Just another manic Monday…

The brilliance of what we do, as writers, is that we don’t have to play by the rules.

Well sort of.

We get to make it all up as we go. We get to change the balances of power, reinvent obstacles, and pretty much make the people in our lives (books) suffer in ways we can only PRAY doesn’t come around as bad juju, or Karma, and bite us where the sun don’t shine.

If only we could control real life so eloquently.

Ah, beach, hot sun, cabana boy with a drink in hand… I digress.

I realized recently, that I was projecting my own stresses – into my writing!

It hit me when I was editing. I LOVE my current WIP. The character is so much fun. He’s smart and savvy and fifteen, so everything about him screams hormones, mistakes and rebellion.

He’s so achingly confused and determined and scared and, and, and… political?!?

Yeah, that’s the same reaction I had while editing. My character, Arlin, actually had a 1 1/2 page internal with himself about the policies surrounding the ranking system in his government.

Um, yeah. Note to self… no writing after reading political drivel. E-V-E-R!

Here’s where we have to be careful not to project ourselves in our characters. I know I resemble the Tasmanian devil at times when the politicians are up to no good, but Arlin doesn’t. Whether I agree with something, my character has to have his own opinion and I have to give him that voice. His own voice.

We’re the same as our characters, but entirely different – and that’s how it’s supposed to be!

3 Responses to Just another manic Monday…

  1. I had to laugh when you talked about making your 15 yr. old rant about politics in the WIP. It’s so easy for us to put in a bunch of stuff that doesn’t mesh with who THEY are and the charater we’re trying to build.
    All that being said, my real live 15yr. old has very definite ideas about what’s happening in politics. He can’t make eloquent arguments about specific items, but he does have opinions! He hates it when I keep using one word answers- WHY? WHY? You can’t spout beliefs unless you know why you believe one way or another.


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  3. jbrayweber says:

    I sometimes wonder how much stress goes into my WIPs. Since I write historical romance, you won’t find a bunch of politics there. Just history.

    BUT the stress shows up in how much time it takes me to write. I’m notoriously slow when writing new content. I can’t afford stress to bog me down further. But I also accept that this time of year, stress is inevitable. As long as I continue to write, even if it’s a mere 50 words, I’m moving forward, and that’s 50 more words than I started with.



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