Blurb This Winner

Thanks to all who entered the blurb contest.

It was fun to read the entries and I did get a few via e-mail that were fun as well.

Our winner is: VICKI!

Here is her post:

After her last earthly encounter went haywire, Jade Simmons receives one final chance to redeem herself and be granted another life. Walking into the church where she was murdered to rescue Anthony Raphael, a man with too many sins to count, has flames of desire igniting more than her soul.

Vicki, please contact me at . You can send in your pitch any time and I’ll make sure it’s in the number one spot in the line-up.

Thanks again to everyone, and I hope to see you all here on July 5th at 10:00 a.m. EST when I’ll post the word go.

Our visiting agent this time is:

Kimberley Cameron from Reece Halsey Literary Agency

Here is what she had to say:

My interests are Fiction: Literary/
Historical/Mysteries/Women’s/Mainstream/Horror/Science Fiction/Thrillers
Non-Fiction: Biography/History/France/Current Events/Popular Science


Good luck everyone and keep those pitches coming!


3 Responses to Blurb This Winner

  1. Jessica says:

    Congrats to Vicki!

    Do you guys still have your Musetracks crit group? I had to unsubscribe because I didn’t have Word so I couldn’t read anyone’s crits. LOL But now I have Word so I was thinking of joining again, unless it’s full?

    Looking forward to your next blurb contest. I’ve never heard of this agent so I’ll have to look her up.


  2. Candi Wall says:

    Hey Jessica,

    We do still have the crit group. Actually pretty slow right now. I think everyone is busy amping up for Nationals and all the great contests open right now. We also have the Cafe, where crits, and ideas can be discussed in detail. Great group.

    Join at:

    and the cafe:

    Kimberley Cameron is awesome. So down to earth in her e-mails. And polite! Seems most of the agents are this way though. Reaffirms your faith in people. They’ve got to love what they do to tolerate us writers. LOL

    Thanks for stopping by.


  3. Kate M. says:

    Congrats, Vicki! A great, unique spin on the opening. (Could there be an entire book coming?)


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