It’s almost time to pitch again… by Candi Wall

I have to tell you all how excited I am to start hosting editors here on Musetracks for Agent/Editor Shop.


Agent Shop has been a baby of ours here at Musetracks for some time. I’ll give you a little reason why.

When Jenn, John, Marie-Claude and I first met at Charlotte Dillon’s critique group, I can honestly say we were ALL rather green. Maybe not so green that we’d never written anything… We all had novels to share, were ‘sort of” prepared to tackle the publishing world, were semi-certain we had some talent, and one if not all of us had come to realize it wasn’t as easy as simply writing the novel. But we were – newbies.


Together, and with Stacey coming on board, we learned that the road to publishing is a paved road full of potholes big enough to swallow a writer walking with false-bravado blinders. We also found that even if we recognized and worked on our weaknesses, we were very susceptible to falling down, bruising our egos, our hearts, and our muse.

But one of the most important things we learned was how incredibly supportive other writers could be. Not only were we there for one another, hordes of other writers were there as well, offering suggestions, encouragement, quick fixes and heavy hands as was needed.


None of us would have made it to where we are if we’d gone it alone. It simply wouldn’t have happened…

That’s where Musetracks came in. It was our way to give back, to inspire. Our way to support writers at any stage in their career – like we were once and still are supported. Agent Shop is another venue for writers to interact with publishing professionals and has been hugely popular in the almost two years it’s been up and running. We’re hoping that Editor Shop will be as much of a success.

I’m happy to say the awesome Rhonda Penders with The Wild Rose Press will be our first ever guest editor at Editor Shop, and I wish you all the best of luck on pitch day.

December 15th is pitch day, so mark your calendars!


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