Do-Over! 2013 Resolutions – What’s Yours?

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Boom! 2013!

I don’t know about you, but wow. Where’d 2012 go?

RF getty new years resolutionI have to say, 2012 wasn’t too shabby. It was a mighty good year for me. I published 3 books, attended publisher signings and parties as a bona fide author, garnered many reviews (both good and not-so), won a couple more contests, was quoted alongside William Shakespeare, started a new business, made a few bucks, and gathered new fans. I also stepped down from a successful three year run as the chapter president of my local Romance Writers of America chapter. With thumbs hooked in my suspenders, I’d say I’m somewhat proud of my accomplishments as a writer this past year.

On to 2013. It’s resolution time.

I made only one resolution last year—to treat my writing as a job. A paying job. My intentions were good. But like so many jobs with strict, mean, unreasonable bosses, my workload exceeded my hours. Sheesh. I should have a talk with her. This was just for the author in me. Never mind my responsibilities as a wife and mother. It’s not easy being a glamorous Domestic Goddess. Especially when the minions are charging headlong through terrible toddlerhood and the onslaught of puberty, respectively. Ah…that’s another story entirely.

do over


Back to the, ahem, failed promise I made to myself. I will say that though I didn’t achieve the sweet spot, the clear, defined line of office hours, I did eventually find a groove.
I can switch from author, to freelance editor, to mommy, to wife, to friend rather easily, and quickly. Still, I would like set business hours. I will succeed!

That’s what resolutions are for. To make, break, and make again. (Who doesn’t like a challenge, right?) That’s also the great thing about New Years. It’s a do-over. And this time, THIS TIME, I’m going to get it right. I’m going to find that magical time portal that will allow me to suspend the clocks just so I can get more writing hours squeezed into my day. Or, maybe I’ll just find a better balance with my time.

How about you? What New Year’s resolutions have you made for 2013?

For some super writer-ly resolutions, click here!

14 Responses to Do-Over! 2013 Resolutions – What’s Yours?

  1. Sarah Andre says:

    Good advice! Anaheim RWA gave me that determined boost to treat writing as a fulltime job. I did better but luckily my boss lets me nap, which is never good for story development.

    My NYR is to stop complaining. I live the life of little girls’ dreams and I need to remember that more often instead of adding the whining “but…”


  2. jbrayweber says:

    To live as little girls with big dreams. Now THAT’S a great NYR. Think I’ll join you, Sarah.
    On a personal level for my NYR, I’d like to cut back on my own sarcasm. It’s become a bit counterproductive. LOL!


  3. Sounds like you have it under control, Jenn! Like that’s a shocker..:)

    Being a writer full-time is one of the few occupations that was doing ‘flex-time’ long before it was fashionable..:) The trick is to not let the ‘flex’ get ahead of the writing. Sometimes it is easy, other times not so much, but maintaining the course is what counts.


  4. jbrayweber says:

    Maintaining the course…EXACTLY! I’m a true believer that as long as you are getting some sort of forward movement, be it plotting, editing, revising, or writing just 100 words, it is an accomplishment.
    Thanks, Will!


  5. Hope Ramsay says:

    I am making absolutely no resolutions this year. I’ve posted a blog about why I’m resolving to swear off resolutions at


  6. jbrayweber says:

    Ah-ha! Drinking red wine and playing guitar. You are right, Hope. Making resolutions that aren’t really resolutions to make you a better person and are fun is the way to go. Good thing I enjoy writing!


  7. I also made the effort last year to think of writing as a job. The dedication paid off because I’ll be self-pubbing (with any luck) four books this year. You’ve done a fantastic job and deserve the accolades.

    I didn’t make any resolutions for 2013. I made goals. Attainable goals by month. With any luck, I’ll get them accomplished and be able to add more at the end of the year.

    Here’s to a fantastic 2013!!


  8. jbrayweber says:

    Wow. Looks like it’s going to be a great year for you Melanie! Cheers to a fantastic 2013!


  9. Thank you for your first post of 2013, Jenn. Sounds like you accomplished a lot last year. Here’s hoping you’ll do even more this year.

    I made several resolutions, and posted most on my Facebook page yesterday. I figure that making them as public as I can will give me more incentive to keep them.

    Two of my resolutions concern writing. I’m determined to write and complete at least two books this year. Also, I’m determined to learn all I need to know about computers and other hightech hardware and software. A real challenge for a Luddite retro type like me.

    And I’d better get to work on these resolutions! Good luck in the new year, everyone!


  10. jbrayweber says:

    Making your resolutions public makes you more accountable. 🙂 Good luck to you, too, Mary Anne. I think we’ll all see a great year together.


  11. Suzan Harden says:

    Make business plans, Jenn, not resolutions. It’s amazing what you’ll accomplish that way.


  12. jbrayweber says:

    I know, I know… I really should sit down and do this. And I certainly know who to go to for help. Thanks, Suzan!


  13. Jenn, Congratulations!!.

    I’m pretty proud of my accomplishments in 2013. I got an agent and a 3 book publishing contract. Fortunately they are all written. I have a good start on my marketing platform. Now I need to write the last two books of the series by June.


  14. jbrayweber says:

    Wow! And the year has just started! Go, Ella, Go! And congrats!


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