MuseTracks Link of the Week – Pirate Fun

Continuing my rise to pirate domination and with my upcoming release of A KISS IN THE WIND, the second book in my Romancing the pirate series, I give you the official Talk Like A Pirate website.

This fun site not only promotes Talk Like a Pirate day (which is September 19th) but it also offers fun games, pirate booty, links, booty, education, songs, and much more. You can even learn the best pirate pick-up lines! (Been checking out this website for years – lol)


Coming March 26th!

2 Responses to MuseTracks Link of the Week – Pirate Fun

  1. wmsimon says:

    Your “rise to pirate domination”? Ummm… I was under the impression you were already Head Pirate Lady of the Universe as We Know It….:)


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