Agent Shopping day @ Agent Shop


It’s Agent Shop day!

I’ve had a great month and I have to share my good news.

My young adult novel Ceres Wrath is an ABNA quarter-finalist! I also learned that it took first place in the Great Expectations contest and received a full request from the editor. Okay, now that I got THAT out of my system – onward!

Quick stats:

Pitches received 58

Pitches accepted 30

Pitches deleted 2

  • 1 – Missing title
  • 1 – Too long
  • 26 – Came in after the first 30

WOW – Authors, way to go! This is the first time I’ve had this happen. So many people followed the rules.

Our top pitch slot winner is Cheryl!

UPDATE – Angelica has won the copy of CATFISH ALLEY!

Good luck to everyone.

A huge thank you to Kevan Lyon for participating today. As always Ms. Lyon, if there are any pitches you’d like more information about, simply e-mail me the number of the pitch along with any instructions you’d like me to pass on to the author.

Special thank you to Lynne Bryant and best of luck on the release of CATFISH ALLEY!

And now – the pitches. Good luck to everyone that made the cut.





55,000 words

When Kendi Morgan stumbles upon the victim of a would-be murder, she has no choice but to help him back to the safety of her secluded country home. Wounded DEA agent Gage Chandler is a man with nothing to lose and nothing to fear—until he finds himself falling for a beautiful woman who risks everything to save his life. Can their newfound love survive as they are targeted by a powerful drug lord seeking revenge? Gage knows he’s all that stands between the cartel and Kendi in a sting operation that has gone awry. Will he sacrifice his partner’s life and his own in exchange for Kendi’s safety?

Gage Chandler is a loner who wants to keep it that way. After losing his first love in a home invasion, he has a score to settle, and he doesn’t care what happens to him–until Kendi Morgan saves his life. Now he has a choice to make–will he continue the fight against the drug cartel he’s infiltrated, or will he embrace the love he’s found with Kendi…if he lives.




Mainstream Women’s Fiction

110, 000 words

Maddie has spent her twenties creating the perfect life in New York City, far from her mother and the terrors of an abusive childhood.  But when her mother dies and her father begs her to come home, Maddie must return to Mooses Run, a secluded house in the Colorado mountains.

Maddie discovers that her father is posting his profile on singles websites and marketing himself as the most eligible bachelor-about-town, only two months after his wife’s funeral. Seeing her own chance for the home and family she’s always wanted, Maddie falls head-over-heels and straight into bed with childhood friend Brad.  But she cannot embrace her new life while her mother’s spirit lingers at Mooses Run, laying claim to Maddie’s future and evoking memories Maddie would rather forget.  Maddie reveals her troubled past only to Jackson, the cynical artist who asks her to become his model and muse.

As Maddie throws herself into the role of maid-of-honor to both her sister and soon-to-be stepmother, she finds herself in a final showdown with her mother’s shadow, and with the one man who asks her to choose between him and her dreams.





105,000 words

There were four things Gerald “Jet” Jameson never saw coming:

·      Murdering 1700 people could be worse than a nuclear holocaust

·      Advances in science and technology, no matter how helpful, always comes at a cost

·      Children are the most unpredictable force in the world

·      and finally, the unimaginable, a narcissist repulsed by his own actions

When Jet, an aspiring astronaut, loses control of his perfect life he agrees to murder innocents to stop an escalating nuclear war. His reward. Raising a son he didn’t want, doubting an ego he can’t risk, utilizing technology he can’t possibly understand, while hiding a secret where the only solution is a hangman’s noose.

Add in:

·      An engineered virus, guaranteed to be a slate wiper, leaves two survivors behind

·      A world wide manhunt

·      A secret facility that uses humans as telepathic guinea pigs

·      A harvesting operation that steals organs from the dregs of society

·      An impossible space program sold as the only hope for mankind

·      and man’s first contact




Helena Goes to Hollywood

Women’s Fiction-Suspense

90k words

It’s not Hot In Cleveland, it’s Ordinary in Hollywood. When your black belts aren’t Gucci, it’s hard to fit in with the Hollywood crowd.  Helena isn’t in Tinsel Town for fun…she must protect her superstar sister from a stalker. Surrounded by kooky characters with out of control egos, Helena stands out like an A cup in the Playboy mansion. It’s the craziest place she’s ever been. But when the brother-in-law turns up murdered, Hollywood seems less like a joke. Helena must find the killer before she and her sister are wearing body bags instead ofRed Carpet fashions. Helena goes to Hollywood is the first in a proposed series about an average 40 year old divorcee who becomes infamous in Hollywood for solving crimes by her own rules!



Demon Reincarnate

YA Urban Fantasy
72,000 words

Finding a hunky, three-hundred-year old demon in your bed isn’t so bad. Stabbing that demon in the gut? Yeah…probably not the best way to make his acquaintance.

Lucky for Katriona McBain, the infamous supernatural hit-man, Demetrius Fall, is interested in more than sucking out her soul—he needs her to assume her role as the reincarnated Queen of the powerful, British Coven.

The only person who can stop an impending apocalypse and end a long waging, demonic war, Katriona is thrown head first into a dark, magical world she thought only existed in her nightmares. Together, she and Demetrius must search the globe for the four bewitched pieces of her royal ancestor’s necklace. Bringing the charms together and harnessing their power is the only chance Katriona has to destroy Narcissa, an evil succubus and leader of the Dark Coven. But as the clock ticks will Katriona uncover the charms in time, or lose something more precious than the war—her humanity?

DEMON REINCARNATE is the first novel of my YA urban fantasy series. Although DEMON REINCARNATE is the in a series, the story stands alone, and explores the uncertainty and change of being a teen on the cusp of adulthood.




Historical Romance

90,000 words

Sumner Meador walked in a world of wealth and privilege of Charles Town’s elite, but that was years ago. Now he fights in the Southern backwoods driven by the passion he holds for the Patriot cause, shadowed by his past.  Reeling from a devastating defeat at the hands of the British, Sumner seeks haven at his farm, only to find an interloper, an unwelcome and unwanted distraction. He has no time for the young woman or the complications she brings with her, but soon discovers he has no option but to give aid to the stubborn, courageous beauty whether she wants it or not.

A widower, Sumner has been haunted by the death of his wife and is consumed with a desire for revenge. Jane Kilmer has been violently thrust into the midst of the civil war ensuing in the backwoods. Hiding from one of the most dangerous vigilantes, Jane trusts no one. Suddenly, she has no choice but to put her life in Sumner’s hands. Both desire revenge, but neither wants what happens-to fall completely, undeniably in love with each other- so much so, that both are willing to die for the other. And they might have to.




Historical Romance

170,000 words

Set against the backdrop of Antebellum Charleston with the martial clash of brother against brother looming on the horizon, this explosive sage follows the life and loves of Josephine Buchanan Wright. As a young orphan, Josephine is taken back into her wealthy Charleston grandfather’s home where she is swept into world of pageantry and show. She accepts the world as it is around her. Her future seems certain until all she has placed her faith in falls apart; her fiancé’s betrayal, her grandfather’s death, a will that pulls her apart from the man she loves, her cousin’s atrocious attack on her companion, the cold and brutal war… leaving her torn between two cousins, the unconstraint and debonair, Wade, and his bold, brooding and Yankee cousin, Cullen. As her life spirals out of control, she tries desperately to cling to the honor and duty that has been instilled in her. But how can she do so when all she has known is no more?




Women’s Fiction – Paranormal

92,500 words

Encounters with mortals brought Lura nothing but grief. All the same, when the mermaid sees a man drowning in the Gulf of Mexico off St. Pete Beach, the words of the Law of One ring through her mind and she swims out to save him. Seven Sacred Laws rule the mer world; ignoring them leads to corruption and self-destruction. Mermaids have stopped following these laws to their own detriment. As Lura learns the forgotten laws, they test her at every turn.

Before the moon cycle ends, she must mate with a human in hopes of conceiving – her only chance to preserve her ancestral memories.

The slim, muscular man found in her waters has the genes she seeks for her offspring. Lura shape shifts into a leggy blonde to seduce him. Tyler isn’t about to get careless, though, not with an accidental pregnancy and a failed marriage behind him.

When the mermaid is captured by a treasure hunter, he triggers an ancient curse that keeps her in his power. It’s Tyler she wants.

Only unlocking the secret of the last Sacred Law allows her to use the power of love against the curse and accept Tyler’s help in her escape.



Second Chance At Love

Historical Romance set in the Regency Period
85,000 words

Lady Beatrix, a strong-willed young woman, has no wish to marry for anything less than love, and becomes quite taken by Lord Whitby, but soon learns he is a grief-stricken widower who has no desire to remarry for he feels responsible for his wife’s death.  When Beatrix later tries to warn him of a notorious widow’s plot to trap him into marriage, she is the one caught alone instead with him, and they must wed.  Enthralled by the independent beauty, Whitby never expected Beatrix could free him from the chains that bind his heart and cripple his spirit, nor did Beatrix expect a woman to come between them who would do anything, even murder, to gain Whitby’s love.

Together, Bea and Whitby, united by passion, risk their lives to save not only themselves but each other.



The Embroidered Pussycat

Contemporary, erotic romance with humor

31,785 words

JENNIFER starts a horse riding school for kiddos. BRIAN opens a tack supply store. Both are based at the same horse stable.

Brian needs to find a new nanny for his son, Drew. He assigns the task to his new assistant. She enrolls him in Jennifer’s school. One day, Brian has to pick up Drew. Remembering Brian from the CATFISH incident at a lakeside resort, Jennifer initially accuses Brian as a stalker.

Eventually, Brian enters Drew in an equestrian event that leads to a sequence of unexpected events. Turmoil ensues. Drew asks a blunt question about his deceased mother causing more turbulence.

Jennifer has to reconcile her negative reaction and the desirable Brian she didn’t recognize before. How will Jennifer find a way to let Brian know that she forgives him?

Brian insists that he’s let go of the memory of his deceased wife. He has to reconcile those residual feelings with his growing feelings for Jennifer.  How will Brian let go of his past and acknowledge his new feelings for Jennifer?



‘Evil Has No Place’

Romantic Suspense

75K words

After eight years, Nickelle Carson, a mafia kidnapped victim escapes her captor. A normal life is all Nickelle wants for her son—that, and to keep the family she remembers safe. To protect them she needs to disappear, but when she is captured by a handsome U.S. Marshal, her only choice is to keep her true identity hidden and remain silent.

Before more young lives are lost, U.S. Marshal, William Haus vows to do anything to unearth the secret that keeps the beautiful Karina (Nickelle) from testifying against the Russian War Lord.

Will the sparks igniting between the two blind them to the evil that stalks their shadows?



Sworn to Love

Historical Romance set in the Regency Period
84,000 words

Lady Juliette Langston, an innocent beauty must marry well to replenish her family’s coffers and unwittingly captures the heart of an alluring war hero, LT Colonel Brendon Amherst who secretly promised to watch over her before he returns to the fight to avenge the death of his men.

When Brendon asks for her hand in marriage, her father prohibits the match and thrusts his daughter into the arms of a lecherous old duke, striking a killer into action.  Bitter over the past, Juliette struggles to stay alive in a world filled with danger while Brendon vows not only to save her but to renew their love and ensure a future, together.



Spirits from the Vasty Deep

YA historical/ghost story

95,000 words

Spirits from the Vasty Deep is a ghostly young adult historical novel set in the 1850s–it’s Blossom Culp meets the Pirates of the Caribbean.

En route from Spain after her father’s death, 17-year-old Olivia sets a ship afire while escaping its murderous crew—dooming all hands aboard. Now their ghosts want retribution, and Olivia will need to reclaim her forsaken abilities to speak with the dead in order to withstand the vengeful spirits. If she fails, she could lose her own soul, and open the way for sinister shades to invade the world of the living.



Young Adult Fantasy

The Book of Ruins

197 words

Ever wonder what a numah and a Murfle have in common?  Know how a top notch Troll Bowler called Uran landed a plush job at a resort of sorts located in a tiny town called Adder and became infamous for his incessant and persistent insistence that the Devil is in the Deer Tails?  Have you played a Gnome Course lately just for the fun of being chased and bitten by one of What Not’s be-speckled balls or one of the gnarly Gnomes who live there?

Since the war between the states of service and servitude the Murfles have become the servers and the numahs require constant service.

Enter BeJewelled, a main character in this plot who is constantly plotting to help the Murfles overthrow the system at Bard’s Lair, her once beloved home which now lays in ruins and you have the beginnings of a story called The Book of Ruins.

Did I mention BeJewelled is a ghost? This simple story involves complex plots surrounding current issues. How we treat each other, what we value in life and how we can make a difference by changing our attitudes are currents of thought which prevail throughout this story.



The Brat Files: History at Stake

Young Adult

50,000 words

Like most teenagers, Lily Adams hates being the ‘new kid.’ Unfortunately, that status pretty much sums up her life. Only this time Uncle Sam has gone too far. Not only has Lily been to seven schools in nine states in fourteen years, but now her dad is getting stationed in Germany. This is nothing unusual for a seasoned ‘army brat.’ What makes Lily really strange is that she’s a Traveler…as in Time Traveler.

All Lily wants to do is survive her freshman year in a boring country of sauerkraut and leather overalls. A few friends would be nice, but when Lily meets her neighbor, Nick–an odd German kid who happens to enjoy traversing through history–she gets way more friendship than she bargained for. After a Halloween dare in the village cemetery ends in disaster, Lily and Nick are sent back to15th century Romania to rescue a classmate–who just so happens to be the biggest snob in the entire school. Their mission leads them to a castle deep in the Carpathian mountains, where they meet face to face with the legendary prince of Transylvania himself–Vlad ‘the Impaler,’ also known as Dracula. This is one history lesson Lily won’t soon forget.



Experience My Only Authority: The Wife of Bath’s Guide to Love


60,000 words

How medieval are your ideas about love? And what can the most scandalous woman of the Middle Ages teach you about romance?

You might be surprised to find that a number of our notions about romance and relationships date to the fourteenth century or even earlier.  Did you know that it was Geoffrey Chaucer who started the tradition of lovers meeting on Valentine’s Day?  Or that it was his brassy Wife of Bath who first set the standard for the “cougar” lifestyle? Experience My Only Authority: The Wife of Bath’s Guide to Love will detail medieval notions about love and how they’re continuing to hold lovers back in the 21st century.



The Some Day List

Single title contemporary romance

93,000 words

After finding out that her irresponsible ex-husband is going to be a father, Quinn Adams is determined to change her life to get the thing she wants most – a family. She tosses aside her practical nature and allows her friends to put together a list of frivolous adventures for a summer of fun. She figures if she can complete this list, she will either find The One or at least be prepared to become a single mother.

Ryan O’Leary is the person his large family relies on for everything, so when his friend Quinn struggles with her list, Ryan naturally steps up to help. As they tackle Quinn’s list together, Ryan’s involvement shakes up Quinn’s life more than the adventures themselves. When their relationship evolves beyond friendship, Quinn fears losing a great friend while Ryan struggles to find a balance between the demands of his family and his desire to have a life of his own.



Guitar God

YA—Contemporary Fantasy

195,000 Words

Polly’s moment had finally arrived, and it couldn’t have come at a worse time. Barely a teenager, Polly had reluctantly accepted the role of human guardian of the Green. Now, about to begin college and leave her hometown and all the weirdness behind, fate calls her, except to save the Green she must defeat Isaac, the boy she loves.

Isaac was the kid nobody liked until a mysterious faerie granted him his greatest wish. Now bestowed with incredible musical prowess, Isaac is loved and admired by all. But there’s no such thing as a free lunch. Polly is the only one who can save Isaac’s soul, but her first responsibility is to the Green. Can Polly save the Green and save Isaac as well?

Guitar God is a Jewish, suburban rock and roll fantasy with a 1970s soundtrack. It’s urban fantasy in the suburbs. It’s War For The Oaks meets Portnoy’s Complaint. It’s crossover YA for teens and their parents. It’s a world where the faerie folk walk among us, but we don’t know it. It’s about the magical places where we grew up. Maybe we knew about them or maybe we walked by them every day without even noticing.



The Pirate’s Deception


90500 words

Alexander Barrington is an untitled relative of the Duke of Somerset.  As such, he secures a Naval position to explore his love, the seas. His boat is taken by pirates who ransom him with no payment thus he is forced to join them. Along his traves, he becomes involved with a vampire who turns him. As an immortal, he excells at pirating, becoming the scourge of the seas thus exiled from ever returning home and the Society he was raised in. He considers himself damned for eternity and refuses to drag anyone else into his vampiric world.

Laurel is the only child of a Viscount. She is kidnapped by villians in the West Indies and Alexander, sentenced for hanging as a pirate (a fate he must avoid or be discovered as the undead), seizes the opportunity to rescue the girl only to find he must take her back to England, a place he’s avoided. She is betrothed to another (Alexander’s half-brother – the next Duke) thus Alexander places her at a distance to protect her. Though he considers himself damned and unworthy of love, she is a strong temptation. The longer they are together, the more they can’t fight the attraction even though evil and betrayal await them in London.



A Demon’s Redemption

Paranormal Romance

90,000 words

Lorelei is your typical college student – who happens to have a talent for sniffing out demons and sending them back to hell, kind of like a psychic bloodhound. But once a year, she must help one of the fallen earn their way back into heaven. How do they do that? By atoning for their sins. And so far, everything is working out for her – until she meets Azazel, son of Azazeal, a member of the Underworld hierarchy. Does the demon fall far from the seed? She has a month to find out.

Azazel has always lived in the shadows of his father’s misdeeds. But redemption is his one chance to break free of his father’s sins. If only he hadn’t promised to bring down Lorelei for his bid for freedom. Will he keep his promise to his father – or to the woman he comes to love?



The Dating Game

Contemporary Romance

100,000 words

Can a widow on the edge of approaching middle age find love a second time?

JENNETTE RILEY is content with work and her relationship with her late husband’s best friend–until her brother infers the man is running from commitment like a convict desperate to stay free. When her lover discourages her suggestion she spend an evening watching his band play at a nearby club, she realizes she needs to know if he will ever move their love affair forward and contacts her brother to accept his unconventional offer of help.

When his fiancée’s dynamic career takes precedence over their relationship, TYLER MORGAN decides he needs a distraction. When a co-worker tells him of a classic car collecting dust in his sister’s garage, Tyler is determined to meet her and make an offer to buy it. When he steps into what turns out to be Jennette’s backyard to ask if she’s willing to sell, what he gets is a case of mistaken identity and an intriguing offer he chooses not to turn down.

What Jennette and Tyler don’t expect is for a chance meeting and one simple date to grow into an all-consuming passion and love neither can deny.




Single Title Contemporary Romance

80,000 words

English teacher Emma Dawson has enough complications in her life with an alcoholic sister and a son on the brink of teenage-dom. The last thing she needs is her high school crush waltzing into town and setting up camp in the middle of her life.

Thanks to a knee injury, professional baseball player, Nate Campbell, finds himself back in his hometown, coaching at his alma mater, and enjoying sparring with one stubborn English teacher way more than he should.

Caught in the classic battle between sports and academics, Nate and Emma face off against each other, an unscrupulous principal, and an attraction neither can deny. But when enemies become lovers, Nate is determined to convince Emma he really is playing for keeps.



Pink Lady


49000 words

A Haunted House , hidden wealth and a murder all these things combine to make Anna’s life more complicated than she thought it ever could be. Returning home after discovering her fiancée doing the horizontal tango with a museum board member, she decides to convert the home her uncle left her into a bed and breakfast. As she and her contractor peel back the layers of grime, they discover clues about the gruesome murder of the former owners. Can they solve the mystery before they meet the same fate?




Historical Romance

93K words

“The sacrifice of one spoiled heiress for the good of many…” at least that’s how tarnished war-hero Major Vicks Geale quiets his conscience. Newly returned to England, Vicks finds his pay and commission forfeited, he’s inherited a crumbling estate, worthless title and a mountain of debt. With a band of wounded men depending upon him, Geale chooses the feckless and rich Lady Evangeline “Mischief” Moorecroft.

Gorgeous over-indulged Lady Evangeline delights on dancing the razor’s edge between scandal and infamy. Unable to resist Geale’s bait of a notoriously naughty masquerade, Evangeline awakens to discover she’s been ambushed into marriage. As an uneasy alliance forms between them, Evangeline has second thoughts about dissolving the marriage. Their fierce attraction is put to the test when Evangeline’s treacherous and well-connected mother, theDuchess, gives Evangeline an ultimatum: end the marriage or the Duchess will use her connections to end Geale’s life.





86K words

There’s some sick twisted shit that goes on in small towns. I know. I live in one. Raised in dysfunction, more smart-aleck than smart, I’m as ordinary as toast… except for a freakishly elevated Kinesic ability. My brain processes a person’s microscopic tics and twitches so clearly, they may as well be texting me what they’re thinking.

I exploit it as best I can, telling fortunes and selling love potion, careful to mind my business, flying below the radar. Or so I thought until the muscle showed up. Now trouble’s buzzing around me like flies to road kill. Since then, I’ve been robbed, assaulted and inked a deal with the devil. Rock bottom, right?

Not even close. Tug Shelby–the man I hadn’t yet decided whether he belongs in a shallow grave or in my bed–is missing. Vanished, unless you count a little finger and a helluva lot of blood. All I’ve got is a belly-full of fire, an arsenal of parlor tricks and a family that may or may not have my back. I don’t know how I’m gonna find him, but I’m prepared to die trying.



Camp Awakening

Young Adult Paranormal

85,000 words

When sixteen-year-old Melody’s father is killed by psyfons—power-draining psychics—she’s driven to join the fight against these evil creatures. This takes her to a boot camp for psychic kids to master her telekinesis. Although focused on her psyfon-destroying goal, she makes friends with trainees who have other abilities and catches the attention of Jonas, the gorgeous junior trainer whose very presence makes her feel dizzy and distracted.

When a few trainees collapse, Melody begins to suspect that the evil psyfons have infiltrated the camp. The dizziness Jonas makes her feel whenever they’re together starts to become less romantic and more suspicious. Is it possible that the boy she’s falling for could be one of the monsters who killed her father?



When Time Stood Still

Futuristic romance

85,000 words

In 2076, 3-D artist Beryl Hesketh falls in love with astronaut Roger Kemp.  But he leaves on a dangerous mission—lasting forty years.  He will not age due to time dilation, but much goes wrong.  He returns one hundred and sixty years later.  On an intrigue-ridden moon colony, he spots a woman who looks exactly like Beryl.  But how can she?

He discovers this is indeed Beryl—now Hildegard Heidt.  She went into suspended animation to await his return.  But her memory of her past is gone, replaced by a disgruntled scientist’s programming in a plot against the authorities.  Even so, Hildegard falls in love with Roger.

It takes all of Roger’s might to rescue her from both sides.  But even that cannot save their relationship.  He insists on seeing Hildegard as his lost love, not the woman she now is.  They break up.

When Hildegard is nearly killed in an earthquake, and he saves her, she has a near-death experience.  Her life passes before her; she finally learns of her lost years.  Again she wants Roger; he can now love all of her.  The two are married, and depart for a new life on an Earth-like exoplanet.



‘Lady of Coventry’

Historical Romance-very sensual

100,000 words

Lady Godiva is in a real mess.  A solemn promise to her father has her wed and forevermore bound to a castle replete with all kinds of onerous domestic duties.  Add an overbearing, albeit, devastatingly handsome husband into the mix, and Godiva is even more determined to gain her freedom.  Godiva and her oaths!  What trouble they get her into! The independent Saxon lady finds herself truly shackled for life to Leofric, Earl of Mercia.

He expects nothing more other than to keep Godiva safe and very possibly pregnant at the hearth.

So he thinks!  Godiva would much rather swing her sword at his side, and get a piece of all the battle action and intrigue of the earldom.

The more he tries to subdue and protect her, the more the lady resents him.

How does one respond to a woman wanting to lead the life of a warrior, and how, for heaven’s sake, does one react to a wife who rides nude through a village for all the world to see?

Will these two very strong-willed lovers learn to accept each other and learn to unleash the love that grows between them?

Yes!  But what a journey it is.



Don’t Cross the Line

Paranormal Romance

100,000 words

Don’t Cross the Line is a 100,000 word novel, the first in a series of stories. This one follows Gemma Davies, a were-tiger. She is reaching the age where her alpha and father demands that she must find a mate, or he will find one for her.

However the man that she loves, Cade MacDonald can never be hers, he is of another species of shape shifter, a werewolf, and to be together would mean execution for them both.

When the female heir of a neighbouring pack is murdered, Gemma must work alongside Cade to find out who killed her. It doesn’t look like the murderer is done though. Gemma is attacked in her own home; she escapes and lands in the arms of Cade. While she fights to keep her distance from him, fate keeps on throwing her right back at his feet.

She meets Karl Ellis, another were-tiger like herself, a potential mate. Cade does everything in his power to prove that Karl is just using Gemma. When the evidence from the case begins to build up and it all starts to point to Karl, Gemma considers that Cade might have been correct.



‘Promises from the Sea’

Fantasy Romance/very sensual

100,000 words

Caspia de Mer notices a man approaching her as if from out of the blue—the deep blue, that is.  He spouts nonsense, saying things like ‘he has come to claim her’, and, ‘she is his lifemate’.  When Caspia realizes that the handsomely exotic  man is not kidding–she does everything in her power to thwart him.

Aqualus of Ionia is horrified to find that his beautiful bride wants nothing at all to do with him.  Determined, he encounters a few problems. One major one being—Caspia does not know she is a mermaid—and discovers that Caspia is under the spell of a mysterious and nefarious wizard.

To confound his situation, he has to convince Caspia that he wants to love her, but try convincing that to a mermaid whose best friend is an earth-witch who supplies his lifemate potions to resist his courtship of her.

It’s an unsettling situation for the legendary merman who never knew the resistance of any female.  Should he use his own magic to woo his one true love, or should he just sweep her off her feet—er, fins—and take her with him into his world beneath the waves?

7 Responses to Agent Shopping day @ Agent Shop

  1. Terri Osburn says:

    Congrats on the contests! First place AND a full request sound exciting. Good luck!

    Happy to see I made the list. Thanks again for giving us all this opportunity!


  2. Angelica says:

    Congratulations on all the contest news! I read your excerpt on Amazon yesterday, and I’ll post my review later today. I definitely wanted to keep reading!

    And my thanks go to you and Lynne for the copy of Catfish Alley! Looking forward to reading it.

    Hopefully the requests will start rolling in for the lucky writers that made the cut (mine did!).


  3. jbrayweber says:

    Good luck, everyone! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you all. 🙂


  4. Congratulations on the contests and thanks so much Candi for giving so many this opportunity.


  5. Just a quick note…

    Kevan is in between meetings and said she’d stop by this evening and tomorrow to read all the pitches.

    Good luck everyone!


  6. Stacey Purcell says:

    Candi- your news in terrific! Good luck on the request and congrats on your win. I’ve read part of your story and it is really really good- no wonder all the accolades!
    Looks like you also ran a very successful Agent Shop. Good job all the way around.
    Fingers crossed for everyone!


  7. Bethany says:

    Congratulaions to the winners and best wishes to you all 🙂


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