Thank you to all who pitched today.

I’ll get these pitches sifted through and have them posted for Ms. Lyon in the morning.

If you don’t see your pitch, it either didn’t make it in by the thrity we allow, or there was something in it that didn’t conform to the rules.

Best of luck to everyone, and make sure you leave Laura a comment below for a chance to win a signed copy of UNTRACEABLE or a $20.00 Borders giftcard.

Have a wonderful day!

7 Responses to AGENT SHOP DONE

  1. sfcatty says:

    Candi- How did you make it snow on the blog? That’s awesome!


  2. Candi Wall says:

    Hey sfcatty~

    Marie-Claude figured this one out. LOL.

    Think it’s a feature, but I’ll check with her!


  3. …suppose, since I’m the only guy here, I’ll have to be the one to shovel all this snow. 😦


  4. Candi Wall says:

    LOL John!

    We wouldn’t do that to you!

    Why do you think us girls have been posting all those naked chested guys on here all year. They have cyber shovels! Those pics were strictly utility purposes.

    But you could alway come up here and help me digout! I’ve got four inches so far and more to come on wednesday.


  5. …with your “naked chested guys” in snow boots flolicking about? No thanks!


  6. Candi Wall says:

    LOL! John,

    They’ve all headed to the blog or down south so they can keep their shirts off.

    Too darn cold up here…


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