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Good Morning Musetrackers!!!     (  A big whoops! Jenn and I got our weeks mixed up! Jenn’s Link will be here next week. So sorry….hope we didn’t confuse you too much!)

I’m taking a break from serious writing sites. Today is about mental wellness for you. Life is full of trials and tribulations so sometimes we need to stop and breathe deeply.



Hug…or just drink another cup of coffee.

I had the best time vetting these places for you. (Which means I got to kill an hour or two doing something fun!!!) Hope you enjoy them and that they bring a smile to your face. Who knows? A smile may bring the oomph for that next chapter!!      Imagine my surprise when I saw Jenn and my daughter are already fans of this site. This is one I thought could be a wonderful story sparker for all of you.     Real news, real people. Just good stuff. Sometimes it’s hard to remember people are still out there doing great things!  Awesome site with terrific stories. Again, could be good story starters. Just say “wow” right now.  This is such a testament on family bonds- whatever your family might look like.

7 Responses to Link Of The Day

  1. jbrayweber says:

    I have been a Postsecret fan for years.
    Great links, Stacey!



  2. I know! I was so surprised to see you and Kayla already there! Guess I’m a little late to the party!
    I love the link about the lion joining up with his first “family” again.


  3. Thanks, Stacey!! The GMH site was my favorite!!!


  4. Glad you enjoyed the links. Hope they brought a smile to your day.


  5. Kristen says:

    Mental wellness–WTH? I thought you were going to link me to a free Yellow-Tail sample! 🙂


  6. Wine? You thought I’d link you to free samples of wine?!?! Are you kidding me???!?!?! If there was such a thing, I’d claim them all for me!

    No wine, but I hope you enjoyed the story about the lion.


  7. Robin Yaklin says:

    I know exactly what I’ll be doing tomorrow as I sip my cuppa joe. Thanks for the vetting.


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