Pre-Agent Shop Weekend – by Candi Wall

I’m super excited about this month’s Agent Shop, because Melissa Jeglinski with The Knight Agency is our guest and she’s super excited! She told me so!

Please be sure you check her profile at The Knight Agency to find out what kind of books she’s interested in.

I hope you’ve been working on your pitch and have read all the rules. Pitch Day is Nov. 17th at approx. 10:00am EST. Once I post the word GO, you are free to send me your pitch at . Only the first thirty viable pitches will make it, but send your pitch in until you see me post the word STOP on the home page of Musetracks. I always accept more than the first thirty because as you’ll see, I often have to delete pitches that didn’t follow the rules. And I don’t give second chances.

We’re spotlighting one of Melissa’s clients, Lydia Dare and her (their – they are actually a writing team!) newest release WOLFISHLY YOURS. Lydia Dare will be giving away a copy of WOLFISHLY YOURS along with several others in the series, plus Tammy Falkner’s A LADY AND HER MAGIC!

Check Lydia Dare out here:


Twitter: @lydiadare

As usual, we’ll be giving the top pitch slot to one lucky reader if they leave a comment on pitch day. The only rule? The comment HAS to have the words WOLF and DARE in the comment in some form. 🙂
See you all next weekend!

One Response to Pre-Agent Shop Weekend – by Candi Wall

  1. Good luck to everyone!!


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