A KISS IN THE WIND – Release Par-Tay!

Break open the bottle of rum! Today is the official release party for my inaugural Carina Press pirate historical romance, A KISS IN THE WIND.

And to celebrate, I’m sharing the BOOTY! Adventure, a wee bit ‘o sport, ‘n treasure awaits.

  • Read an excerpt here.
  • Take a quiz and get an authentic pirate name.
  • Ask me a question about pirates or
  • Dunk A Wench by trying to stump me with pirate trivia.
  • Above all,  leave a comment for a chance to score a copy of A KISS IN THE WIND or a pair of skull and crossbones earrings.

A Kiss in the Wind Blurb:

Marisol Castellan is in trouble–again. Against her pirate father’s orders, she snuck off their ship to intercept a message meant for a rival captain, one that offers a clue to the whereabouts of her estranged brother Monte.

Pirate captain Blade Tyburn is not pleased to find the letter he’s been waiting for is missing. He’s even less pleased when he discovers the thief is a raven-haired beauty who bewitches his senses and muddles his thinking. The note gives the location of a silver-laden ship that’ll make his fortune; Blade must find it, and if that means bringing Marisol along on the voyage, so be it.

Marisol believes Monte sails on the very ship Blade is to meet and strikes a deal with the handsome rogue. If he will give her passage to her brother, she will give him the exact location he needs. And both will get more than they expected…

One of my favorite lines in the book:

“You have stolen not one, but several items that belong to me. You wounded one of my men. And…” Blade stepped in close to Marisol, close enough that her breath fell on his face. “You tried to kill me. I don’t believe you are in a position to argue.”

“Maim you.”


The tips of her lips curved up into an impish grin. “I tried to maim you.”

What a devil of a woman. Cloaked in beauty, she was wicked. Wicked and deceptive and, oh so close to finding herself naked beneath him. He groaned inwardly. He wanted her, despite the urge to strangle her. And that peeved him.

More favorite lines:

“Blazes.” Henri grumbled, grunting from the effort of climbing the ladder with his lame leg. At the top, he paused long enough to scowl at the offending steps. He toddled over. “What’s gotten into the lass? She came flyin’ down the ladder an’ nearly plowed me down. You go an’ make her mad, Tyburn?”

“What makes you think that?”

“She was sayin’ somethin’ ‘bout a capt’n needin’ to grow some ballocks.”

And yet another favorite:

Blade had taught Marisol many new things. He had more to offer, no doubt. His company, his imminence, the trust she placed in him, it was like a strong bottle of the finest liquor. Too much of him and she could become drunk, a

slobbering, moon-eyed drunk. Hear, Hear! To a plentiful cup of Tyburn.

Click HERE for your copy of A KISS IN THE WIND.

*And for a special treat, you can HEAR A SAMPLE of the book as well.  It’s also available in audio form through Audible. How cool is that?

Don’t forget to leave a comment! You could win a copy of A KISS IN THE WIND or the skull and crossbones earrings.

Update! Winners! Melanie Macek is the winner of a copy of A Kiss In The Wind. Susan Muller is the winner of the skull and crossbones earrings. Congrats, ladies. And thanks for your support!

66 Responses to A KISS IN THE WIND – Release Par-Tay!

  1. tore923 says:

    I would love to read this book. I haven’t really got to read any pirate books. I love the sound of this book. It sounds very good. Please enter me in contest.


  2. jbrayweber says:

    Pirates can be so much fun! 🙂 Consider yourself entered, Tore.


  3. wmsimon says:

    Congratulations, Jenn! This is terrific….:)

    Just asking, have your feet touched the ground yet???


  4. jbrayweber says:

    Well, Will, I’ve been sailing this ship for quite some time. I don’t plan to touch ground anytime soon. Ha!
    Thanks, for your continuing support, Charlie. 😉


  5. Ahoy, Jenn lass! Your Ruby wench Vanessa here, aka Iron Bess Rackham. Have a fun release day, and may the rum flow freely — hic!


  6. jbrayweber says:

    Ahoy! My favorite Down-Under Ruby wench, Vanessa. I love ya, but stop hogging the rum. LOL!


  7. OK…My new name is Dirty Grace Rackham (pronounced rack ’em not rack ham.) Apparently people want to throw me into the ocean all the time but I should be happy because this is a very honorable pirate name!! …….Dirty Grace……maybe that should be my new pen name….it does have possibilities!!!
    Love your party!!! Where are the mimosoas???? What? NO MIMOSAS?????? Well arrrgggghhhhh then I must go plunder my fridge!


  8. jbrayweber says:

    HAHA! Dirty Grace suits you, Stacey. It also sends mixed messages. Really, you should be named Dirty Red AS much for your hair as for how much you blush.
    BTW – I drank all the mimosas yesterday. But never fear! I have another bottle of chilled champagne in the fridge. CHEERS!


  9. maryannelanders says:

    Congrats, Jenn! Release day is finally here!

    Since I’m a film freak, and I assume you’ve seen quite a few pirate movies, allow me to ask you: Which are your favorite examples? Which are the most realistic? Which are the most fun?

    Just for the record, the Hollywood pirate I’d most like to be captured by would be Tyrone Power in “The Black Swan”. That was before your time—shucks, it was even before my time! But a fun film at any time.

    Good luck with “A Kiss in the Wind”!


  10. jbrayweber says:

    Ahoy, Mary Anne!
    My favorite pirate film? Ugh so many. I love Against All Flags with Maureen O’Hara and Errol Flynn. I also adore Buccaneer’s Girl with Yvonne DeCarlo. Captain Blood with Errol Flynn is also a must. And of course all the Pirate of the Caribbean movies.

    The most realistic? Don’t laugh. Aside all the fantastical elements like the Kraken, man-eating mermaids, Davy Jones and the Flying Dutchman, the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise does a fabulous job of recreating pirate lore. From how they governed themselves to the ship details, the movie depicts many facets of how pirates lived. I think that is one of the reasons I find the movies so much fun to watch, too.

    Another good movie (made for TV movie, that is) is Blackbeard: Terror at Sea. This one is more of a documentary, but still AWESOME!

    As for the Hollywood pirate that captures my heart… Well, I’m a pirate wench, and so I Shall Take All That I May!

    Thanks, Mary Anne!


  11. practimom says:

    Red Charity Kidd here….Loving the pirates! So who was good ol Edward Teach’s first mate? What island did he die on?

    I am about 50% done with Kiss….it is soooo goood! Happy Release day!



  12. jbrayweber says:

    Ah…ye lookin’ to stump the pirate diva, are ye, Red Charity?

    Edward Teach is known by most as Blackbeard. His first mate was Israel Hands. Edward Teach did not die on an island. I think you were trying to trick me. 😉 He was killed on a sloop named the Jane while battling Captain Robert Maynard in the Ocracoke Inlet off the coast of North Carolina. However, since Teach’s ship was grounded on a sandbar on the inner side of the Ocracoke Island and the pirates had used grappling hooks to connect the ships together, you might say that they were on the Ocracoke Island.

    I so thrilled you are enjoying KISS, Christy. Thanks so much!


  13. practimom says:

    *grinning* i saw Blackbeard mentioned in Kiss, so i figured you would know about him :). I live about 2 hrs from Ocracoke, so I guess I should have said what island was he near :)! and I got in the hurrican during lunch!! Sooo good!!


  14. jbrayweber says:

    Ooohh…you live near Ocracoke. How neat is that? Tell me, does the island have some sort of museum or monument?
    We live near and visit Galveston often. Not exactly a pirate haven, but the island had it’s share of pirate activity when Jean LaFitte took it over in 1817.

    Hurricane, huh? Batten down the hatches! 🙂


  15. practimom says:

    the island is suprising bare. it takes about 30 minutes to drive the whole length. There is not a Blackbeard museum, but one of the historical houses is a museum of ocracoke history. the Ocracoke Lighthouse is there (the all white one) and you have to take the ferry to get on and get off the islands. one is 45 minutes (the north) and 2 1/2 hours (the south). It is a nice get away spot, cuz you really get away. no mall, not much traffice a few resturants, no fast food one though. it is beautiful and i am happy that tourism has not made it ugly.

    hurricane as in that was the spot I go to in Kiss :)!


  16. jbrayweber says:

    Good to know the tourists haven’t spoiled the island, Christy. It’s always much more meaningful when untouched.
    And yes, I knew you meant the hurricane in Kiss. 😉 There’s more fun to come.


  17. Sarah Andre says:

    HURRAY! Congratulations Cap’n Jenn!
    I have some booty for you too- need to catch up with you one of these days!

    Good luck with sales, what an exciting day!


  18. jbrayweber says:

    Booty? I LOVE booty. Arrgh!
    Yes, let’s catch up real soon, Sarah!


  19. ravenraye says:

    LOVE the excerpts. I’ll be getting my copy, Argh!



  20. jbrayweber says:

    Thanks so much, Raven! 🙂


  21. Arrr, me pirate name be Iron Ethel Flint. Me likes it.

    Raven… uh


  22. jbrayweber says:

    Iron Ethel? HAHAHA! Me likes it, too!


  23. johngraceson says:

    Congratulations, Jenn!

    I pitched your novel to my First Officer and cabin crew, some of who are excited to own their copy.


  24. jbrayweber says:

    Ooohh…pirates in the sky. I like that. Argh! I’ll be taking over the world in pirate domination in no time. 🙂
    Thanks, John. Your support means more than you know.


  25. Dirty Bess Rackham here…what a fun thing to put in your blog…almost as fun as your books!


  26. jbrayweber says:

    Dirty Bess? Not THAT fits! Thanks so much, Teri!


  27. I be Mad Mary Rackham, err, Rack’em. This was lots of fun, Jen. The book sounds fabulous.

    Who was the most handsome of all pirates? I have no idea what the answer is. I just want to know if you do? 🙂


  28. jbrayweber says:

    Ahoy, Mad Mary!

    I don’t know who was the most handsome, but I do know that Blackbeard fell in love easily. It is said that he had about 14 wives. Only one was legitimate, as marriages on a ship weren’t binding.

    One of the most dapper pirates was Black Bart. He always dressed impeccably, was well mannered, hated swearing, did not tolerate drunkenness, drank tea, and was a religious man. And yet, he enjoyed torturing victims. Go figure.

    Thanks, Laurie!


  29. Carla Rossi says:

    Bloody Mary Cash here! Congrats on the release and on a great party.


  30. jbrayweber says:

    Many thanks, Carla, er I mean, Bloody Mary.


  31. Ruth says:

    Congrats Jenn. Already downloaded it on the kindle. We can toast a tankard or two . My name is Dread Pirate Kidd. Does that mean people dread when I walk through or am I just a kid at heart.


  32. jbrayweber says:

    HAHA! From one author to another, people dread you because of your morbid sense of killing your characters. But you really are a kid at heart.
    Thanks for your support, Ruth!


  33. Congratulations on your release! Best of luck with sales. This is a fabulous par-tay!


  34. jbrayweber says:

    Thanks, Ally. be sure to help yourself to the keg of rum. 😉


  35. Mad Jenny Cash here. That was such a fun quiz I had to do it twice. CONGRATS JENN!!!! So fun to see people I’ve actually met succeed. Enjoy the rewards and keep writing! 🙂



  36. jbrayweber says:

    I agree, Melanie. That quiz is fun to play around with.
    Many thanks for your kind words. 🙂


  37. darynda says:

    What great excerpts! I had to get the audiobook. LOL. Can’t wait to start it. Congrats, Ruby Sis!!! ~D~


  38. jbrayweber says:

    I’m going to have to get it, too, D. *g* Hearing some else read the book out loud is such a surreal trip.

    I tip my hat to you, Ruby sis. Many thanks!


  39. Allen says:

    Congratulations on another one! I was planning on reading it already, but after that excerpt I had to get it. And the novella that I apparently missed. And you have another one coming out in May? You’re almost writing them faster than I can read them.

    BTW, my pirate name of Bloody Roger Flint is funny because my dad’s name is Roger.

    Anyway, congrats again on supplying me with pirate related entertainment. I thank you…


  40. jbrayweber says:

    Oh, I wish I could write that fast, Allen. I really do. It’s taken a long time to get to this point, especially having little ones under foot. But I am writing my 5th installment as quickly as I can. I’m hoping for breakneck speed.

    >>>>supplying me with pirate related entertainment<<<< You make me sound like a dealer. LOL!

    Thanks for your support, Bloody Roger Flint. 😉


  41. Tess says:

    What super excerpts!!! Love them!! Jenn, is this one I critted??? I know I’ve read two of them, absolutely loved them both!!! So happy for you and your success!


  42. jbrayweber says:

    Hi Tess!
    Yes, back in the day, you did in fact critted Kiss and survived. LOL! And I thanks you for your on-going support.


  43. jeff7salter says:

    Oh, drawings are cool.
    Enter me in everything that I’m eligible for!
    And congrats on the release! Hope it sells fantastically.


  44. jbrayweber says:

    I was wondering when you’d show, Salty Dog. 😉
    Consider yourself entered!


  45. Mark Weber says:

    HA! Bloody Jack Rackham is my name! Congratulations my love! I am very proud of you!


  46. jbrayweber says:

    Avast! My very own captain. Thank you, darling. I promise to share the treasure. LOL!


  47. Patti Macdonald says:

    Pirate’s Plunder Patti says: Just downloaded A Kiss in the Wind. Back off mates, this here’s me own treasure!

    Congrats, Jenn!!!


  48. jbrayweber says:

    HAHAHA! A pirate after my own heart. Greedy wench!
    Thanks for your support, Patti!


  49. Happy release day, Jenn. May this be the most successful one yet!!!


  50. jbrayweber says:

    Aw, thanks Gwynlyn. So far it’s been pretty amazing!


  51. Arrr. Black Bess Kidd here. LOL More fun than catchin’ the captain around the deck on a frosty night.

    Great cover and lines, girl. Wishing you as many sales as there are stars in a cloudless sky.


  52. jbrayweber says:

    >>>> More fun than catchin’ the captain around the deck on a frosty night.<<<< Love it!

    Now that's a wish to dream for, Autumn. Er, I mean Black Bess. Thanks!


  53. Boy am I late to this Party!!! LOL Huge Congrats, Jenn!! You’ve worked hard for this and I’m so excited and happy for you! 🙂 Hmmmm…here’s my pirate name. Should I be worried?????

    Bloody Bess Vane (yikes!) LOL

    Wishing you Tons of Sales, girl!!


  54. jbrayweber says:

    Fashionably late, Missy. No harm in that. LOL!

    Bloody Bess? That’s far from the real you. Now, as an author of romantic suspense, I’d say the name is spot on.


  55. Arrg, you’ve done it again Lassy. Iron Bess Bonney here to wish you good luck with your new release.


  56. jbrayweber says:

    Many thanks, Iron Bess. 😉


  57. Late to the party but I’m here 🙂
    Congrats Coz and ((hugs))
    So proud of you!


  58. jbrayweber says:

    Glad to have you stop by, Sup. Wouldn’t be the same without you.


  59. Captain Morgan Flint is my name BTW, how did I get that I wonder LOL Morgan is the name of my current hero, what a coincidence!


  60. jbrayweber says:

    LOL! That’s a pretty cool coincidence. 🙂


  61. wow pirate stories ?? i love it..and that cover very beautiful…
    i cant wait to read this book ..pls pls enter me..LOL

    congrats for you..
    thanks for the giveaway


  62. jbrayweber says:

    Consider yourself entered, Annisa! 😉 And thanks!


  63. WooHoo!

    Okay Jenn, who wrote the first book featuring a pirate as a hero?

    Diane, The Literary Tester, ARG


  64. jbrayweber says:

    Hmm….very good question, Diane.
    Could be Daniel Defoe or Sir Walter Scott. I’m entirely unsure. 😀


  65. I love your post. It’s like being at a party. Great excerpts.


  66. jbrayweber says:

    Thanks so much Ella. I’m glad I was a good host. 😉


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