I went to my high school reunion in Charlotte, N.C. this weekend. (None of us graduated in N.C. however. We were overseas for highschool, so N.C. was just a convenient meeting place, since going back to Germany wasn’t possible. LOL.) What a blast to see people I haven’t seen in eighteen plus years. So much, and yet so little, had changed. Being army brats overseas forged a huge connection for us all, and even if  a lot of time has passed in between reconnecting, we all sat down together and talked as though it were only yesterday when we last spoke. To my friends – my MAHS pals – can’t wait to see you all again!

Nothing ever goes as planned does it? You know that saying, ” Bad things come in threes.” ? Well, is it possible that if you have one really bad thing happen – it’ll wipe out the other two coming???? Here’s to hoping!

Life Happens…

I’ll get to it later… I have to do this first… The kids need… The spouse needs… Charity needs…
My writing group needs… The car broke down… Kids are sick… Friend in trouble…

I’m certain any one of us could continue on with this list of reasons we don’t meet our writing goals from time to time. Sometimes, there isn’t even a reason other than your muse has gone on vacation without you. These are the disruptions we all face in the daily grind, whether we’re writing, revising, trying to meet deadlines or plotting our next story. And we weather the bumps in the road, face the days and move on until we can get back into the flow of things.

But what about those major issues that come up?

How in the world are we supposed to keep writing or find the time to let our mind be creative when something in our lives is taking all our focus, all our attention? And how are we supposed to maintain our ‘special voice’ when we’re so angry/sad/shocked/tired?

It’s inevitable that something BIG will happen in a writer’s career.

The big question is how to handle it.

1. Allow yourself to go without writing – guilt free. It may feel like you are letting yourself and others down by closing the laptop or the notebook, but trying to write while your heart and mind are uneasy is as difficult as it gets. Sometimes taking that day or two NOT to focus on writing makes it easier to get back to it when you are ready.

2. Allow yourself to write – guilt free. No I don’t have some sort of contradictory disorder. I just mean that sometimes, writing can be an escape from the troubles surrounding us. If your mind wanders to a story, an idea, a place and time other than the one you’re in – take the time to write it down, even if it’s on a napkin. It will make you feel better to lose yourself even briefly and give that much needed boost you’ll need to keep trudging through the tribulations at hand.

3. Write when you can and if you can. Doesn’t have to be on your WIP. It can be as simple as a poem, a funny little thought, a tribute to someone in your life, even a story you and your child make up. It’ll keep your mind sharp and ready for when you want to sit to work.

4. Get into the minds of those around you. Looking at your situation or the problem at hand – from others perspective not only helps you understand the situation better and everyone else’s views, it’s a wonderful learning tool for future character action/reaction/motivation. And let’s face it, during any stressful situation, we can all use a distraction no matter how minute it may be.

5. Keep yourself healthy. Eat, sleep, and do something physical. But not just your body needs to be healthy. Your mind as well. Find peace inside yourself a couple times a day – no matter how brief. Sadness, anger, resentment – any negative emotion – is toxic. It’s a bit like poison and it can keep you down. Letting the stress go and focusing on something positive each day can help you cope in hard times.

6. Share. Share your burden. Let others be the strong one. Let others help. There’s nothing noble in taking the weight of the world on your shoulders when it’s just too much to hold. Let others be there for you. There’s no doubt at some point, you’ll be able to return the favor.

And remember – if you do write during a period when you are dealing with major problems – make sure you go back and check what you wrote. Our minds are funny things and the feelings we have inside of us can show up on the paper/screen. Your story can take on a darker tone or a sad tone – any tone – without you even realizing it because your mind is venting as well and you want to make sure one of chars doesn’t do something out of character – just because you were out of character at the time.

Any other suggestions? Let us know your thoughts.


9 Responses to LIFE HAPPENS

  1. Jessica says:

    Nice post, Candi! I was just thinking last night that I needed to head over hear and ask when you were planning to dust the blog and post. LOL
    That’s so cool about your reunion! How fun! I can’t wait to go to mine (not that I knew many kids, lol).

    Very true about big things. So far, nothing major has happened in my life, thank goodness. I have to say, this is good advice for the minor things too.

    btw, Elizabeth Pina from RWC wayyyyyy back just got a contract with White Rose Publishing. I thought you all might be encouraged to hear that. 🙂 It happened through a contest too. She has a blog called Texas Typos, the link is on my sidebar.

    Hope you all had an awesome Easter!


  2. Jessica says:

    Ahem….HEAR should be HERE.
    I promise I know how to spell. LOL


  3. Candi Wall says:

    Hey Jessica,

    Yeah, from time to time we get a little slow HERE (lol), especially with the AT final for Marie-Claude and the GH final for Jenn.

    Big shout out for Elizabeth! That’s great.

    I’m glad to HEAR (lol) that you haven’t had any crisis that tugs you away from your writing. Would that we could all say that. It’s amazing how many blogs I’ve crossed where the author is finally getting back into the swing of things after a problem.

    Thanks for stopping in.



  4. John Roundtree says:

    Good to Here from you, Candi. Never the same Hear without you!



  5. Candi Wall says:

    Well done, John. LOL.

    Good thing Jessica already likes us…

    (please come back again, Jessica!)

    And John – it’s great to be back.


  6. John!
    You stinker…
    Making fun of me… LOL


  7. John Roundtree says:

    >>Making fun of me… <<

    Noooo! Don’t you Sea, Your just what we needed — a smile.

    Thank’s for that.



  8. great post Candi 🙂
    In the end you have to do what is soothing, writing or not, or writing something else…

    and all that misspelled stuff is waaayyy over my head LOL. I do this all the time!!!!


  9. jbrayweber says:

    Hey Candi!

    Wonderful post! Great minds do think alike. I also did a blog on Life Happens (coming soon). You really know how to put it all in perspective.

    And it seems LIFE is happening to so many of us, lately. The good, the bad & the ugly, it must be in the air!



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