Innuendo – What Are You Suggesting?

Song of the Day: Afterlife by Avenged Sevenfold (one of my favorites)

I’m a master at many tongues. Well, no, not really. I’m pretty fluent in English, though. Thank goodness, as it’s my native language. I got “Southern” down right well, too. But I’m also pretty good at innuendo.

Innuendo finds its way in my everyday speech. It’s what we bona fide flirts, and obliviously some of the Hump Day Kick Start followers, do.  And, honestly, when used properly, makes any conversation with friends good for a laugh.

It comes as no surprise that innuendo finds its way into my writing, too. Here’s a snippet of one of my favorite exchanges in my pirate romance A KISS IN THE WIND.

I’ll show you my dinghy if you’ll show me yours.

“I harbor much more than bitterness, sweet lady.” Blade closed the gap between them. “Would you care to find out just what I harbor? Or where?”

His crude remark did not appall Marisol like she imagined he intended. Living among a ship full of scum counting down the days until they would make the next port so that they could prig a cheap blouse, she had heard it all.

“I’m uninterested in the docking habits of a draughty dinghy.”

 His deep laugh lengthened the cut of his dimples. “’Tis a shame, I’d say. Wherever I drop anchor, my man-o’-war is usually well received in berth.”

Here’s another favorite dance of innuendo from THE SIREN’S SONG.

“I won’t change my mind,” Drake said. “For your safety, I won’t.”

Gilly’s hands fell away and her eyes dipped to his bandolier. He sensed a

Wouldn’t want anyone to go into a Hump Day Kick Start withdrawal

change within her. Her sadness, it seemed to evaporate, or perhaps shift into something resembling determination. She ran a finger over the leather straps holding one of his flintlocks close to his chest.

“Well Captain Drake, at least give me a few more hours. I’ve a quarry to pursue.”

He smiled in spite of himself. Yes, determination, a hunter stalking prey. She’d come a long way from the timid mouse he fished out of the sea.

“I’m prepared to do battle.” She pinned him with an impassioned grin.

“Battle will be risky,” he said, gazing at her mouth. “Your blood will race, your heart will pound, and you will be left sweaty and breathless. Though the outcome may leave you rich, you will yearn for more, and more I cannot give.”

“We shall see.” She hooked her finger under the brace and tugged. He willingly let her lead him to the edge of the bed. “Should my strategy fail, the loss will be worth the pursuit.”

“This I won’t deny.”

Oh, those pirates. Such bad boys.

What’s your favorite innuendo scene? It can be from a book, a manuscript, a movie, a song, doesn’t matter. I’d love to hear it.

8 Responses to Innuendo – What Are You Suggesting?

  1. The art of innuendo is a rare one these days. No one writes this stuff better than you, Jenn!…:) (I’d have said “Nobody does it better”, but you’d have snarked me for making a James Bond Joke…:))


    • jbrayweber says:

      Aw, thanks, Will. And yes, you have that suave debonair way about you. It’s hard not to crack a Bond reference now and again.

      Remember that time with the other Angels at Cheeburger Cheeburger? Aw…the innuendos,references, and enlightenment flying around that day. Surprised we all didn’t get kicked out of the restaurant with our loud raucous laughter. Ah, good times…good times…


  2. jeff7salter says:

    I dabbled with inuendo in my first three novel manuscripts, but most of my Beta readers said they didn’t like it … sounded too juvenile to them. I must not have the knack.


  3. Good times, indeed, Jenn..:) I still laugh when I think about it.

    Now then… why don’t you relate one of your “inDEPPth” experiences??? (barrum-pa!)


  4. More of a pun than innuendo…. they can’t all be winners…:)


  5. This was such a fun article! Sorry to be so late to the party, but the day just got away from me. I love innuendo! That dance of saying things without ever saying it is quite delicious. I go back to my old favorite by Kathleen Woodiwiss- Shanna. The dance between her and Ruark was spectacular and one that I read with the same delight today as I did 30 plus years ago. When it’s done right, it just doesn’t get any better! I must say that you do have the knack.


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