Agent Shop with Weronika Janczuk at Musetracks

It’s that time again folks.

Agent Shop will be taking pitches for literary agent Weronika Janczuk this Sunday starting when you see the word GO posted on the main page of the blog. (Approx. 10:00am EST.)

Here’s the link for Weronika’s information:

One of Weronika’s authors will be spotlighted on pitch day and as usual, we’ll be awarding the Top Pitch Slot to one lucky comment who uses the special words in their comment. We’ll also be giving away a copy of the author’s new release.

The visiting author is: Teresa Frohok
And her new book is: MISERERE: AN AUTUMN TALE

So the special words this time around are: Autumn and TALE or TAIL!

Be sure to check the rules for pitching at

If you have something Weronika is looking for, shine it up and send it in to me when you see the word GO.

Best of luck to everyone and as always, feel free to share this information!

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