2012 RWA – The Evidence

Song of the Day: Home by Breaking Benjamin

I’m baaack. Wow! What a whirlwind week in Anaheim at the 2012 RWA conference. The meetings, workshops, volunteering, seminars, signings, cocktail parties, it was all so overwhelming. What better way to share my experiences than through evidence, er, I mean a few pictures.

Once I landed in California, I threw my luggage into my room, headed off to volunteer shlepping books for the literacy signing event, and then rewarded myself with a trip to Disneyland.

With The Golden Network president, Liz Selvig.

Got booted in the Golden Network chapter. That’s a good thing. It’s recognition for a first sale of a book to a publisher.

L to R – Kim, Beth, Anne, Darynda, Liz, Vivi, moi, and Sally

A passel of Rubies at the Golden Network retreat.

And who would you like me to sign this to?

I was a bundle of nerves at the Readers for Life Literacy Autographing. It was an amazing experience.

*swoon* And he’s every bit as hard-bodied as he looks. Just sayin’.

The one and only, Jimmy Thomas. Intelligent, kind, business savvy, and, oh yes, handsome. It was great to meet the man who has graced 3 of my novels.

L to R – Rita Henuber, Ruth Casie, Adrienne Giordano, guest of honor and Brenda Novak bid winner, Joyce Adams, Jeffe Kennedy, Julie Rowe, and myself

Breakfast with fellow Carina Press authors. It’s never too early to drink a mimosa.

Arrgh, matey. The sign says it all.

Harlequin PJ party.

Rubies on the floor. Rubies on the couch. Rubies on the bed. Rubies in the corners. The room was busting at the seams with Rubies!

It’s always a good time with my sisters in the Ruby-Slippered Sisterhood.

It’s Carina Press cocktail hour!

Somehow, I managed to squeeze in another party.


Boy. All those parties sure wipe a girl out.


Harlequin knows how to start a party off right.

Dancing girls Vivi, Anne Marie, and Rita. You go girls!

We danced the night away at the Harlequin party.

ACK! NORA ROBERTS!! Girl crush!

Some of you may not be surprised that I dragged Nora onto the dance floor.  She’s a fabulous dancer!

L to R – Jaye Garland, Ruth Kenjura (my hotel roomie), Golden Heart nominee Jan Nash, and yours truly

What a way to end the conference than with some wonderful friends! Thanks for the memories!

12 Responses to 2012 RWA – The Evidence

  1. How thrilling! So sorry I missed this year’s conference, but I am planning on meeting with you guys next year in Atlanta. (p.s Jimmy Thomas is on one of my covers, too!)


    • jbrayweber says:

      Can’t wait to meet you, Nancy. I’m hoping to make Atlanta, too, if funds are available. I will for sure be in San Antonio!

      Jimmy was a real doll. And even more handsome in person! I see a bright future for him. HAHAHA! The man is an EMPIRE!


  2. Sylvia McDaniel says:

    Hi Jay,
    I didn’t realize that it was your blog that I visit all the time, but seldom leave a comment. Now I can put a face with the blog. I’m Sylvia McDaniel…I was at Ruth’s party when you came back from the Harlequin party. It was a great conference and now it’s time to get busy writing once again.


    • jbrayweber says:

      LOL! Then I guess my antics online and in-person should not surprise you, Sylvia. 😉 It’s really great to meet you…again! Now back to writing! *cracks whip*


  3. The “My Way/The Highway” sign is so perfectly Jenn! New author photo….:)


  4. I was thinking of it as a Warning rather than a ‘reminder’, but okay, we’ll go with your version….:)


  5. Ruth says:

    Oh no my cover is blown, there’s a pic of me.


  6. Sarah Andre says:

    I ran into you like…what? 17 times? And you never told me this Jimmy guy was in the hotel? Not to mention throwing me a bone with a personal introduction???

    Was he a speaker? Seminar: Come Feel My Biceps


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