Link Of The Week

Practice practice practice!

This is a very cool site. Once you’re in, they give you one word and one minute to write about that word. That’s it! Simple, quick and a great way to get a shot of adrenaline and creativity pumping in the morning! Enjoy-

PS. You have to sign in for it to work. It’s free! Press “read” and sign up.

6 Responses to Link Of The Week

  1. A great little challenge,and I’m sure more difficult than it sounds..will ave to give it a go..ELiza Keating


  2. I hope you have fun with this site. It’s funny how your brain stops when there’s a ticking clock!!!


  3. Sarah Andre says:

    I was very brave and tried it…typical tech-idiot that I am, I must be doing something wrong. Not only did it not show the words I was typing (my word was: function) but it stopped me after about 7 seconds and said my minute was up and to finish my sentence and click ‘submit’.

    But what a 7 second rush!


  4. Glad the 7 sec. rush was good….should have made it clear that you have to sign up before it works. It’s free.


  5. jeff7salter says:

    I’ll try this later when I have a spare minute. Ha.
    But if that Spader guy is gonna count the minute off, I might get rattled. He SKEERES me a bit.


  6. He skeeres me too!!! Hopefully, it’ll get the adrenalin a pumpin’!


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