Do You Want Your Name In Lights?

Write your first draft with your heart.  Re-write with your head.  ~From the movie Finding Forrester


Of course you do!!

Whether we tell ourselves that we want to be published or not is irrelevant. Deep down inside we all want the same thing. Thankfully, there are choices and different paths we can now take to achieve that end goal. I have something for you that will help- a writing contest.

Before you dismiss this because you’re self publishing, or you’re already published in another genre, you better check this out. The Lone Star Writing Contest gives you tangibles that you won’t necessarily find anywhere else. No matter how you decide to publish, an author always needs outside help. I’ve yet to meet a writer that could spot all of their mistakes. For a very small fee, your pages will be read by two published and one non-published judge. If you final, your story will be sent to an agent, an editor, and an e-publisher editor. (Wow- three for the price of one!)

How is this any different? Well, besides providing training for the judges, revamping the score sheet to reflect the writing not “romance” rules, this contest also offers a few bonuses! If you win your category, you will receive a banner for your website, FB etc. This is worth its weight in gold! Free advertising screaming how good you are! If you final, you will receive a seal that you can use in the same way. How cool is that?

Everyone who enters also has a chance to win a 50 page critique by a published author whether they final or not. This is an open playing field where all have the same chance to win. There will be a drawing for each category and the winner’s name will be drawn irregardless of how they placed!

I know I’ll enter this year. Don’t miss the Early Bird Special which ends in a few days!



Northwest Houston RWA announces The 20th Annual Lone Star Writing Competition.

Along with awesome feedback and a new and improved score sheet, the Lone Star offers a NEW Special Prize!!!

All entrants will be entered into a drawing for a 50 page critique by one of NWHRWA’s published authors. There will be 7 winners, one for each category.

Romantic Suspense: Teri Thackston
Historical: Melinda Porter (Anna Katherine Lanier)
FF&P: Suzan Harden
Inspirational: Carla Rossi
YA: Christie Craig (CC Hunter)
Single Title: PJ Mellor
Contemporary Series: Cheri Jetton

The Lone Star Writing Competition is one of the few contests with two published authors and one unpublished author judging the first round. Finalists will be sent to BOTH an agent and an editor for judging. In addition they will be sent to an e-publishing editor.

EARLY BIRD ENTRY FEE: $5 discount on all entries submitted by midnight May 26, 2012; $15 for NWH members/$20 non-NHW members.

Entry fee: After May 26, 2012 – $20 NWH members; $25 non-NWH members.

Winners will receive a custom made sterling silver pin and a website banner !!!! Finalists will receive a seal to put on their website.

For more information including rules, the score sheet, and entry form, see our new, updated website at

One Response to Do You Want Your Name In Lights?

  1. girldrinkdrunk says:

    While I know past performance is no indicator of future results as a contest grows from year to year, there’s a part of me that always wants to know what the ballpark number of overall entries is. I always like the few that state: We ‘limit entries to X’ — whether they ever achieve that number or not matters less to me than the finite reassurance of: ‘it won’t be more than X.’

    I entered one contest last year-spring? summer?–(I don’t remember which, because I block it out when I don’t win or place :-)) They sent out a very telling but disconcerting overview of the judging. Everyone had 3 judges and they averaged the three scores unless there was a point difference of 49 points-then you’d get a rescore.

    –Yeah, right. one judge gives you 100, another 51? Cripes–just for showing up and sending a check you get 50-hehehe!

    Anyway, I rode the rail with 2 in the high 90’s with a low 60 anchor. (My personal preference is 22 points ought to be plenty for a re-judge) As an added plus, the contest sent out a spreadsheet that showed each judge and their scores for each entry number. So you could follow their pattern throughout. So it showed how many ENTRIES each judge actually judged from any and all categories in the entire contest.

    This alone, was worth the price of admission. My single crummy score was from a judge who judged ONLY my entry and nothing else. A couple other had a ‘single judge’ or ‘three or less scoring judge’. All their scores were pretty dismal as well. The judges that scored the most entries scored pretty consistently with each other. They also gave the best comments.

    Anyway–while I shall always play the ‘lottery of the contest’ I can’t help wishing there was more consistent disclosure both before and after. I know, I know, everyone says–I do it for the feedback. Not me–I want to win!

    My two biggest burns: 1.) entering and then getting a buzz-bulk email asking if anyone wants to judge the contest. 2.) judges who ‘don’t read your genre’ –at least most of them admit it on the score sheet–but that is of little consolation for off-the-wall-advice and 8 points that keeps you from finaling.

    So if anyone was asking–which they’re not, because they know I’m a contest addict and will enter anyway when I’m flush–my dream contest would proudly crow:
    1.) Only X number of entries per category.
    2.) 3 judges. A 19 point differential=new judge.
    3.) Only judges who consistently read/write your genre will judge your category.
    4.) Full disclosure afterwards.

    Ooooooookay. Maybe 2 Redbulls was 1 too many this morning.

    Look for my submission LoneStar–are you sure there’s no extra credit for commenting? 🙂


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