Precious writing time…

This morning I spent 40 min revising my work in progress and an hour playing with my blog theme. Uhmm something is wrong here.

Granted I haven’t touch this blog in months and my laptop is dying so most of this time was spend waiting for the images to load.

But… the writing/revising left me refueled, satisfied and feeling accomplished while the tinkering left me jittery and stressed (and I’m still not done because said laptop needs a break).

Do we ever pay attention to how much we spend our time? What part of the day is working towards our ultimate goal and what part is useless busy work?

And what part makes us feel really good while others makes us feel anxious?

I’ve always found that when I do the actual productive writing I feel satisfied and happy while other apparently writing related activities such as social networking make me feel restless and suck my creativity dry.

While time is short, it may be worthwhile paying attention to how we spend it.

M-C xoxox

5 Responses to Precious writing time…

  1. jbrayweber says:

    Know what you mean,. MC.
    I’ve just spent the last hour answering emails. My time is blown and I may have maybe a half hour left before the baby wakes to get any real writing done.



  2. So far today, the day I planned to spend writing, I’ve spent cleaning up old emails. Trying to figure out how to upload an ebook. Having much stress about uploading this ebook and shuffling the papers on my desk. I love the time I spend writing the story, but I hate all the business aspects of writing. The social networking, my attempts to connect with other writers–not that I don’t love all of you, but I feel like it’s wasting the time I could spend on what I really love. I hope to spend at least 30 minutes today working on my actual story. But I’m also hoping that I will have gotten caught up on the business aspects.

    Now I have to decide…do I send a follow-up email to an editor who has had my manuscript for 6 months. Jeez, just say yes or say no.


  3. Marie-Claude says:

    Jenn, at least you are answering email. I usually procrastinate and it seems to take even longer because I need to appologize for being so late! lol


  4. Marie-Claude says:

    Sylvia, I know it’s hard. The business side of writing is important. I found myself trying to figure out what it a must and what it a “maybe”.
    Good luck with that manuscript!


  5. Writing review Essay…

    […]Precious writing time… « MUSETRACKS[…]…


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