died, they were buried. No names were on the tombstones- only numbers.

- The only one with names are those that participated in the Civil War and were furnished by the government.

- There are almost 6,000 people buried there.

- The New York Office of Mental Health has classified the cemetery records as medical records and have sealed them.

- Willard opened in the 1800s.

- It was a 900 bed boot camp or shock camp…the only problem was that it lasted for up to 30 years for many of the patients.

- When it opened, it was not uncommon to keep people deemed insane naked, in chains and locked up 24/7. Willard did try to be different by giving them some freedom and jobs to have a sense of purpose.

- One of the doctors who treated patients there, became a patient!

- Even though this institution tried to improve the conditions of the mental patients, there was much to be desired. Many records remain closed.




Hump Day Kick Start – Shirtless and Smoldering Edition

December 10, 2014

Song of the day: Down in a Hole by Alice in Chains

Hump Day Kick Start – for your muse, a writing picture prompt, or just a visual treat.

Jared Koronkiewicz3

Should you wish to thank me for this fine, um, prompt, I accept cash, sparkly jewelry, and gift cards to swanky places.

Damn…I can’t stop staring long enough to string sentences together. Okay, okay… who is our fella today?  He appears tapped out. Fight club? Bronc riding? Maybe he’s calculating his next move with the sexy poker player he’s losing his shirt to, literally. What about those dog tags? What’s the story there? Does he have a burden he keeps stowed deep? Is he sitting at some forgotten train station after the pretty hitchhiker stole his truck and wallet? Don’t worry, darlin’. I’ll get you where you need to go. And it won’t cost you a thing. Well, not monetarily, anyway.

Speak up! Love to hear your comments!

Link Of The Week- Cool Gifts For Writers!

December 9, 2014

Just because I’m a writer does NOT mean I need 100 notebooks or journals. Sigh. It gets hard looking excited when you’ve opened the fourth one on your birthday. There ARE cool things out there for us. Check it out!gift

Friday Fun Facts- The Melungeons

December 5, 2014

There’s something mysterious about the people found living throughout the Appalachians. Who are they? Where did they come from? No one knows for sure and theories are a dime-a-dozen. Meet the Melungeons.

-In 1690 French traders stumbled upon an unknown settlement deep in the heart of the mountains. They had dark olive skin but had European features and lived in log cabins. They believed they found a colony of Moors.

-No other mention has been found of this group until 1784. John Sevier came across this group and when asked, they told him they were of Portuguese descent. Due to their dark skin, he didn’t believe them and concluded they were Moors also.

-By the 1800s, this group had spread out through Kentucky, Tennessee, and Virginia. They were greatly shunned due to their strange appearance and customs. Mothers would actually scare their children by telling them tales about the “dark people” from the mountain.

-The origins of this group are still disputed. Some say they came from pirates moving up and down the east coast, others say they’re Native American, descendants of The Lost Colony of Roanoke, shipwrecked Portuguese sailors, lost Phoenician sailors, and some even claim they are one of the tribes of Israel.

-In 1999, Dr. Brent Kennedy found evidence that suggested they are, in fact, some of the earliest settlers here in The Old World. He believes them to be Ottoman Turks left here by Sir Francis Drake after he captured them from the Spanish.

-Their name could come from the word Melunn-Jinn which means “cursed soul abandoned by God” in Arabic.

Hump Day Kick Start – The Camera is Rolling Edition

December 3, 2014

Song of the day: Tears Don’t Fall by Bullet For My Valentine

Hump Day Kick Start – for your muse, a writing picture prompt, or just a visual treat.

by helmut newton


This should get your attention.

Today’s writing picture prompt is, um, curious. Who are these people and what’s going on?  Take notice of the characters in the background. The man in the jacket seems uneasy. The smoker, passing judgement. And the woman with the bent knee, anxiously waiting. What are they filming? A magazine perfume ad or suggestive pictorial? A documentary on the tragic life of an actress?  A sex scene in a movie? Why is the sharply-dressed man adjusting her dress. Is he buttoning or unbuttoning? Is she allowing him? Or is she unable? If so why? Is it because of something nefarious? Maybe she is in more control than she is letting on to be. Perhaps she is the hostess of an elite “training” party.

You tell me. Love to hear your take.


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