It’s your writing! Own it!

Sorry for being so MIA these days but with my busy schedule (mom, full time in school) I spend more time writing than blogging (a good choice for now).

Have you ever compared your writing to others in your genre? Have you ever had the anxiety that you don’t quite measure up?

This happens to me all the time. Especially now that I’m trying a new genre, steampunk, which is still pretty narrowly defined.

I was reading a steampunk novel last night when I encounter a whole zombie scene. I was disgusted, turn-off, grossed out, you get the picture. I don’t do zombies. Yet this book is greatly written, well respected and because of that gave me great anxiety….

Until the zombies.

I just can’t do zombies. I have my novel, my work, my vision. It may sell, it may please readers. It may not please readers of zombie/steampunk but that’s ok.

We don’t need to copy/imitate the books that are out there and sold to be successful. We will only fall flat on our face (i.e. write bad imitations). And we will be miserable through the whole process.

It’s important to know the market but writer’s happiness come first.

We write our own true-to-self story. And hope someone out there will love it too.

But if you don’t love it, you can’t expect others to love it too.

M-C xoxox

9 Responses to It’s your writing! Own it!

  1. I so agree. We all get insecure. I am in the paranormal Romance genre and I just can’t ‘do’ vampires or werewolves, lol. I do not find them sexy. I also can’t do the ever so selling male/male thing. I have an acquaintance who started out a little before me and she switched to M/M and is making it big now. I would but it’s so not me.
    Thanks for the post. (I get them via email)


  2. I’m with you Leonore, I can’t write vampires either. It’s the blood thing lol
    Thanks for subscribing 🙂


  3. Kristen says:

    Zombie movies still give me bad dreams. But I like them. I can’t imagine wanting to read about them though.


  4. I don’t mind zombie movies so much actually, especially the newer ones but in writing it’s a little grim for me right now 🙂


  5. Kristen says:

    That’s the nice thing about Walking Dead et all–you don’t smell the zombies. The stench of decay. ugh.


  6. jbrayweber says:

    I can’t “do” virgins, though I write historical romance. Just isn’t in me.
    But you are right, we all get insecure about our writing when we read what other writers produce. trick is to believe in yourself. You won’t please every single reader out there. Be happy with yourself and it will shine through.



  7. Yvonne B. says:

    As a reader, I don’t “do” zombies and tend to stay away from books that feature them. I know there’s a market for them, and that authors/books that feature zombies have fans, more power to them, just not my “thing”.

    I’ve read several books featuring steampunk, some I have liked, some…not so much (well written, just not entirely my cup of tea).

    One thing I have learned over many years of reading is that if I like an author, and that author is writing in a new for them genre, I will at least give that author a try in the new genre and see how it goes. As will certainly be the case here, since I really enjoyed Ancient Whispers.


  8. Marie-Claude says:

    Yvonne thanks for the compliment on Whispers. I hope this next book will have some of the same feel to it!


  9. Jonalyn says:

    Could you write about Phsiycs so I can pass Science class?


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