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Good Morning Musetrackers- This is Stacey bringing you the Link Of The Day. Found some interesting places for you to visit-


As many of you know, I’m a member of Romance Writers of America and there are loads of writing contests offered within that organization. I was curious about what’s offered outside the walls of RWA and have spent a wonderful hour researching contests offered around the world. This is a cautionary tale, however since there are many disreputable sites out there offering “contests” which have all sorts of strings attached to your work. BE CAREFUL!

I couldn’t narrow it down to just one link for today, so for your viewing pleasure, here’s three:

1. Are you a winning writer? Find out by entering one of the Writer’s Digest Writing Competitions! Writer’s Digest hosts fiction writing contests, poetry writing contests, short story contests, screenwriting competitions, self-publishing competitions and more. You could win up to $3,000, as well as the opportunity to see your name in Writer’s Digest Magazine, opportunities to meet with editors and agents and more! Prizes vary between writing competitions

2.    Everything you share at gets detailed feedback.

  • Enter a writing contest. Over 50 contests to choose from every month.
  • You will be ranked. Every story or poem you share impacts your rank.
  • For over 10 years has been helping writers improve their writing skills.

(This is a very cool site- it’s almost like a clearinghouse for contests and they even try to make sure the contests are legit.)

3. Submit your contest for possible posting. But first, please readwhat we DON’T post. Then if your contest appears to meet our guidelines, submit your contest. (We need the basics: Name of contest, brief description of what is to be submitted, awards, entry fee, deadline, website URL, and contact email for our follow-up questions.)

Enjoy! Hope your day is absolutely terrific!

8 Responses to Link Of The Day

  1. Hello Stacey
    As usual you have such positive ideas to add to the group.
    I seem to be standing at the side of the tracks these days, and can only mourn the passing of the age of ‘historical fiction’. There are no contests out there, no agents who looking for historical fiction, particularly in novel-length work. Yesterday I spent literally hours searching for beta reader, with no luck. I will try again today.

    But if romance, mystery, horror, parallel worlds, the occult, vampires, werewolves or dragons happen to be your metier, the sky is the limit these days.

    Is there anyone out there who focusses on historical???? Hello?


  2. I’m so sorry that you’ve had such a lonely go at your writing! That is awful feeling like you’re all alone in your work.

    Ok- Forgive me for the dunce questions…When you say historical fiction, are you writing stories based on historical happenings or simply set in certain time periods? Have you ever read Jean Fritz? She’s a YA author who writes “history” wrapped in a story, but all 100% accurate- is that what you do?

    If you could be really specific about your book, I will do my best to team you with a beta reader or at least point you in a direction where there are other like minded authors. You’re not alone!!!!


  3. ~Sia McKye~ says:

    Stacey, those are some great links. I’ve been toying with the idea of entering a few contests now that the mind has cleared and I’m feeling alive, lol!

    thanks for sharing them!

    Sia McKye’s Thoughts…OVER COFFEE


  4. I’m so glad that you like the links! I had good fun researching it all and have found a few that I’m thinking about entering as well. Also saw today that Writers Digest has a new list of contest they posted!! Good luck- thanks for stopping in to say Hi! I always look forward to seeing friends I’ve made along the way.


  5. Hi Stacey
    Yes, you are right. There is historical fiction, and then there is historical fiction !!!!

    Actually I don’t mind the loneliness. We buy into that when we start writing long forms of fiction. A novel of 145,000 words runs me maybe18 months of silent writing. Here is the back matter of the last of a series of novels about the same protagonist. The series takes him from 1913 through 1946, so far in 4 novel. This will explain everytthing about the form of historical fiction I write ~
    Oh ~ before that, let me say that I have discovered, through MUSETRACKS, the website ‘FictionPress’. I might find some soulmates there.

    Here’s the back matter of “A Good Soldier”………….

    Hitler’s war is over. Lieutenant-General Erich von Schellendorf of the German General Staff is a prisoner-of-war.
    Exhausted by the collapse of every aspect of his life, deeply disturbed that he could not moderate the utter destruction of Germany, his only compensation is that he has managed to survive the most destructive war in history.

    Erich’s first desire is to see his miracle child, a ‘war baby’ born to the Englishwoman he once loved and who may not wish ever to see him again.

    But now that the guns have stopped…
    ~ British Military Intelligence want his inside knowledge of the Nazi war;
    ~ Winston Churchill wants him to work against the imminent Communist onslaught;
    ~ German political conspirators secretly want his help in planning the New German Army;
    ~ The Americans want him as a presumptive war criminal.

    In going forward he must ultimately answer his own conscience and face his personal ghosts.

    So Stacey, this is historical in every sense: factual times, fictional characters among historic personalities, highly dependent upon that moment in history…


  6. Thanks for the explanation and clarification of what you write- very nice I might add!- Look on your web site because I’ve sent you several email addresses that might help.

    I hope they will lead you to finding several homes with like minded authors! Glad I could help in some small way.


  7. Stacey, you are a true gentleman! (Sorry, LADY)
    Somehow ‘lady’ doesn’t quite express it.


  8. I’ll be happy with gentle wench! HAHAHAHAHA


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