Hump Day Kick Start

Song of the Day: Heart in my Hands by Trust Company

Seems today’s writing prompt features chains. And who doesn’t like chains? Don’t ya just love the light and shadows?

What genre would you place him in? Paranormal? Romantic Suspense? Erotica? Thriller? Spicy contemporary?

Who is he? A shape shifter? Demon? Kidnapper? Motorcycle builder? Man of steel? Prisoner?

Who or what is he directing his heated stare and what is he thinking/scheming?

Why does he have a chain around his neck? To ensnare and subdue a sexy demon? Rough and tumble with the leader of a rival gang? Maybe he has a wild beast collared at the other end of the chain.

Love to hear your take.

14 Responses to Hump Day Kick Start

  1. Sarah Andre says:

    Whooo! Thanks for the jumpstart….better than 6 double espressos!

    His name is Raine and he’s a centuries old shapeshifter, a fierce and elusive green-eyed panther that hunters worldwide have tried for generations to capture.

    By night he is all stealth, ridding the Tiberian countryside of corrupt and greedy humans, taking great pleasure in the rare event of ripping the current king to shreds. Why? Partly his protective instinct toward the helpless and the innocent, but mostly the dark sense of vengence–his own family was massacred by a Tiberian king simply because he required soft, black area rugs in his bedchamber.

    So why, after ions of unsuccessful attempts, were humans able to capture the sleek, killer panther? Trickery and treachery!

    Voltern, the current king of Triberia and the most corrupt human of all, set up his youngest (and least-loved) daughter, Sirena. He orders her to gather an obscure herb that grows only in the thickest part of the Tiberian forest and is only visible once a month, in the light of a full moon. This herb is the key ingredient in the tonic that keeps her beloved mother alive and Sirena bravely enters the dangerous forest every month, well aware of the legend of the vicious panther.

    And month after month, the lone beast has stalked her from afar, mesmerized by her beauty and bravery. Watching her makes him long for the satiny touch of feminine skin against his naked human form, of sweet lips responding under his, primitive human instincts he has ingored for hundreds of years…

    This night, the night of the Harvest Moon, the glorious orb is low and bright in the midnight sky, and her breathtaking beauty beckons him. Recklessly, he ignores the sense of lurking danger, easily picking up the harsh smell of male human hunters nearby. He slinks ever closer to Sirena, staying hidden, but completely captivated.

    Just as he is able to scent her warm skin and the fully-bloomed hyacinth tucked in her lush blond hair a violent snapping and crackling of twigs alerts him to a hunter. As the man snatches the struggling, screaming Sirena for nefarious purposes Raine tears through the trees, jagged teeth bared.

    He springs into the air those final few feet just as a net falls from the tree tops, entangling him into a helpless roaring beast. He is dragged to the castle by a group of laughing hunters, the terrified pleas of the still struggling princess ringing in his ears.

    And now we get to the picture.
    As you can see, Raine has shapeshihfted into human form, a secret no human knows. As he casts off the remaining chains in the cold, dank dungeon cell he hears a soft footstep and the metallic clink of a key inserted into the rusty lock.

    He turns slowly, gazing at the door. His primitive instincts flare at the whisper of swishing silk. He breathes in the subtle scent of hyacinth just as the door squeaks on it’s hinges…


    • jbrayweber says:

      WONDERFUL! Thank you Sarah, for this captivating story. This is what I love to read – what blossoms from this exercise. Of course, I think we all appreciate a steamy picture prompt. I would love to read your tale further! I can just envision the tortured relationship between Raine and Sirena. Oohh…you should write this!


  2. Sarah Andre says:

    Oh, and the song for this scenerio is ‘The Pump’ by Jeff Beck.)


  3. jeff7salter says:

    Hmm. That guy is Norman.
    He’s new to the chain gang and didn’t get the memo about the chains being on the FEET.
    It seems he also didn’t attend the briefing about proper chain-gang attire.
    “What we have here is a failure to communicate” his gang boss intoned.
    “You aint’ the boss of me,” replied Norman.
    Oops … wrong thing to say, hoss. Start digging.


    • jbrayweber says:

      HAHAHA! Love it!!! And love Cool Hand Luke, too! You never disappoint.
      There you go again with the un-Alpha-like names, Jeff. 🙂 We need to talk….


  4. jeff7salter says:

    LOL with the names.
    Okay … his name is BRICK instead of Norman.


  5. Marie says:

    This puts a whole new spin and the phrase “the old ball and chain.”
    LOL! I could not resist…


    • jbrayweber says:

      LOL! Marie, when I first began typing up this post, I used the ol’ ball and chain line, but then deleted it. Too funny! I bet not many ladies out there would mind being chained to him.


  6. Thanks for the pic, Jennifer!

    Hmmmm . . . since I’m an ancient-history buff, I’ll call this guy Ursus (Bear). He’s a gladiator who was a barbarian warrior before he got captured and enslaved by the Romans. Now he must fight in the arena for the entertainment of the decadent spectators. When he becomes rebellious, which is often, he’s locked up in manacles.

    One of the spectators, a patrician named (heh-heh) Mariana, gets the hots for him. She arranges with the arena master to examine Ursus in chains up close and personal, and offers to buy him. He can’t stand spoiled, arrogant noblewomen, and realizes she wants him primarily for sex. He pretends to be wounded so the sale won’t go through.

    But it does, and Ursus realizes he should become Mariana’s compliant bedroom slave. That way he can lull his new owner into trusting him. He’ll get a chance to escape, rejoin his tribe, and wreck bloody vengence on the Romans.

    Well, Ursus’s plan works out as far as the part about his new owner trusting him. But then comes something unexpected. He falls in love with Mariana . . . .


    • jbrayweber says:

      Oh, I’m a sucker for gladiators, Mariana. Oh, er, I mean, Mary Anne. *wink, wink* Great set-up for a reluctant romance. And who wouldn’t want to read about an Alpha sex slave. HA!


  7. Tess says:

    “Cut. Andre, your underwear are showing.” Samantha blew her bangs out of her eyes.


    “Your drawers are showing, dear.” She tried to keep her eyes from wandering low, but honestly, the man had the body of a God.

    “You like me to take off my drawers?” His hands went to button on his pants.

    Heavens. “No, no, no. You misunderstand. Misunderstood.” She took a deep breath and tried to concentrate. She’d just have to do it. She stepped closer. “Let me help you.”

    Sam held her hands up and when she was close enough, she tucked his undies into his pants. When she looked up there was that diabolical look in his eyes. “There, now your underwear don’t show.”

    He grinned. “You see mine, now I see yours?”


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