MuseTracks Guest – William Simon – Love Is Murder

It’s Release Day for dear friend and MuseTracker, William Simon. And to help him celebrate, we’re sharing in his glory – Movie poster-style. Isn’t that a GREAT cover?
“Here’s a piece of advice you won’t find in any manual, leaflet, monograph, self-help book, or national talk-show: when an agent with the FBI’s Violent Crimes Unit opens an email, then spends the next ten minutes vomiting in the men’s room, do not under any circumstances lean across the desk and look at the screen….”
—Nicholas White – “Spider’s Tango”
Go ahead, check it out! We dare you!

7 Responses to MuseTracks Guest – William Simon – Love Is Murder

  1. Sarah Andre says:

    Wish you all the best in book sales and the champagne hangover tomorrow.


  2. jbrayweber says:

    Congratulations, Will! I know you are excited – as you should be! Your hangin’ with the big dogs. Or should I say, they’re hangin’ with you.

    Pop the cork! May you have KILLER sales!



  3. I can’t wait to buy this book! It will be No.1 on my summer reading list which starts this Friday!! Timing couldn’t have been better. Congratulations Will- may the sales soar into the stratosphere!!


  4. Thank you, Sarah and Jenn! and Stacey…:) I’m excited!


  5. Marie says:

    Congratulations, William!
    This such an exciting time. I downloaded mu copy last evening and am enjoying it immensely. Love the comments by Sandra Brown. Way to go, William!!


  6. girldrinkdrunk says:

    There’s nothing better than seeing it happen to someone you (if not know, are at least familiar with their posts!)
    Congratulations William!


  7. Congratulations, Will!! So excited for you! Can’t wait to have my very own copy! 🙂


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