Link of the Week

This week’s link is the fun “word cloud” generator, Wordle.

This is great for writers who may be looking for key words to describe the mood and tone for their book. Simply copy and paste text into the generator and, presto, a cloud of words used most often within the chosen text.

You can choose language, fonts, upper and/or lower case lettering, and color schemes. For the techno savvy, the word cloud can even be customized further. Plus, your clouds can used however you see fit. How cool is that?

2 Responses to Link of the Week

  1. Where do you come up with these links? I want to try Wordle very soon. Thanks for all your posts and I am glad I get them direct to my e-mail in-box.


    • jbrayweber says:

      Most of the time I just stumble upon them. 🙂 It tickles my fancy to know you enjoy what we do here at MuseTracks. Thanks so much for saying so, Nancy!


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