Hump Day Kick Start

Song of the Day:  Cold by Evans Blue

Photo by Billy Corgans Chic

Hoo boy! We can certainly have fun with today’s prompt.

I’m thinking Tomb Raider meets Crouching Tiger/Hidden Dragon something or other.

Look at the way they are looking at each other. Smokin’! Who are these two?  Is he an informant? Is she undercover in a drug/turf war? What kind of ink is she going to get? A butterfly? Lucky charm? Tweety Bird? Maybe she’s having some type of secret message tattooed on her. Do you suppose he’s telling her how to ‘wax on, wax off’?

Love to hear your take.

14 Responses to Hump Day Kick Start


    I’m doing NaNo and all I can think about is this photo- not my story. You’re an evil woman Jennifer Bray-Weber!!…………………………………………………………..EVIL!!!!!


  2. jbrayweber says:

    My wicked plan is working. Hey, if I can’t be as productive as I’d like during NaNo, neither can you, Stacey. Mwuahahaha!


  3. jack hrusoff says:

    I like the girl in the pic; Best luck with your writings


  4. jbrayweber says:

    Thanks, Jack. She does evoke some inspiration, doesn’t she?


  5. jeff7salter says:

    That poor child is so scrawny, that the tatoo dude is trying to estimate her body weight so he can order an IV.
    Yep, he’s a medic … and it’s very hot in his temperate clime, which explains why he’s nekkid and has to tatoo-on a semblance of clothing.
    The bric-a-brac in the background is the small museum in the adjoining stall of the flea market from which Geraldo operates.
    You see, his medical degree didn’t quite come through the mail yet, so he won’t be formally licensed until February. In the meantime, his full-body exams are completely free.
    Daphne is a sucker for bargains.
    In this case, however, Daphne looks like she’s about ready to give up on that 25 calorie-per-day diet and intends to swallow a few cheeseburgers.


  6. jbrayweber says:

    LOL. Love it! Very thorough observations, Jeff. I had hoped I could make you happy with the cheesecake. I’m sensing she’s too thin for you. 😉


  7. Kristen says:

    “I know you are Angelina Jolie’s younger sister, but I have no children to sell at this time.”


  8. jbrayweber says:

    O-M-G! Hahahahahaha! You win, Kristen! Hahahaha!


  9. jeff7salter says:

    Way too scrawny to suit my tastes, but some guys like the Twiggy or Kate Moss look.


  10. jbrayweber says:

    Oh well, Jeff. I tried. LOL!


  11. Ruth Kenjura says:

    “Look just put the damn tracking device under the skin, then tatoo over it. I know what I’m doing, and he’ll never discover me. But, if he does, then just lojack me and do your rescue thing.”

    “I told you, this is only experimental– what if the satallite feed can’t connect”

    “Then I guess it adios baby.”


  12. jbrayweber says:

    Lojack me! HAHA! Love it, Ruth. This is wonderful. Great dialogue! And you aren’t killing anyone this time. You only hint to it. 😀


  13. cherijetton says:

    “Are you sure your mother said it’s okay?”


  14. jbrayweber says:

    What she doesn’t know won’t kill her. LOL! Wonderful, Cheri!


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