Hump Day Kick Start

Song of the Day: Still in the Dark by Aranda

Hello, kiddies.

It’s that time again. Your visually pleasing prompt meant to get the blood pumping and stir your muse to life.

Tell me about this one.  Who is he? Biker? Musician? Burned special ops agent? Where is he? What is he doing?  Is he contemplating the woman he left? Plotting an enemy’s demise? About to do chin-ups? What’s going on behind those blue eyes?

Come on, stop biting your lower lip and let me hear from you.

8 Responses to Hump Day Kick Start

  1. girldrinkdrunk says:

    “I am Raul. The shirtless janitor. Sometime my keys they are too heavy. Even my WWF belt cannot keep my pants up when I clean.”


  2. jeff7salter says:

    This one’s easy:
    Bernie struggled through the narrow passageway with hardly a glance at the detailed woodwork all around him. Unloading moving trucks in the summer time was the pits.
    “Hey lady, where the heck do you want this box of shoes? I can’t carry it on my head all day!”
    Priscilla raised her eyes … she hadn’t even noticed he was carrying anything.
    “C’mon, lady … I got a big itch.”
    Priscilla smiled warmly. “Come closer and I’ll scratch it for you.”


    • jbrayweber says:

      Bernie?? He doesn’t look like a Bernie. HA! You come up with the silliest names, Jeff. And I’m willing to bet you do this on purpose. *snort* Box of shoes….He probably worked up a good sweat, right?

      I love when you play along. Next Hump Day Kick Start will have a sweetcake for you. 😉


  3. Nevea Lane says:

    “Stop it, your distracting me.” She said, glancing up from her laptop to fix him with the ‘stare’ from over the rims of her glasses.
    He had the audacity to smile.
    “How am I distracting you? I’m just standing here.” He smiled, he knew damn well what he was doing.
    “You just standing there is the biggest distraction there is.”


    • jbrayweber says:

      Wha-? Huh? Did you say something? Sorry, I was distracted for a moment. LOL!
      Love your response, Nevea! Thanks for playing along.


  4. Deanne says:

    “Come on…play along. Just follow the pleasure trail then give the chain a yank. I have a surprise for you.”

    How could any woman resist that?


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