Today’s The Day

Okay – Today’s the day.


I want to wish everyone luck!


Remember to stop sending when I post “STOP”. It won’t take long to reach thirty pitches so please check back.





15 Responses to Today’s The Day

  1. Judy W says:

    Wow! I got messed up on the time difference (I’m currently in Edinburgh) fortunately I looked in early.


  2. Candi Wall says:

    Very good!

    I haven’t looked through the e-mails yet – just waiting as they pour in – but hopefully you made it into the first thirty.

    Good Luck!


  3. Kerri Nelson says:

    Hey Candi,

    Can you clarify that you’ll be selecting the actual first 30 e-mails or will you be checking the time stamp on the message?

    I ask this because mine went through at exactly 9:00 a.m. (Central Time) as soon as you posted the notice.


    for some reason my e-mail was set to some weird GMT setting and it says 2:00 p.m.! ARGH!!

    Keeping fingers crossed that this doesn’t mess me up!


  4. Candi Wall says:

    Hi Kerri,

    The first thirty pitches that hit my mailbox are in. As long as they adhere to the rules that is. I’ll keep thirty-one and higher in case any of the first thirty aren’t within the rules.

    Good Luck.


  5. Jan C says:

    Thanks for being a conduit for this excellent idea. If nothing else, you’re galvanizing us to create.


  6. Candi Wall says:

    Hi Jan,

    It’s really been fun so far. The agents have been great, and so too have all the writers who have written in to ask questions.

    Any reason to be creative is a good one, and why not have the added benefit of an agent visit.

    Have a great day & good luck.


  7. Kerri Nelson says:

    Awesome-ness Candi! Thanks for all your hard work with this project.

    When will future Agent Shop dates be announced?


  8. Hi Candi~

    I just want to thank you for doing this. I know I sure appreciate the op to get my work in front of agents.

    Thanks again,



  9. Candi Wall says:

    Hi Kerri,

    Thanks for coming by.

    There’s a link just below the Agent Shop post on the ‘Agent Shop’ page that has a list of planned session dates.

    I’ll announce the visiting agents a week before each new session. Sometimes sooner, but I like to have confirmation from the agents before I announce them.

    Good luck!


  10. Candi Wall says:

    Hi Allie,

    you’re very welcome.

    The other MuseTrackers and I have always been impressed with the writers community as a whole. Everyone is more than willing to help each other out, since we all know how difficult it can be to get published.

    That’s where this idea came from. We wanted to find a way to help – to give back – as it were, for thehelp and friendship we’ve found along the way.

    And hey, any op to connect with an agent – is a good one.

    Good luck!


  11. aliceaudrey says:

    This is fun! I really enjoyed coming up with a pitch.


  12. Candi Wall says:

    Hi Alice,

    Thanks for coming by.

    The pitches are just another little thing we must perfect. Why not have fun with it!

    Good Luck!


  13. I haven’t seen STOP yet, so are we still golden to send more pitches? I don’t want to bombard you, but I do have a couple more I could post if no one else is going to…

    ~Allie (or am I being a pitch hog?)


  14. Robyn Wren says:

    ugh I totally spaced out the days and missed this one. I’ll try and catch the next one!


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