It’s Pitch Day! Ready, set, GO!





Hopefully everyone has read – and followed – the rules.

Because it’s time to


44 Responses to It’s Pitch Day! Ready, set, GO!

  1. Squee- I did, I did go! Decided second guessing can be bad. Only changed a wee bit.

    Thanks for having this!



  2. Whooo! My inbox is on FIRE!


  3. KimberlyFDR says:

    Thank you for doing this! I was repeatedly refreshing the page, waiting for the green go 🙂 Can’t wait to see the pitches tomorrow!


  4. Marilyn Baron says:

    I just sent in my entries. Thanks for sponsoring Agent Shop.
    Marilyn Baron


  5. Wow, this was like an auction. Waiting with fingers hovering over the send button for that perfect moment. In this case wasn’t an item…but that magical word go.

    Sounds like this may be an espresso day for you. 🙂


  6. Good luck everyone!!!


  7. YAY!

    Good luck everyone entered so far.

    Don’t get discouraged if you think you’re too late either! Remember, I go through the pitches and delete any that don’t conform to the rules, so it’s not always the first to get the pitches in that make it. Send it in!

    Candi 🙂


  8. I Have deleted TWO entries already…

    One with no title, and one that went WAY over the word count.



  9. I just sent in my entry! Good luck to everyone and fingers crossed for myself!


  10. Bluestocking says:

    I sent mine. Looking forward to tomorrow. Thanks to you ladies for making agent shop happen!


  11. LOL. Espresso, soda, tea, whatever keeps me moving, Dana.

    The fun part is the hate mail I’ll get tomorrow when someones pitch doesn’t make it in for whatever reason. Doing this certainly has given me a new perspective on what agents must go through! On a daily basis!


  12. Oh shoot. Do you count our headings (name, title etc) in the wc?

    *bites nails now*


  13. NO, Dana!

    NONE of the info I ask for, title, word count, count towards the 200 word pitch. No worries!


  14. Candi it’s sad that you receive hate mail from people when you are providing them with such an amazing opportunity. Thank you for making this possible.


  15. Oh my goodness Candi. I am so sorry that you have to deal with hate mail! I never even considered that aspect. Well thank you even more now for continuing to provide such an awesome opportunity to us writers!


  16. Carlene,

    I just laugh it off.

    The one e-mail I got a few months ago was SO funny. Ripped into me for not being able to see what a great pitch it was.

    As I said before, I LOVE my delete key and I’m not afraid to use it. (Just ask my recent WIP!)


  17. katerina says:

    I think I just did it wrong and posted here. but I’m going to fix it


  18. Katerina,

    Don’t see anything wrong here!


  19. Okay, whew. Almost thudded right onto the floor. Okay fine bed since I’m not technically out it yet.

    I’ve seen some agent/editor replies. So sad and uncalled for. I can’t believe how people get so ugly, rather than understanding they’ve been given FREE advice and insight on their story. Not everyone gets notes so those that do should be excited that these busy people took that extra time.

    Also as much as I like to travel (when I can) I would not want their itinerary. Way too much.

    They are most certainly a special breed of person.



  20. Hang in there, Dana.

    It’ll all be over soon. 🙂

    Authors behaving badly happens all the time unfortunately. But I look at it this way. They make the rest of us look better!


  21. Oh, Nat!

    It doesn’t bother me. Comic relief if you will. LOL

    Agent Shop is super fun and the agents that have been here are amazing! I’m glad we can give something back like this, because when we all started, we needed all the help we could get!


  22. Christine says:

    Yah! I made it. I always get quaking fingers on a deadline. Not good when I need them to type!

    Thanks for doing this. Awfully nice of you! 🙂


  23. Good luck, Christine.

    I know the whole deadline thing is kind of freaky, but it’s the only way to keep it fair, and more important, MANAGEABLE!


  24. LOL! Sooooo true!! The stories never cease to amaze me, but they sure do make the rest of us, who follow rules, look that much better!!

    And now I’m freaking out hoping I didn’t mess up and not follow a rule!! LOL!!


  25. Stephanie,

    I’ve become ULTRA specific when it comes to submitting to agents now. I mean, with all my talk here about following the rules, I guess I’d better make sure I do it out there. 🙂


  26. Christine says:

    Oh definitely, Candi! It’s a personal problem I must overcome! Writer’s have deadlines all the time!

    I can’t imagine how much email you’d have to go through if you left it open longer than you do.


  27. Christine,

    Some pitch days are crazier than others. But it’s not TOO bad. I start from the first one I get and delete any that don’t follow the rules, until I have 30 viable pitches.

    Honestly, the hardest part is deleting all the entries that come in AFTER i get the thirty I need! Wish I could take more.


  28. Thank you for today’s Agent Shop, Candi. And I’m sure we’re all grateful to Laura Bradford for this opportunity. Can hardly wait to read all the pitches that will qualify for her selection. Good luck, everyone!


  29. Mary Anne,

    You’re welcome! And good luck.

    Reading the pitches is so much fun!


  30. I once had this published author (non-fiction, which I don’t write, but still) tell me to just send my entire MS when I submitted, regardless of what the agent’s website said. I was like What???? And I said to her, “But if their website has specific guidelines, I was under the impression that I should follow them.”. Her reply: “You need to break rules to get noticed.” Her “advice” didn’t sit well with me and I continued to follow my gut feeling and that gut told me to follow the rules! LOL!


  31. Stephanie,

    I’m sure agents and editors see this all the time!

    I cringe reading some of the blog posts, tweets, and comments in interviews from some of these agents. The things they have to tolerate at times must be enough to make them want to drink!

    I’m with you. Follow the rules, they’ll thank you for it in the end.


  32. Christine says:


    Have you had to delete many today? Just wondering. Wink.


  33. Two so far, but I’ve only looked at about eight so far.

    Kids and pets are NOT cooperating this morning, but I can’t complain. Agent Shop pitch reading time is slated for later in the day, so they KNOW I’m cheating. LOL.


  34. Christine says:

    I know what you mean. I should be getting my kids up and letting my dogs out but I keep hitting refresh! I’m nosy with a touch of OCD, not good.


  35. LOL!

    I’m opposite. OCD with a touch of nosy.



  36. Only the two you mentioned earlier??? Oh good…..I know mine had a title and I know I did not go over word count! Phew! 🙂


  37. So far only two, Stephanie!

    I will say, the number of pitches that came in, in the first thirty or so seconds, was HUGE.

    Happy nothing crashed! But that means a lot of peeps are hoping they were at the top…


  38. LOL! There must have been a bunch of as hovering over our computers at 10 on the dot!


  39. Stephanie,

    That’s what I imagined in my head when the inbox bulged! lol.


  40. Christine says:

    Well, you haven’t said stop yet! Which I’m glad about as my ducks were not in a row this morning…
    Can one have OCD and be lazy? Yes…yes they can!


  41. Not yet Christine.

    After the initial flood, I usually wait until I get to a certain number before saying stop. The reason is, I’ve had sixty some odd pitches come in before and NOT had thirty viable out of them! If you can imagine!

    Stop will be coming soon though….


  42. Scott says:

    Thanks for this opportunity. Hopefully I pitched in time and followed the rules. 🙂


  43. Good luck, Scott!

    The pitches will be up in the morning by 10:00. 🙂 As long as I don’t oversleep or get called out for Animal Control. <—That's happened TWICE!


  44. I couldn’t do animal control. I’d end up bringing them ALL home. As is have a tank of crawdads because they crawled up to the house. Of course with my luck found out one was a boy and one was a girl.

    Two became far, far too many.


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