Pitch to an agent… Wait, we’ve added editors too! by Candi Wall

I’m seriously late!

I had every intention of having this post up this morning. I planned to be up before everyone else and get this sucker up and running for my Sunday morning slot. That was before I overslept, found out I needed to help my son move into his new place, realized I’d neglected my laundry, needed to do some grocery shopping (what? nobody wants peanut butter, ham and pickles for lunch?), and ended up building models with both my boys until 9:30 at night.

That’s my life. Hope you still love me.

Anyway, I have news! First, I’m happy to announce that I signed with Samhain for another novel. This one is titled STAY and the plan is to write a series about the brothers we meet in this first novel. Stay tuned….

Second, we’ve undergone some construction…


We have now introduced editors to our ‘Agent Shop’ pitch days. That’s why that handy-dandy tab at the top now reads Agent/Editor Shop.


That’s right. That means you’ll have opportunities to pitch to agents and editors. WOOT!

While I still have several invitations out with both editors and agents, the response thus far has been very positive – as you can see from the bar at the right.

I’ll keep updating the sidebar as I receive confirmations, but we have a stellar lineup thus far.

I’ve updated the rules/directions as well, (THE BIGGEST BEING PITCH DAY IS NOW ON SATURDAYS) so make sure you check out the Agent/Editor Shop tab above, spread the word and get ready.

Happy writing!


11 Responses to Pitch to an agent… Wait, we’ve added editors too! by Candi Wall

  1. Congrats on your newest deal with Samhain!


  2. Ellie Heller says:

    Congrats on the deal! Love the “Agent Shop”. Will definitely be keeping an eye on that! (I blog about pitch opportunities 🙂 )


  3. I’ve had days like that. Congratulations on you deal. I love to pitch, but my agent has put a stop it to it.


  4. jbrayweber says:

    Looking forward to Agent/Editor Shop. It’s going to be amazing!

    Congrats, again, on your new book deal! It’s been a long time coming!


  5. Things are happenin’ here at Muse Tracks!! I’ve spread the word and I hope we have a huge turn out. Congrats on your AWESOME news.


  6. Musetracks is THE place to be!


  7. Hi Kitt!

    Thanks for the kudos, it’s very exciting.

    Hope you’ll come back for an agent/editor shop!


  8. Hi Ellie.

    Agent/Editor Shop is a lot of fun and sometimes we get lucky enough for the guest to leave some comments.

    Hope you’ll join us in the future. And I’ll check out your blog!


  9. Ella!

    LOL> Your agent put a stop to it! That’s wonderful. Oh, to have such a problem. 🙂

    Thanks for stopping in and for spreading the word.


  10. Jenn and Stacey,

    Can’t wait for these next few months. The agents/editors are excited to come!


  11. William – Thanks for always supporting us!


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