MuseTracks Guest – Lana Williams – Got Passion?

Hot damn! Today, MuseTracks is hosting award-winning historical author and workshop presenter Lana Williams.  Join us in welcoming Lana as she offers us insight into author passion and gives us a little taste of her newly released medieval romance.

Take it away, Lana!

Thank you, MuseTracks, for having me today! I’m giving away a Kindle e-book of my debut release, A VOW TO KEEP, a medieval romance, to one commenter, so please leave me a note!

If you’ve been writing for very long, you’ve probably heard that persistence and perseverance are your friends. Without these qualities, it is difficult to succeed at writing, or any other goal for that matter. Sometimes our goals and dreams are so big, it’s difficult to believe they could ever come true

But I’ve realized a certain kind of magic occurs when you passionately believe in something, when you put that persistence and perseverance to work for you.

Our subconscious starts working toward that goal even when we don’t realize it, noodling around the possibilities, trying to find a path for us.  We find ourselves making choices throughout the day that automatically align us with our dream, sometimes unknowingly.  Thinking about our dream, visualizing that seemingly impossible end result, makes us feel good, so we do it even more.

Then the universe steps in to help, providing us with a chance meeting with just the right opportunity to move us even closer to our goal.  And as we draw nearer and we start to realize that all these things are lining up to provide us with a direct route, our enthusiasm generates more action.  The snowball effect at work!

As writers, I think believing passionately in something is a particular gift we have.  We believe in our stories and characters enough to spend six to nine months or more to bring them to life. And sometimes we don’t know if anyone other than a critique partner or our moms will read them.

So take that ability and use it to help you reach your dream!  Whatever your goal is–maybe writing a book, hitting the NYT Bestseller List, or living healthier–believe in it passionately, with energy, and you’ll be amazed at the results.

Share with us what your goal is and how you keep the passion for it moving you forward.  For me, I am thrilled to have finally achieved one of my goals–publication! A VOW TO KEEP is a medieval romance set in thirteenth century England, and is the first book of the Vengeance Trilogy.

Here’s some information on it:

Revenge was all he lived for…until he met her.

Sir Royce de Bremont has spent his entire life plotting revenge against his traitorous uncle. Kidnapping the man’s bride-to-be brings Royce one step closer to fulfilling his vow of vengeance.

Lady Alyna of Montvue has no desire to marry nor to become a pawn in a game of vengeance. Her only wish is to find a safe place to raise the orphan gifted with second sight she vowed to protect.

The beautiful lady and her precocious son make Royce long for a family of his own, yet until he reclaims his birthright, he has little to offer them. Alyna soon realizes this bold knight has captured her heart but fears she’s merely part of his plan for revenge. As passions rise, Royce must choose vengeance or love.


More than anything, Royce wanted to comfort her, to lift the sadness and uncertainty from her face. Again, the strand of hair at her cheek teased him, and he could resist the urge no longer. With a slow movement, he gently eased the lock behind her ear. The moonlight emphasized the elegant lines of her face, hollowing her cheeks and lighting her eyes. She looked up at him with such a sweet, earnest expression.

What was a man to do but…

Kiss her.

Slowly. Passionately. Waiting for her to withdraw and demand he stop. But no protest left her lips, only a soft moan that heightened his desire. He kept the kiss light, not wanting to frighten her away, needing more than anything for her to stay right where she was, in his arms.

The longer he held her, and the longer he kissed her, the more he realized it was not enough. He ached for her touch, to feel her softness against him. He pulled her closer and molded her body to his.

As though she read his thoughts, her arms reached up to his shoulders, their warmth burning through his tunic. She deepened the kiss and tentatively twined her fingers into his hair. Shivers of longing rolled down his spine.

Never had a woman affected him like this. But never had a woman been so wrong for him. A landless knight set on vengeance was a terrible match for a lady. Royce knew this could go no further, not here, not ever. He had to let her go.

In just a moment.

After he had one more taste of her. He would hold her a bit longer, because this would be the last time he did. The memory of this kiss would have to sustain him in the lonely nights to come for he feared he’d never feel like this again.

Her soft whimper was nearly his undoing, nearly more than he could take. Releasing her mouth, he leaned his forehead against hers and took a deep breath to rein in the desire pulsing through him.

Hell’s teeth. What was he doing? This woman was his lord’s granddaughter. Why the thought didn’t force him to release her with great haste was beyond him. It mattered not that she was already a mother, a woman experienced in the ways of the world. She was not his to take and never would be.

With great effort, he set her away from him. “My apologies, my lady. That was a mistake.”

“Excuse me?” Her confusion overrode the desire lingering in her eyes.

Royce felt his resolve weaken and took a step back to shore his defenses. “That was an error.”

Alyna stiffened, obviously affronted at his words, just as he’d intended. “What do you mean?”

He turned away. Another moment of looking at her, and he’d draw her back into his arms.

“If you don’t find me attractive, then why did you kiss me?”

Surprised, Royce spun back toward her. Not find her attractive? How could she think that? His need for her strained his chausses. But a closer look at her vulnerable expression confirmed the beautiful Lady Alyna didn’t realize how desirable she was.

Don’t forget–one lucky reader who comments on my blog will be randomly selected to win a Kindle e-book of my debut release, A VOW TO KEEP. And no worries if you don’t have a Kindle. They offer a free app for your computer, iPad or smart phone. Good luck, and remember, stay focused on your dream!

Available exclusively through the KDP Select program as an e-book or paperback on Amazon:

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Winner of A VOW TO KEEP – Yvonne! Congrats!

36 Responses to MuseTracks Guest – Lana Williams – Got Passion?

  1. What a great article! I’ve struggled with keeping my writing on the front burner for quite awhile. My goal right now is to finish my second book…sometime in the next century!! I find myself always thinking about the characters and what I can throw at them no matter what I’m doing- it’s far beyond time I sit down and get back to the keyboard!! Thanks for the encouragement- it did not fall on deaf ears!


    • jbrayweber says:

      Yes, Stacey it IS far beyond time you got back to the keyboard. Quit dallying around and get to it! 😉 I’m holding you accountable, ya know.


  2. Hi Stacey! Writing a novel is such a long process that it can be difficult to keep that passion! I heard some great advice that suggested we think about the scene we’re going to write/edit, and why it’s amazing and awesome. If you can get excited about that scene before you write it, it will come out all the better (plus you’ll write it faster!)! And if you can’t get excited about it, maybe that scene shouldn’t be in there. That advice has helped me a lot! Keep carving out time everyday to follow your passion and it’s amazing what you can accomplish!


    • jbrayweber says:

      Great advice, Lana. One I prescribe to, myself. Finding the time, everyday, to get writer-ly work done, whether it’s writing new material, revising, plotting, editing, etc. It doesn’t always work out that way, but when we are passionate, we don’t leave it for long.


  3. Hi, Lana! Welcome to Musetracks…:)

    As you say, we’ve got to keep the fire burning; sometimes, that’s the challenge. Especially when one is working on the fifth draft of a book, and it’s *still* not working.

    And we do this to ourselves on purpose!?!?!?!


    • jbrayweber says:

      >>>And we do this to ourselves on purpose!?!?!?!<<<

      It is a bit like self immolation, at times, Will. LOL! And still, we soldier on. Because we are passionate!!!!


  4. Hi William! I know, right? What is wrong with us?? LOL! Obviously you’ve got some passion going if you’re working on the fifth draft. But sometimes, that’s exactly what it takes to make that story happen and be the best that it can be! Gotta love “our process”! 🙂


  5. Anne Eliot says:

    Great post Lana! xo and awesome blog. I’ve never seen this one so thanks for inviting me over. Can’t wait to try some of these books by Jenna Bray-Weber too. Love discovering more great romance. And Yay — pirates!


    • jbrayweber says:

      Awww…*blushing* Thanks, Anne. I truly hope you enjoy my pirates as much as I do.

      Lana really did write a great post, didn’t she? I’m inspired!


  6. Jennie Marts says:

    Hi Lana, thanks for the insights. You are a real inspiration. I am currently setting goals for myself to also reach that dream of publication. I think the universe stepped in for me when I found the local RWA chapter in my town. So awesome to be surrounded by fellow writers who have the same dreams , yet understand the same struggles! Thanks again for guest blogging today! I LOVED your book and can’t wait to read the next one!


    • jbrayweber says:

      I’m so glad you found your local RWA chapter, Jennie. Having a great support group is empowering. The local chapter I belong to (Shameless plug) Northwest Houston is amazing. There is so much support from the greenest to the most seasoned writers – not to mention the awesome programs, workshops, and field trips. And as you said, these people face the same trials and tribulations you do. Friends like that are gold!


  7. Robin Nolet says:

    Wonderful blog, Lana! As always, you find just the right way to share words of encouragement with writers everywhere. Loved the book-can’t wait for the sequel!


  8. Thanks for a great blog, Lana! Sometimes I forget the dream amidst the work of making it happen – drafts/edits and general life. I really needed the reminder to keep thinking about this from a place of passion and persistence. Loved ‘Vow’ and can’t wait for your next release!


    • jbrayweber says:

      Yup, Michelle. Lots of blood, sweat, and tears, and oh, that little thing called ‘the real world’ can often make it hard to keep your eye on the prize. I’m glad Lana’s post brought your dream back into focus. Thanks so much for stopping by!


  9. Thanks, everyone! I’m always so grateful to have fellow writers to keep that passion burning!


  10. jbrayweber says:

    Thanks so much for being here, Lana. It is such a pleasure to host you. Love the excerpt of VOW. I’m already in love with Royce.

    My immediate goal is to finish my fourth novel so that I can turn it in to my editor. Seems I’ve been working on it forever. Ultimately, like most, I would like recognition for my work and to live comfortably on the fruits of my labor. 😉


  11. You are welcome, Jenn! Glad you liked the excerpt! 🙂 Your fourth novel – that is so awesome!! You go, girl! I totally agree – love some recognition and to make a living at this crazy business!


  12. The suggestions offered are great. Too often we forget that its okay to be passionate about our writing, to get lost in our characters and the worlds created. Sounds like you are doing all of the right things, Lana. Thank you for sharing!


    • jbrayweber says:

      Oh, I agree, Jodi. I believe we should let ourselves get carried away. Of course, our passion shines through our words when we do. Thanks for stopping by!


  13. Hi Jodi! Glad these ideas resonate with you! Love it when the characters and the story draw us in and allow that passion to come out naturally! Feels like such a gift when that happens!


  14. Willa Edwards says:

    Great post. My goal is to make a living writing, and each time I get a book accepted or published, everytime a reader likes one of my books, I feel renewed passion for my goal.


    • jbrayweber says:

      You are so right, Willa. Knowing that someone else finds joy in the very thing we passionately created gives you a feeling like none other.


  15. Hey Willa! Isn’t that the truth! Hearing some positive feedback, whether it’s from a reader, and editor or a fellow writer, can make all the difference in the world! Really lights that fire! Hope your pursuit of your dream continues and brings you joy!


  16. Sarah Billing says:

    Lana – I’ve read your book and it is wonderful . . . what a great job . . can’t wait for your next book.


  17. Why thank you so much, Sarah! I’m working hard on the next story in this trilogy. It will be out in a few weeks!


  18. tore923 says:

    Thanks for the giveaway. I would love to read this book. It sounds really good.Please enter me.


  19. Yvonne B. says:

    Wonderful post.

    Yes, I do find myself working my way towards my goal (eventual publication) by taking a very circuitous route: ghost writing articles, reading, researching (sometimes ad nauseum – all of which is helping tweak this, deep-six that), reading different authors and editors blogs to see what they have to share with the rest of us about writing, and even reviewing (I mentioned to a friend earlier that this has helped in my writing by making me look at what I’m reading in a critical way (and no, this doesn’t take away from the pleasure of reading – I’m nerdy enough that this actually enhances that pleasure) to see what I am doing wrong and sometimes right in my own writing).

    The book sounds great and please consider me for the giveaway.


    • jbrayweber says:

      Yvonne, I totally agree that reading with a critical eye helps us become better writers. That’s also why I encourage authors to judge in writing contests, too. There is something about the process that brings forth an understanding of craft so much clearer. And, yes, you can still immerse yourself into the story and enjoy it thoroughly. It’s a beautiful thing.

      Thanks for popping in!


    • Hi Yvonne! All those little things add up to big improvements in our writing. My critque partners and I like to examine Disney movies too as many of those follow the story structure that Chris Vogler dscusses in his book, The Writers Journey. It sounds like you’re enjoying the steps along the way! Thanks for coming by and good luck in the drawing!


  20. laurie g says:

    hi lana!

    i haven’t read any of your books but the one featured on the blog sounds great. if i had enough money i’d get it, but unfortunately i am between jobs right now


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