Agent Shop and crawling back out of my hole.

Life is sinister. Even for a glass-half-full person like me.

I’ve missed SO much in the last year due to incredible things happening in my personal life. I’ve kept up as much as possible with those closest to me via scattered online catch up sessions. My best friend lives less than five minutes away, and I haven’t seen her in MONTHS!

I miss my online family, my writing family. But I’m working the kinks out and getting back in the groove. Harder than it sounds since I’ve also been finishing final edits on PRIMITIVE NIGHTS, squeee! Can’t believe it’ll be out in January.

Er, anywho… Sorry about the squirrel moment. I get sidetracked. Easily.

So for my re-return, I’ll be posting new information for the Agent Shop days coming in the next few months. ANy of the dates still to be determined will be updated in the Agent Shop sidebar as I get confirmations. (There may also be an Editor Shop coming in the near future!)

For those of you who haven’t heard of Agent Shop, there’s a handy tab at the top that will give you all the deets you need, but basically, we have a guest agent, you pitch (in two hundred words or less), if agent likes, she/he requests something. Simple. And we usually have some sort of fun comment game to guarantee one lucky pitcher the top pitch slot.

So here’s the schedule for the rest of this year and what I’ve booked so far for 2013.

Oct. 21st 2012 – TBA
Nov. 18th 2012 – Melissa Jeglinski w/ The Knight Agency
Dec. 16th 2012 – TBA
Jan. 13th 2013 – TBA (Release date for PRIMITIVE NIGHTS so watch for something special…)
Feb. 17th 2013 – Jessica Alvarez – BookEnds, LLC.
Mar. 17th 2013 – Mollie Glick w/ Foundry Media
April 21st 2013 – TBA
May 19th 2013 – Becky Vinter w/ Fine Print Literary
June 16th 2013 – TBA

Sounds good to me!

That’s it for now. I’ll be posting on Sundays from here out and running Agent Shop on the scheduled dates.

Visit soon. Oh, and if you want to make sure you get Agent Shop updates, you can follow me on TWITTER and FACEBOOK I post the updates there as I get them.

Have a great one!

10 Responses to Agent Shop and crawling back out of my hole.

  1. Thankfully, I already have a wonderful agent. I tweeted for others who still need one.


  2. jbrayweber says:

    YAY! Looking forward to your return, Candi, and to the wild fun of Agent Shop. We always have some great pitches. I’m also very intrigued by the new Editor Shop, as well.

    It’s gonna be great!


  3. Whoop Whoop!!! Welcome back! We have so missed you- it’s just not the same.
    I’m looking forward to Agent Shop and all the spectacular pitches that get submitted. The Editor shop is a component that is sorely needed as well. The industry is changing at the speed of light and Muse Tracks has always been here reporting and participating on the cutting edge!
    Hugs to you, I know how life can simply take over and drown all the things that we love. I pray that the coming months show you lots of laughter and peace.


  4. Hi Ella,

    Thanks for stopping in and spreading the word!


  5. Jenn and Stacey!

    It’s good to be back. Agent Shop has always been super fun, and I think Editor Shop will add another level to that!


  6. Carlene Love says:

    Welcome back Candi and just another “little ole me” sending in my well wishes for you, your Musetracks sisters, and a giant thank you for continuing with Agent Shop. Blessings to you and yours 🙂


  7. Jerrie Alexander says:

    Welcome back, Candi! It’s great to have you back. Thanks for continuing the Agent Shop and starting the editor Shop. I spread the word!


  8. Thanks Carlene!

    I’ve tried to come back several times, but life kept holding me down. I think I’ve got it beat this time. If not, well I can still manage a few Agent/Editor Shops in the mix. 🙂


  9. Hi Jerrie,

    It’s great to be back. Thank goodness I had my Musetracks sisters to keep it all afloat. They rock.

    Thank you so much for spreading the word and for visiting!


  10. Suzan Harden says:

    Glad you’re back, Candi! Your readers have missed you!


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