Talk Back: What Is your Writing Schedule?

By Marie-Claude Bourque

Hi there writers and friends,
I do hope your writing has been quite productive.

Mine is struggling.

Mostly because I am finishing my Masters and have my dissertation due in exactly two weeks! So with teaching middle school, taking care of my own kids and the extra classes I have to finish, I really have to work at finding the time to write.

My best bet so far is to try to do it first thing in the morning before all the other chores come calling.

But I need your help. How do you manage? What are your struggles and challenges? How did you overcome them? Are you a “on the fly” writer? Or do you have a set schedule that you keep without fail?

I can’t wait to hear from you all!

Much love,
Marie-Claude xoxox


10 Responses to Talk Back: What Is your Writing Schedule?

  1. Oh wow, good luck with the Masters and dissertation…You are busy..I’ve been keeping a steady pace of 1k min daily the last week. This is edits and adding on for my current work in progress.

    Good luck


  2. 1K daily, that is really awesome Savannah. I really admire your steady pace 🙂


  3. I tend to have a set schedule for writing…owning two businesses doesn’t always allow for me to follow that schedule but I do the best I can. I write in the early morning — sometime sprinting with the Ruby Sisters as they have been kind enough to leave the chat room open after the Winter session ended. So min. 2 hours each morning of writing, 2 hours editing from my other office as time allows. I also manage to get at least 1 hr reading done every night before my head hits the pillow.


  4. Virginia, that’s sound like a great schedule! That’s great to have writing friends to encourage each other! Great idea, thanks 🙂


  5. lorettawheeler says:

    Oh sigh, I’m the derelict writer. I think it has something to do with my nature. I like things organized, structured, BUT I’ve always hated having to accomplish those things on a designated day or a set time frame. So, I drift…I create in other directions (I like decorating also) but, while I’m doing so, my Muse wanders beside me…either whispering thoughts, or suddenly coming up with something that HAS to be written down– “immediately” according to him:)
    Once this happens, I’m off for the pen and paper (first draft, always by hand, why, I don’t know…it just flows better) and that usually jump starts me. I may write for days, scribbling down the story as fast as I can.
    So, after hearing this, I’m sure I’m no comfort…and have no pearls of wisdom for anyone:) Each of us has to create in the way that flows best for us…otherwise, we’re not happy inside are we?:) And I’m such a junkie for that “rush” of creativity, that I doubt I’ll change.


  6. Loretta, that’s awesome 🙂 thanks for sharing.
    This to me looks like you are always ‘on’ writing. So I’d say you are a 24/7 writer! Way to go!


  7. jbrayweber says:

    *sigh* I wish I could make actual “work” hours that work for me. Impossible with the toddler and tween. So, my writing time is during nap time – if I’m lucky. All editing, revising, marketing, education, maintenance, etc. is done on a hit and run basis.

    I’m looking forward to the day of preschool. Maybe I’ll catch up. Maybe.


  8. Jenn, you are amazing. I remember nap time when I just wanted to chill with a good book 🙂 kudos to you for making this work. I’m sure you’ll totally catch up and even get ahead!


  9. I was writing in the mornings and during preschool, but now with a newborn, in addition to the 4-year-old, I have to work even harder to make time. Sometimes I get 10 minutes a day; other times I write with a sleeping or nursing baby in my lap. It’s not ideal for my back, but it feels good to be working on my novel.


  10. I don’t have a set time but usually do my best writing from about 4p.m. to midnight. This last week I was able to focus only on writing four days. Unless I am on a deadline for a publisher, I don’t write early in the a.m. That’s for doctors’ appts for my mom and maybe a little social media, emails, etc. I don’t have rituals, etc., when I write I have to just sit down and force myself to begin even a sentence or two will kick it off.
    Without the responsibilities of children or school I’m at an advantage here and so have to utilize as much as possible…


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