Agent Shop – What is it???

It’s been some time since I last posted about the reason we started ‘Agent Shop’ here at Musetracks.

A LONG time…

When Jenn, Marie-Claude, John and I were first starting out, we were lucky enough to find a wonderful resource in Charlotte Dillon’s Romance Writers Community. You could call it luck, fate, kismet… Whatever stars aligned for us, we came together in Charlotte’s online critique group and fell in love with one another’s writing. The rest as they say, is history. Now we’ve welcomed Stacey into the madness and I’m happy to say she fits right in.

We helped each other through the varying stages of learning our craft, held numerous in-depth discussions about everything from rule breaking to finding and keeping our voice during edits. We shared link after link and resource after resource in our attempts to become better at our writing and push toward our goals to become published authors.

As most of you are aware, the lines to publication take so many forms.

At any rate, we found an amazing community of writers out there willing to help us newbies get on our feet. Musetracks is our way of paying it forward.

Agent Shop is another way. I’m happy to say that since Agent Shop started, we’ve had well over a 600 pitches come in during our 15 ‘Agent Shop’ dates. Not all of them were viable pitches, only about 410 of those made it through, but of the ones that made it through we’ve had 57!!! requests for more material.



This weekend will mark our 16th Agent Shop. We have Kevan Lyon from Marsal Lyon Lit as our attending agent, and she’s bringing along Lynne Bryant with her soon to be released CATFISH ALLEY. We’ll be giving the top pitch slot to one lucky visitor that uses the word CATFISH in their comment, and Lynne will also give away a copy of CATFISH ALLEY.

So here’s a quick recap:

Mar 27th – Be here around 10:00am EST and wait for me to post the word GO.

Leave a comment using the word CATFISH to be entered to win either the top pitch slot OR a copy of CATFISH ALLEY.

Make sure your pitch follows the rules:

  • 200 words or less
  • Pitch – Agent Shop in subject line
  • Your pitch should look like this:





(Placing your info anywhere in your pitch does not mean you’ve given me the information. I don’t have time to read through and figure out your info! Auto delete if I do!)

  • Make sure the attending agent is looking for your type of project/ms.

Then, send your pitch to: candi_agent_shop @

I’ll post the pitches that made it in on Monday Mar. 28th, for Kevan to ‘shop’. She’ll let me know which pitches she wants more of, and I’ll contact all the lucky pitchers.


I often receive upwards of sixty pitches on pitch day. (Highest #102, lowest # 20)

Here’s how I do things.

  • Pitches come in
  • Any pitch that is sent as an attachment is deleted.
  • I separate the pitch and info e-mails and try to answer all questions
  • Then I check for contact info, title, genre and wordcount (Any that are missing info are deleted)
  • Next I check the wordcount of the actual pitch. (Any that are over 200 words are deleted)
  • Then I list the viable pitches in order received until I reach 30.

Sounds simple. It is, in most cases. And fun too. I admit to occasionally being late to post the word go. I’m an animal control officer for four towns, and well, animals don’t wait! But most days, I’m right on time.

So that’s the skinny.

Hope to see you all here on Sunday and pass the word!



4 Responses to Agent Shop – What is it???

  1. I LOVE this feature of Muse Tracks! I’ve heard so many folks complain about how hard it is to get their material in front of an agent…well, here it is. Not only is it just an agent- it’s top quality agents! Kevan is a super woman doing a super job. Thanks for the hard work.


  2. Kristen says:

    Best thing ever! Especially for newbie. You’ve helped me refine my horrifically bad queries AND that niggling feeling that my manuscript wasn’t quite quite was confirmed by an agent–giving me the impetus for a complete overhaul.

    Thanks very very much!


  3. Susan Mulller says:

    Sounds great. I can’t wait to read CATFISH ALLEY. Thanks for all your hard work.


  4. Anita Romero says:

    Howdy Candi,

    Thanks for this opportunity, this is such a great idea. I can’t wait to read CATFISH ALLEY and I’m waiting with my finger on send…



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