Agent Days, the pitches are up!

UPDATE: Ms. Bent said there were some very good pitches here! Yay. Requests went out this morning, so if you get an e-mail, we wish you all the best! There were a total of 9 requests to see more and 1 full request.

Wonderful job everyone. Hope to see you all again at our next Agent Shop.





I know you’re all dying to see the pitches, so as usual, I’ll try to keep this as quick and painless as possible.

Ms. Bent,
Thank you again for agreeing to participate in Agent Shop, and for introducing us to Ellyn Bache and her novel.

The pitches below are numbered so if you find any you’d like to see more of, please e-mail me the number of the pitch, what you’d like to see and how the author should send it to you, at

Here are the stats for this round:

  • 54 total pitches
  • 1 – No title
  • 2 – Missing information
  • 4 – too long
  • 17 – came in after the first 30 viable pitches

Not bad. I have to say that it’s getting much more simple to weed through the pitches that are coming in, especially compared to when I first started Agent Shop. It seems more and more writers are following the guidelines and my delete key is feeling neglected. (Of course, it gets plenty of use while I’m writing.)

So without further stalling/torture techniques, here are the pitches…

OH, Wait!
Our Top Pitch Slot winner is number one below. Congrats.
And the lucky winner of Ellyn’s novel is —- LUCY.
(Lucy please e-mail me at and I’ll let you know what I need from you to get your copy of The Art of Saying Goodbye!

Okay, now I’m for really-really-for-real going to show you the pitches. Good luck everyone and thanks for making this another great Agent Shop!





Paranormal Romance

103,000 words

The fairies need a tough man with a tender heart.

The tough man needs to find a way back to the real world.

Maxx Gandoran is seduced unwittingly into the war-torn fairy realm of Atlan. A natural leader, he battles the enemies who threaten him as well as the fairies. But his goal is to return to Earth, where he has not only a life, but also a betrayal of his own to redress.

Annalii, the fairy who believes she trapped Maxx out of duty to her people, learns she is controlled through a spell cast in her childhood. If she is ever to claim a life of her own, she must find a way to reverse the spell.

Together they travel through hostile territory, pursued by their enemies, searching for the Magi who can help them. The Magi force one last choice on Maxx. To undo Annalii’s name-binding, he must commit to Atlan, forswearing his ability ever to return home.

As he makes the choice to save her, he knows she will leave him. She’s been trapped her whole life, and she must learn who she is before she can choose to return and be with him.



Romantic Suspense

90,000 words

Psychic Katherine Crystal, dubbed “Crystal Ball Kate,” is reluctantly thrust into the national spotlight when she accurately predicts that the five-year-old son of America’s heartthrob, Vince Rivers, will die in a plane crash. Skeptical Atlanta Police Detective Beauregard Lee Jackson Hale (Jack), who has a deep-seated distrust of psychics, ignores Katherine’s warnings when she calls to report her premonition. When they are sent to Sydney, Australia, to help catch a serial killer, it leads to romance and the ultimate discovery of a mystery and a murder surrounding Katherine’s birth in the spiritualist community of Cassadaga, Florida. Katherine learns to accept her unique abilities and trust her sixth sense about love.




90,000 words

Dying young and ending up somewhere other than Heaven were two things Anna James never planned. Now her heart is still on Earth with her soulmate, Grey, while the rest of her struggles to survive in Beyond. Not quite Heaven and a lot like Hell, Beyond is a proving ground where only the strongest souls are allowed to move on. With no way out, Anna keeps her head down and plays by the rules… Until she learns Grey is about to die.

Grey Wilson would give anything to go back ten years and stop the accident that ripped Anna from his arms. Guilt leads to recklessness and he finds skirting death is the one thing that brings him closer to Anna. But the next adrenaline high is one he never imagined.

Azrael, the leader of Beyond, needs the Sword of Peleus in order to take over Heaven, and Anna’s the only one who can recover it. But the sword isn’t the only thing Azrael wants. Anna has a darkness in her that makes her the perfect companion for him in his quest, and when he lays out his demands, Anna will have to make the biggest decision of her life.


85K words

The trouble with trading in human misery is not the repeat customers as much as their growing sense of entitlement. Which is why fake psychic Lolita Vette doesn’t get involved with clients. Ever.

But when Junior Redvers, a man with the mental capacity of a snail on a salt lick attempts to rob Shelby First National Bank and Trust, she can’t help but step in.

What Lolita doesn’t know was that by stopping the robbery, she put her straw smack dab in the middle of kingpin Queenie Trent’s bourbon.

Now Queenie and her men are after Lolita like collection agencies to a past due. Assaulted, robbed and with a body count mounting, she’s forced to turn to shadowy smart-alec, Tug Shelby. The man she hasn’t yet decided whether he belongs in a shallow grave or in her bed.



Historical/Regency Romance

95K words

“The sacrifice of one spoiled heiress for the good of many…” at least that’s how tarnished war-hero Major Vicks Geale quiets his conscience. Newly returned to England, Vicks finds his pay and commission forfeited, he’s inherited a crumbling estate, worthless title and a mountain of debt. With a band of wounded men depending upon him, Geale chooses the feckless and rich Lady Evangeline “Mischief” Moorecroft.

Gorgeous over-indulged Lady Evangeline delights on dancing the razor’s edge between scandal and infamy. Unable to resist Geale’s bait of a notoriously naughty masquerade, Evangeline awakens to discover she’s been ambushed into marriage. As an uneasy alliance forms between them, Evangeline has second thoughts about dissolving the marriage.

Their fierce attraction is put to the test when Evangeline’s treacherous and well-connected mother, the Duchess, gives Evangeline an ultimatum: end the marriage or the Duchess will use her connections to end Geale’s life.



Paranormal Romantic Suspense

95,000 words

Selene is the Hellhound, bound by tradition and tied by bloodlines to lead her people against the mortals, but when she falls for the Black Angel, things take a bitter twist. Selene stumbles across the corpses of her father and Nathanial, and she must take the assignment to hunt down her accused lover. Facing the untrustworthy cerebral chamber, powerful shape-shifting sentinels, superhuman archers, and a deceitful Council, the Hellhound must work quickly to uncover the truth before she is forced to annihilate her lover.



Young Adult. 

88,000 words

Mrs. Ghoul was up late one night brushing her long stringy hair. She stops to place the hair brush onto the dresser, as her eerie witchy nails scrap the top of the dresser. She gazes at herself into the mirror; her deceased mother’s reflection appears and disappears quickly. She was startled, after that particular moment she gets into a deep thought as she thinks about setting revenge on RayAnn to retrieve her deceased mother’s magical objects back.

Jake is a wizard, he came to live with his grandmother, Mrs. Ghoul, in New England after his mother was vanished into another world. Once he lays eyes on RayAnn for the first time, he knew they would have a magical connection between them.

Cindy and RayAnn have been friends for years. So, find out how RayAnn uses her magical items to try to defeat Mrs. Ghoul. Cindy gets in between the duel of them, even though she is hit hard with their magical reject spells. Nevertheless, the powerful magic between them will intensify, throughout the story.



Historical Romance

92,000 words

Long before the emergence of the American cowboy, Sumner Meador rode the wilds of the Carolinas . Courageous. Bold. Daring. Sumner was a man who lived by his own rules, a man who rebelled against King George to fight for freedom of all men. The essence of the first true American hero!

Can a Patriot be considered the epitome of a romantic leading man in the world of debonair aristocrats of historical romance? Can a Rebel with a cause emerge to pull the heartstrings of romance readers everywhere? Sumner is that man.

Sumner Meador walked in a world of wealth and privilege of Charles Town’s elite, but that was years ago. Now he fights in the Southern backwoods driven by the passion he holds for the Patriot cause. Reeling from a devastating defeat at the hands of the British at Camden , Sumner seeks haven at a farm from his youth only to find an interloper, an unwelcome and unwanted distraction. He has no time for the young woman or the complications she brings with her, but soon discovers he has no option but to give his aid to the stubborn, courageous beauty whether she wants it or not.



YA Urban Fantasy
72,000 words

Finding a hunky, three-hundred-year old demon in your bed isn’t so bad. Stabbing that demon in the gut? Yeah…probably not the best way to make his acquaintance.

Lucky for Katriona McBain, the infamous supernatural hit-man, Demetrius Fall, is interested in more than sucking out her soul—he needs her to assume her role as the reincarnated Queen of the powerful, British Coven.

The only person who can stop an impending apocalypse and end a long waging, demonic war, Katriona is thrown head first into a dark, magical world she thought only existed in her nightmares. Together, she and Demetrius must search the globe for the four bewitched pieces of her royal ancestor’s necklace. Bringing the charms together and harnessing their power is the only chance Katriona has to destroy Narcissa, an evil succubus and leader of the Dark Coven. But as the clock ticks will Katriona uncover the charms in time, or lose something more precious than the war—her humanity?

DEMON REINCARNATE is the first novel of my YA urban fantasy series. Although DEMON REINCARNATE is the in a series, the story stands alone, and explores the uncertainty and change of being a teen on the cusp of adulthood.



Historical Western

96,700 words

Ridding Spring Branch, I.T., of the Clayton Gang is all in a day’s work for half-Comanche gunman Brandon Gabriel—until the pillars of the community decide they’d rather kill him than pay him.

Allie Taylor recognizes Brandon, though it’s been ten years since they last saw one another—at the orphanage where they grew up together. Though he has been severely beaten, Allie gets Brandon home to her small spread and tends his wounds. With a herd of cattle due to arrive within two weeks along with a crew of young orphan boys, Allie is left with no alternative but to ask him to stay and help her–and though Brandon knows moving on would be the best thing for both of them, his honor won’t allow him to go.

Someone else has plans for Allie and her small ranch–deadly plans that include murder. Sam, one of the orphans, has his own secrets, and Brandon is determined to get some answers.

Will they lose everything to a ruthless killer bent on revenge? Brandon and Allie face the fight of their lives as they forge their dreams into reality in a balance between love, honor, and GABRIEL’S LAW.



Contemporary Romantic Suspense

120,000 words

A hostage crisis in a Dallas hotel brings wounded undercover cop Johnny Logan and divorcee Alexa Bailey together when they escape to the rooftop. As rogue IRA terrorists complete the takeover of the hotel, Alexa tries to care for Johnny’s injuries, hoping that they will remain undiscovered in the maintenance housing. But someone else has invaded their tenuous sanctuary–a secretive homeless man wanted for murder, known only as Daniel.

As Johnny’s brother, Pete, barters himself to negotiate the release of the hostages below, the inevitable happens. Daniel makes a fatal slip that will lead the terrorists to the rooftop hiding place.

Once Johnny and Alexa are found, can they survive what the terrorists have planned?  Have they finally found an unlikely love only to lose their lives? Can Daniel buy them some time to come up with an escape plan inside the maze of ductwork in the hotel?

Now, with everything at stake, it’s up to Johnny to survive a “winner-take-all” battle to the death with the terrorist leader, Kieran McShane, high above the city.  Can Johnny settle the score before the bomb is detonated in the hotel below them? Time is running out.



Literary fiction/Contemporary fiction

76500 words

Hiding behind an online presence can have several reasons.

He is smart, enigmatic and like a force of nature. She is funny, entertaining and an open book. When they get to know each other, both reveal different sides to themselves.

Building a bond with someone you haven’t met in the flesh is easy; trust, on the other hand is a different story. Being half a world apart doesn’t make it any easier.

What do you do when unexpected emotions overwhelm you? Have you the strength to stay in tune with your reason or do you cave in, pursue what you have?

The Unexpected Serendipity on Novelsite is contemporary fiction, based on true events. With no names, the male POV written in second person, literary prose and the female character expressing her voice through e-mails, this is a different approach of a topical theme: Internet relationships.



Women’s fiction/ elements of suspense

95,000 words

Forty-eight hours into their Moroccan vacation, Julie’s best friend disappears, leaving a terse note of apology and a plea: wait for me.

Days pass. Julie’s anger turns to worry – then fear, when she realizes she is being followed. Then, a vicious attack meant for Julie kills an innocent woman. Julie bolts.

She has learned enough snooping through Fay’s luggage to guess her destination is Taghabene, a remote village. Convinced that Fay is heading into danger and propelled by her own jeopardy, Julie speeds south.

Dust. Wrong turns. Car trouble. Julie finally hitchhikes into Taghabene, but Fay has just departed for a desert camp. Snap decision time: hitchhike back to town and eventually bring help or hurry after her friend.

Julie heads into the desert – and blunders into a military patrol. Thrown into the same cell as Fay and three Moroccans, Julie’s relief at finding Fay is countered by resentment at her betrayal. As the army prepares to transfer the captives to a secret prison deep in the Sahara, Julie must set aside past hurts. Only escape matters. The captives pit their wits against the Moroccan army and the Black Desert in a fight for their lives.



Womens fiction

89,000 words

Amy Thompson is a young woman who has survived the physical and sexual abuse perpetrated by her alcoholic father seeks to build the kind of loving family life denied herself. When she meets Robert Crane, she has just ended what she believes to be the last of a string of bad relationships. Robert appears the complete opposite to her father and brother, and after a short period of dating, the couple move in together.

Soon Robert’s occasional drinking increase, and Amy begins to understand she is facing the same life choices that must have confronted her own mother. Despite the encouragement of their mutual friends, Robert’s church, and his family, Amy is unconvinced that her love and commitment to Robert will be enough to stop his escalating alcoholism and abuse, and save herself and their future children from the looming fate that her father’s raging alcoholism created.



Historical Romance

80K words

In the heart of England there lived a hero armed with bow and arrow, ready to strike down injustice and tyranny—a swashbuckling legend so powerful it has lasted for centuries, captivating the hearts and minds of people the world over. But what if the legend was nothing but a lie?

When her father is brutally murdered in front of her eyes, Marian of Locksley is thrust into a world of treason and greed, where the ultimate prize is the throne of England. Left with little choice, she disguises herself as Robin of the Hood, an outlaw despised by royalty and loved by the people…and the wickedly handsome, steadfast Will Scarlet.

Forced into hiding deep within Sherwood Forest, Will joins Robin Hood’s band of merry men, not realizing the fearless outlaw he follows is really the woman he desires for his own. He dares to risk everything in the fight for justice and love, longing for the day he can claim the courageous beauty. But first, England must be saved and legend must be born.



Futuristic romance

85,000 words

In 2076, holographic filmmaker Beryl Hesketh and astronaut Roger Kemp fall in love.  But despite her pleas, he leaves on a dangerous forty-year mission.  He ages little due to time dilation, but a time-warping black hole causes him to return one hundred and sixty years later.

In Port Intrigue, an underground colony on a sunless planet, Roger spots a woman who looks exactly like Beryl.  But how can she?

He discovers this is indeed Beryl, now Hildegard Heidt.  She went into suspended animation to await his return.  But in this state a stroke destroyed her memory.  Even so, Hildegard falls in love with Roger.

Yet their relationship is troubled.  Hildegard, with no memories to hamper her, has adjusted well to this era; Roger cannot.  He insists on seeing Hildegard as his lost love, not the woman she now is.

Insurgents take advantage of Roger and make him a pawn in a plot against the authorities.  Beryl needs all of her knowledge, skill, and courage to rescue him from both sides.  But nothing can save their relationship.

A woman with no past.  A man out of place in the present.  Can they have a future?



Contemporary Romance

100,000 words

As she approaches middle age, widow JENNETTE RILEY believes all she needs is work and her long term relationship with her late husband’s best friend…until her brother infers the man is running from commitment like an escaped convict desperate to remain free. When her lover discourages her suggestion she spend an evening watching his band play at a nearby club, she realizes she needs to know if he will ever move their love affair forward and contacts her brother to accept his unconventional offer of help.

When his fiancée’s dynamic career takes precedence over their relationship, TYLER MORGAN decides he needs a distraction. When a co-worker tells him of a classic car collecting dust in his sister’s garage, Tyler is determined to meet her and make an offer to buy it. When he steps into what turns out to be Jennette’s backyard to ask if she’s willing to sell, what he gets is a case of mistaken identity and an intriguing offer he chooses not to turn down.

What Jennette and Tyler don’t expect is for a chance meeting and one simple date to grow into an all-consuming passion and love neither can deny.



Urban Fantasy with strong romantic elements

82,000 words

Sienna Wolfe knew it was going to be an interesting day when a man with golden skin and strange tattoos crashes in her backyard. She’s given a choice: stay in her cozy cabin or leap down a rabbit hole fraught with alien invasions, seductive danger and murderous betrayal. She jumps head first without looking back.

Being the only human on a secret base full of ETs is complicated. But she knew it wouldn’t be easy when she joined the alien crew in their quest to protect our world from the Draeken threat. As if coping with the changes in her life weren’t enough, Sienna’s connection with our off-world visitors is about to get her into a whole lot of trouble. The American government has pegged her as a traitor, the Draeken are convinced she’s the key to end an inter-galactic war, and her lover’s race doesn’t know what to do with her.

To make matters worse, the base is attacked and her new people are decimated. Now it’s up to Sienna to pull off the impossible: save the world and – hopefully – live a little happily ever after. That is, if she can survive her decisions.



Urban Fantasy

86,000 words

At thirteen, Micaela O’Brien was the sole survivor of a small plane explosion in the skies over Ireland.  An explosion she had seen in a vision and but never revealed to her parents, the ruling Priest and Priestess of the true Druid line. Her only memory is red and black rain and a gray angel. She has tried to be just like everyone else, but, at twenty-eight, she is not the average investment banker. Not many can trace their bloodlines back to all the ancient Kings and Queens of Ireland, see auras or use a vision to track a lost hunter. Her unique qualities and blood lines attract certain unusual clients. When one of the representatives of these reclusive clients is brutally murdered, Micaela must confront her past, survive her present and find her future.

Dark Dealings is in the more traditional vein of a world that rejects the notion of vampires and magic and labels those who do believe as social misfits. It is our world of twenty four hour news, shopping and living. A world where technology, spin control and political correctness have made it easy for vampires, werewolves and Druids to exist secretly among the normals.


THE NURSE MARE’S FOAL: The Story of Dinky”


35,000 words

“Oh how I want my baby, to teach it the ways of the herd, help it grow strong and beautiful, to nuzzle and love my own.  Please let me keep this one,” she yelled to the wind.

She remembered her first foal, the hopelessness and fear as it was torn from her side, a day later. She still felt regret for not teaching that first foal so early in life what it would need to survive, that was many babies ago. She was smarter now and knew the time would short to teach this one enough to survive before it was stripped from her side by the “men.”  She would be drugged, tricked and forced to accept some other mare’s foal.  Her milk would help that other small life to survive and grow strong.

She didn’t understand why someone else’s foal was of more importance than hers. Nor did she understand how the other mare could want someone else to nurture her baby. She had overheard the men calling her babies “junk foals,” as if they had no importance and couldn’t understand why humans could think this way, her babies were as beautiful and smart as the foals she nursed.



Regency with paranormal twist

90,000 words

In Regency era England, Alexander Barrington flees his tyrannical uncle, the Duke, for the open seas and becomes a ruthless pirate turned vampire.

Captured and sentenced to hang for piracy, a fate he must avoid to keep his vampire self hidden, reprieve comes in the form of a last chance mission to save Lady Laurel Sinclair from French pirates at the behest of her fiance.

In this Vampire Diaries meets Pirates of the Caribbean paranormal historical romance, will one man risk everything for their love even though she must marry another – his brother, a living man?




90,000 words

Haunted by a past as a sex slave, nobleman Ethan Warth returns to England as a male courtesan to rich matrons.  When he meets beautiful Arabella Covington, Ethan decides to teach her the world of seduction and sell her virginity to a wealthy lord.

Ethan, however, never counted on falling in love…



Paranormal historical

107,000 words

Searching for atonement from her mother’s sin, the warrior daughter of Helen of Troy yearns to deliver peace to the Sinclair Clan, but in her century long attempt to keep them from annihilation, she has prolonged the feud with the Mackevans–and increased their death toll.

Weary of war, a stoic highland warrior convinces his hesitant clan to negotiate a truce, only to discover the armored guardian of his enemy is an exotic beauty.

Drawn together by a battle of wills, suppressed passions ignited, but on opposite sides, centuries’ old hate and mistrust is the true enemy.

Forgiveness doesn’t come easy to a battle hardened Highlander, or an Amazon warrior seeking redemption, but to win what they desire they must lay down their defenses to defeat the God of War, who will stop at nothing to keep the warrior princess for himself.

A war made them hate–now peace will lead them to love. In the search for a truce in a battle of hearts, two warriors will discover a love worth dying for.



Romance suspense

110,000 words

Sin on the strip is a romantic suspense about Maggie Anderson, a televangelist’s daughter and street counselor. Years earlier a violent near miss with a human trafficker destroyed Maggie’s confidence forcing her to use her strip club as a means to reach women in need. But when a serial killer kidnaps her friend, Maggie has no choice but to finally face her old demons and once again run to the rescue in spite of the fact that she couldn’t defend herself the one time she needed to.

Search and rescue investigator, Christian Beck has been on too many ‘damsel in distress’ missions to stomach another one. But when his latest assignment leads him to a reckless club manager determined to put herself in danger, professional distance no longer seems to be his motto. As the serial killer sets his sights on Maggie, Beck races to save her or face losing her to the same psycho he believes killed his kid sister twenty years earlier.

Maggie and Christian discover that on the strip sin is a relative term and to have a future they must conquer their pasts.



Women’s Fiction

90,000 words

Presley Gordon seems to have everything going for her. She’s on the fast-track in her career, she has a great set of friends, and she’s devoted to her family. But behind the seemingly perfect façade is a secret that threatens to implode her world: her father suffers from mental illness and she’s the only one who can get through to him when he’s in a manic state. The last thing she needs is for her happily, newly married friend to set her up on a blind date. But that’s exactly what Lori Meade does: set her up – with a psychologist. Hoping to mollify Lori, Presley goes on the date and is surprised to find that she really enjoys the company of Caleb Dean. He’s everything she could wish for – charming, polite, a good listener – and when her tenuous grasp on her family’s dark secret slips, he’s right there to help her pick up their Pieces of Mind.


Young Adult Paranormal
85,000 words

When sixteen-year-old Melody’s father is killed by psyfons—power-draining psychics—she joins the fight against these evil creatures. This takes her to a boot camp for psychic kids to master her telekinesis. Although focused on her psyfon-destroying goal, she makes friends with trainees who have other abilities and catches the attention of Jonas, the gorgeous junior trainer whose very presence makes her feel dizzy and distracted.

When a few trainees collapse, Melody begins to suspect that the evil psyfons have infiltrated the camp. The dizziness Jonas makes her feel whenever they’re together starts to become less romantic and more suspicious. Is it possible that the boy she’s falling for could be one of the monsters who killed her father?



Paranormal Romantic Suspense

84,000 words

A homicide detective who discovers the serial killer he’s tracking is actually a ghost must figure out how to fight someone who refuses to die before he becomes the apparition’s next victim.

When Detective Adam Skelton learns an antique gun is connected to several murders he’s investigating, he believes tracking the killer will be as simple as tracing the gun’s history. When he meets Jillian Whitmeyer, an intriguing gun store owner with spiked hair and tattoos, the case becomes anything but simple. Adam soon learns that people who get close to Jillian have a bad habit of turning up dead.  Adam can’t resist her, but as strange accidents befall him, Jillian confesses that her sister, who died many years ago in an accident with that same gun, is the true assassin. Adam’s been a bad judge of women in the past and this one’s obviously a nut case…or is she? When the truth becomes dangerously clear, Adam must find a solution or more people will die. But how does a just-the-facts detective deal with a ghostly serial killer and the sexy-as-hell sister she won’t set free?



Young Adult – Fantasy/Science Fiction

57,800 words

Valentine Walker is a model student, acing the seventh grade. She is the youngest Junior Commando squad leader in Victory Gardens, doing all she can at home to help the Allied war effort against Germany. She is a devoted daughter, idolizing and worrying for her father, an Army reconnaissance pilot flying over the German front lines. She is also bulletproof.

The Victory Six is a 57,000 word young adult adventure chronicling what happens after a mysterious object crash lands during recess at Jefferson Middle School. Val and her friends awake to learn they can do things they couldn’t before. Tommy can split himself apart, Jimmy can turn into living stone and Alex has become the smartest boy in the world. Their abilities quickly gain the attention of the military, desperate to combat a rising mystical menace in Europe. Valentine and her friends accept the mission, eager to help their country, but for Val there is something more. Her father is over there, somewhere, and she needs to find him.  Standing in her way are the obstacles every seventh grader faces; playground politics, government cover-up, curfew, men in black, bullies, and a Nazi sorcerer.  Typical.




100,000 words

Far and Away meets The Gangs of New York in CITY OF BLOOD AND ICE where the rules of the old world won’t help the city’s newest immigrants.

When Irish immigrants fled Ireland in the 1800s, they didn’t find a warm welcome. In my 100,000 word novel, Jack Doss and Caitlin Walsh are two such immigrants who face a harsh, unforgiving world when they arrive in New York City. Jack flees the gallows, Caitlin and her father want a better life. They face human adversaries and together, with an orphaned 10-year-old crime boss in the making, face the punishing cruelty of the Great White Hurricane of 1888 to forge a new family in their home.



Paranormal Romance

91,000 words

Henri Chevalier’s last memory, before awakening naked within a bronze statue in a museum’s moonlit garden, was Auguste Rodin’s studio in 1886 Paris where he had expected to die to escape his broken heart.

He soon discovers he must learn to use the unexpected powers Heaven has given him to succeed in his mission against otherworldly creatures, such as demons, faeries, and a delectable art museum curator named Annabelle Mackintosh.

Relationship-wary, Belle does not believe Henri’s strange words and dire warnings at first, but their relationship heats up when a demon escapes the underworld and forces Henri and Belle to learn to trust each other.

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