Hump Day Kick Start

Song of the Day: Overcome by Creed

I know what you are thinking. Don’t I have photos of men in clothes? Nah, what fun are those? Dang, I love the way the light hits his skin. 🙂

Our subject today looks to be concentrating. What, or who, do you suppose he’s looking at? What’s going through his mind? Where is he? Home? Hotel? Stakeout? Is that an appreciative smile, or is he calculating?

23 Responses to Hump Day Kick Start

  1. SandySays1 says:

    We have a German Shepard in our ‘Hood, that’s lean and mean, and when he looks like that, I know what’s on his mind!


  2. jbrayweber says:

    Hi Sandy~
    (gives a little scratch behind the ears) You know, German Shepherds are fiercely loyal. They’re the Alphas of the dog world. It might not be so bad when he gets that look on his mug. 😉
    Thanks for stopping by!


  3. He’s thinking “damn do I look good thanks to these workouts”


  4. jbrayweber says:

    I’m thinking ‘damn, he’s right.’
    Thanks, Savannah.


  5. Kristen says:

    “Hmmm. I wonder what angle will make my package seem bulgiest?”


  6. jbrayweber says:

    Perhaps a little arch in the back will help. Gotta love the boxer briefs. 🙂
    I so enjoy your wit, Kristen.


  7. Susan M says:

    Poor Chad. He had a fight with his girlfriend and while he was in the shower, she took all his things and left.

    He’s thinking ‘Damn, I wish I had some clothes.’

    I’m thinking ‘Damn, I’m glad he doesn’t have any clothes.’

    I can make deliveries, Chad.


  8. jbrayweber says:

    “Damn, I better hurry if I’m going to beat Susan there.” ;-D


  9. Kristen says:

    For sexting–that is…


  10. jbrayweber says:

    Whatever you say, Kristen. LOL!


  11. jeff7salter says:

    At least you finally found a pix where the guy has his skivvies on.
    BTW, the reason he’s standing in the doorway is that he’s waiting on the female UPS driver to bring his package.
    Hmm. Did I say ‘package’?


  12. jbrayweber says:

    Good one, Jeff! Wonder if he paid the bulk rate.
    As always, I love it when you comment.


  13. William says:

    Staring off into the distance, he’s thinking, “Damn… if only I was straight, I could ‘meet’ a lot of women writers….:)”


  14. jbrayweber says:

    You guys….always dissing my boys. Humph. LOL!
    Thanks, Will.


  15. Kristen says:

    My, my Salty. So restrained. Were you tweeting your comment in from work? 😉


  16. Thanks for the beefcake shot, Jenn. What a coincidence! This guy could be the hero of the premise of a romance I thought up last night. Mind if I post the opening here? Of course, all of you are welcome to critique it. Go ahead, be tough. If I can dish it out, I’d better be able to take it!

    Working title: “Heather’s Hermit”

    Pitch line: A woman with no past. A man out of place in the present. Can they have a future?

    In the 21st century, is it possible to live like Thoreau did at Walden Pond? Harry Davitts is determined to find out. His rising career as a hotshot Wall Street broker came crashing down when a case of poor judgement cost him his position and almost landed him in prison.

    Burnt out and seeking a new course in life, Harry retreats to a cabin in the most remote mountains of Arkansas. Here, with no outside communications except a cell phone for emergencies, he communes with nature, writes the book he’s long had inside him, tries to make sense of his past, and plans his future.

    One day at a swimming hole, Harry hears a cry from a nearby abandoned barn. He puts on his trunks and investigates. He finds a frightened young woman, well and truly dazed and confused, with a cut on her head. She claims she’s lost her memory and doesn’t know who she is.

    Harry is skeptical; she strikes him as a troublemaker. What’s more, the last thing he wants is company, especially that of the opposite sex. But she needs medical help, so he dresses her wound and drives her to the nearest clinic. He finds in her pocket the only clue to her identity: a personalized pen engraved with “Heather”.


  17. jbrayweber says:

    ‘He puts on his trunks and investigates.’ Because no man ever wears trunks while swimming alone in the great outdoors.

    I’m glad my HDKS works as visual eye candy for your hero, Mary Anne. Good luck with your latest project. It sounds wonderful.


  18. William: Who says he has to be straight? He can meet us anyhow. And inspire us, and vice-versa. We’re writers; we can use our imaginations!


  19. jbrayweber says:

    I’m going to imagine he’s straight. 😉 Or that I can make him that way. (tee hee) No harm, no foul.


  20. Suzan Harden says:

    Thanks, Jen! I can always dpend on you for inspiration.

    Or was that perspiration?


  21. jbrayweber says:

    LOL, Suzan. Either or, my dear, either or.


  22. jeff7salter says:

    Mary Anne — I really like that ‘pitch’ lilne.


  23. Tess says:

    Why does everyone keep saying he has no clothes on? I see clothes.


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