Link of the Week – StumbleUpon

This week, I stumbled upon StumbleUpon.

StumbleUpon is a search engine that helps you find what interests you most in the vast world wide web – whether that be photos, videos, websites, and more. Like Pandora, the music station you create, StumbleUpon conforms to your preferences. Click a thumbs up or thumbs down for each page StumbleUpon recommends for you and StumbleUpon ‘learns’ what you like. This in turn also draws you to people with similar tastes.
You can add your own websites and blogs to the search engine, too. The more you use the site, the more pinpointed your results. Kind of a great tool for authors, if you think about it. This can drive other users to your specific interests, such as craft related information, book genre, romance heroes, book clubs, etc. You can build an interest in you, the author, and an audience.

Check out the quickie video.


3 Responses to Link of the Week – StumbleUpon

  1. JanCCrow says:

    Neat. I wonder if there’s a way to direct this organically to author websites?


  2. jbrayweber says:

    Hi Jan!
    One can utilize a paid discovery ad to generate interest the author’s way. Also, an author can add a webpage to Stumbleupon. It would take time, but eventually, an author can organically grow her ‘audience’. It helps when the author’s webpage is visited many times within one day, and of course garnering the thumbs up. 🙂


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