Two Pitch Opportunities this Month – Candi Wall

Hello All!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend. I’m posting the night before my normal schedule because tomorrow’s going to be a nutty day for me!

So here’s the deal. Agent Shop is scheduled for June 26th.

Our attending agent is Weronika Janczuk from Lynn C. Franklin Associated, Ltd. Get those pitches ready!

Here’s her blog link:

As always, please read what the attending agent is looking for before you decide to pitch.

Now for the other pitch opp.

If you haven’t heard me rave about PitchU, it’s a must for any aspiring author who’s at or near the pitch/query stage.

Diane Homes – head alchemist – is a phenom. Not only are there opportunities to pitch, there’s a forum for perfecting your pitch, the agents that visit gift (no, that wasn’t a typo) wonderful feedback, and don’t get me started on the fabulous resources you can find compiled there. I cringe when I consider how much time Diane and her minions have put into this fantastic resource.

FYI – Whenever I can manage to slice out some time, we’ll be having Diane as a guest. She’s a pro at finding the meat of any pitch (she’s done several of mine) and has a knack for helping writers find the most important and captivating portions of their stories to incorporate. She’s offered to help a few authors (guinea pigs as they’ll be known) work/rework their pitch at a future date. I’ll keep you posted, but for now, get over there and see what’s cooking!

So there you have it. Short a sweet tonight because I’m feeling a bit like Garfield and NOT liking the fact that it’s almost Monday.

2 Responses to Two Pitch Opportunities this Month – Candi Wall

  1. jbrayweber says:

    Diane -head alchemist – is truly amazing. I have the honor of knowing her personally. Let me just say, she is brilliant, an extremely hard worker, driven, and is always on hand to help fellow writers. Did I mention how truly amazing she is?

    Thanks, Candi, for heading up Agent Shop and for bringing PitchU to MuseTracks. I’m looking forward to both events.



  2. Diane Holmes says:

    Aw, thanks Candi and Jenn. I appreciate the shout out and kind words. I’d love to see more MuseTracks authors submit video pitches or query letters to June’s ROMANCE and YA (all genres) PitchFest.

    Here’s a link to the key June PitchFest BlogPost. Submissions are THIS WEEK. 🙂


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