Is it Sunday already…?

I’m not sure it’s entirely sane to go an entire day, attending my son’s handbells concert, selling X-mas trees with scouts, running from here to there and everywhere in between, to finally sit down and realize it’s Sunday…

Where did the time go and what’s up with my lack of wordcount?

Once again, this weekend was not my friend. Total words written? 2128. Ugh. But I guess progress is progress.

So I couldn’t practice what I usually preach, which is write no matter what. I guess we all fall into the holiday craziness sometimes. Oh well. I’ll plan to make it up this week. Here’s to HOPE! Anyone care to share their wordcount. I’d love to hear from you all. Did you smoke me? Did you match me? Did your wordcount make mine look stellar? 🙂

I did have an awesome e-mail this weekend though. So pardon me while I gush…

I got the okay to share my official title for STAY, the first in The Changing Tides series from Samhain coming Aug. 6, 2013!

Check it out!


I haz a pretty! 🙂

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. And don’t forget, this weekend Rhonda Penders with The Wild Rose Press will be our guest editor! Get those pitches ready for Saturday.

One Response to Is it Sunday already…?

  1. jbrayweber says:

    Grrreeeeaaaat cover!!!! Congratulations again and again!


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