Toe-Curling First Kiss

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Being a romance writer, I’ve written a quite a few scenes involving kissing. I’m guessing most authors at some point have written an amorous scene or two with a kiss.

A kiss can be a powerful moment in a character arc or a pivotal juncture of a story. How a couple kisses can indicate sensual passion, loving emotions, or heated urgency. And at the other end of the spectrum, a kiss might hit upon disgust, jealousy, and evil designs.

A kiss is a kiss, right? Or is it? In order to effectively write about a kiss and not make the deed a simple act of swapping spit with a cold dead fish, an author might draw from their own experiences.

I remember my first real kiss. Not the quick peck on the cheek. Not the tight-lipped, eyes squeezed shut, immediately swiping the cooties away from you lips smooch. But a real kiss.

It was a late summer afternoon and I was the ripe age of fourteen and a half. I had been horse-playing in the front yard with a boy I liked. Let’s call him Trouble. Trouble was an older boy of sixteen. One who had undoubtedly kissed a few girls before. In hindsight, I see now that wrestling with Trouble had been a prelude to the inevitable. Being stronger than me, and with a considerable amount of cocky confidence, he pinned me to the ground. Time in the outside world suspended, but as he eyed me like prey with that insufferable smirk on his lips, he quickly descended upon me with one wicked kiss—complete with a little tongue action.


I remember vividly how that kiss felt, how it had changed me. I was like a wild animal stunned by a tranquilizer dart. Completely dazed and unable to move. My heart stopped beating. I sprouted wings and was flying high on the charge my body took. A surprising tingle spread across my body. And I was hot. Get your mind out of the gutter. I was hot from the blush of embarrassment. I mean, Trouble was a seasoned boy, after all. Had I kissed him back correctly?

Hope and excitement of sharing something so intimate, so special, had left me breathless. But true to the form of teenage boys named Trouble, his kiss was the beginning of another emotion—bone-crushing heartbreak. That’s juicy fodder for another blog.

Fortunately, there were more first kisses. First kisses by those I let into my life—a few flirty ones and a few cootie-wiping doozies. Then there was that first kiss from the man who would change it all. And our first kiss as husband and wife. Lucky for you, that is as mushy and sentimental as I get.

Do you remember your first kiss? Have you ever experienced a toe-curling pucker that blew your socks off? Let’s hear your lip-smacking stories!

10 Responses to Toe-Curling First Kiss

  1. William says:

    A kiss can be so many things: passion, desire, commitment, affection, “I’m right here, just for you”, and sadly, sometimes, ‘goodbye’.

    Every kiss is special. Every kiss has a meaning. The most recent one that will live forever in my mind is the kiss I received as I was being wheeled into surgery. There was so much packed into that moment that words can never express. On some level, I firmly believe that was the moment I made up my mind, “I AM coming back from this. The fat lady hasn’t even cleared her throat, much less burst into song.”

    So, yes… kisses are very important….:)


  2. jbrayweber says:

    Good grief, Will! FIRST kiss, not LAST kiss. LOL!

    But, yes, you nailed it. Kisses, no matter if they are the first, last, or the tiny pecks in between, have meaning and are important with those you love. Cherish them all!


  3. Sarah Andre says:

    My first kiss was so awful and the guy so inept that it put me off kissing for years! Perhaps the fact that we didn’t even like each other was the real underlying factor, but we were at a ‘make out’ party and the only two left, so…what are you going to do?

    Thank God I’m not a tween/teen anymore! All that pressure to do stuff you don’t want to do just to fit in.


  4. jbrayweber says:

    HA! One reason I’d avoid a make-out party! You just might end up kissing the wrong guy. LOL! I cringe on your behalf, Sarah.
    And I’m with you – I’d never want to relive the awkward days of teen passage. Ugh!


  5. Tess says:

    Let’s see, my first kiss was a boy kissing me in fourth grade when we had to hide under our desks…only we had this big one table we all had to hide under…The first real kiss was in a game of spin the bottle…heavens that boy could kiss! Most memorable was my first with dh…very chaste, very sweet…absolutely perfect for the good boy he was (he didn’t stay that way for long–he says I corrupted him!) LOL.


  6. jbrayweber says:

    I bet your hubby isn’t too far from the truth, Tess. 😉
    What I remember the most about my first kiss with my hubby was, oddly enough, the comfort his kiss brought.


  7. Hmmmmm….interesting topic. My first kiss was NOT the stuff romance novels are made from. His name was Stuart Spires, we were in 7th grade and he had a terrible crush on me. He asked me to go steady with him, but my heart just wasn’t in it. Where do you turn to for advice? Your girlfriends. They told me I had to start somewhere and Stuart was nice enough. It was presented like dating was this corporate ladder and I had to get in on the ground floor. If that’s not stupid enough…I LISTENED to them. Sigh. My first kiss was a make-out session with Stuart and all I could think about was going home. He did give me a Snoopy ring so I guess it turned out alright.
    *** the rest of the story- Stuart turned out to be one of the greatest guys and we became best friends. I wore his Snoopy ring for almost 6 mths. which in 7th grade is a lifetime!


  8. jbrayweber says:

    LOL! Great story, Stacey. Corporate ladder *snort* I’s true. You got to start somehwere. But really…it was all about the jewelry wasn’t it?

    And you just gave me an idea for another blog topic. *evil genius laugh*


  9. It IS ALWAYS about the jewelry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  10. kindred spirits…

    […]Toe-Curling First Kiss « MUSETRACKS[…]…


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