It’s the first Pitch Day of 2013! Say hello to all the authors!


I can’t tell you all how excited I am for this Editor Shop.

Jennifer Miller is my editor at Samhain. I adore her and am so thankful to have her in my corner!

PRIMITIVE NIGHTS released from Samhain on Jan 8th. and to celebrate, Jennifer agreed to be our attending editor. NINE other authors from Samhain agreed to come as well and we’re all giving away prizes!

I’ll start taking pitches around 10:00 am EST. But please don’t send me anything until you see the word ‘GO’ posted in big letters as an update at the top of this page. Once it’s there, send your pitch to candi_agent_shop (at)

Yes, I know, it’s hard to wait, but while your waiting (and after you pitch), check out the new or soon to be released authors and their works below. Each link will take you to a page with their information, blurbs, excerpts and yummy covers!

Please feel free to comment and chat. We’ll all be here through the day and the more you comment, the more times you’re entered to win!

Here are the links to each authors info:


Good luck to everyone!

83 Responses to It’s the first Pitch Day of 2013! Say hello to all the authors!

  1. Ellie Heller says:

    Wow, that’s a GREAT line up! Thanks to all the authors who joined in, I think today is going to be a blast. Off for one last polish of my pitch. Okay, probably two more polishes. 🙂


  2. 🙂 Awesome Ellie! Polish away. We’ll see you later!


  3. Mari Carr says:

    Thanks to Candi for inviting me to join the fun. Looking forward to hanging out with y’all today. 🙂


  4. Good luck to all those pitching!


  5. Ellie Heller says:

    Waiting for go! ….


  6. fionadruce says:

    Thanks so much for putting this together!! It’s really wonderful and I know it takes a lot of work. 🙂


  7. Thrilled to be here, Candi. Thanks for the invite. Wish all those pitching the best of luck!


  8. fionadruce says:

    lol, Ahh, Murphy’s Law strikes again. 😀 It’s more real than gravity 😀

    Now that the adrenaline rush in my system has died down a little: It’s so awesome to meet these authors! Thanks so much!


  9. Marilyn Baron says:

    Thank you for this opportunity.
    Marilyn Baron


  10. gailhart says:

    This is quite a party you’ve organized, Candi! Megacongrats on your debut release.


  11. Thanks Gail! It should prove to be an interesting day! I hope…. 🙂


  12. Don’t forget, you’re welcome to talk!

    I’ll put up a couple starter questions….

    To our guest authors – Where did your inspiration for your story come from?

    Readers/Pitchers – What’s your favorite trait in a male character?



  13. Where did the inspiration for my story come from? A dream. They usually stem from something I’ve dreamt about! I liked the idea of matching an uptight stockbroker with riding issues with a laid back cowboy with issues of his own.


  14. Mari Carr says:

    Winter’s Thaw is the beginning of a new series I’m co-writing with Jayne Rylon. We worked together on the Compass Brothers books and had such a blast that we decided to do the next generation! Compass Girls is about the Compass Brothers’ daughters. Super fun to write. I love collaborating with other authors. Never know what you’ll come up with. 🙂


  15. annabelle ambrosio says:

    Great sounding book. I’d say the name is Damon.


  16. cynnara says:

    Fantastic line up and I’m enjoying all reading, which is interfering with the writing. Shhh don’t tell my writing buddies. They’ll gang up on me! LOL


    • Thanks Cynnara!

      I know what you mean! I get caught up in reading all the time. Hubby’s always teasing me that I’ll never get any writing done.

      Btw, your secret is safe with us! 🙂
      Sent from my U.S. Cellular BlackBerry® smartphone


  17. Fedora says:

    Good morning, Candi, Joy, Mari, Lacy, Isis, Anne, Jackie, Cynthia, Barbara, Renee, AND Jennifer!

    What a neat idea and what a cool way to celebrate all these new releases! Many of them are on the TBR–just need more hours in the day to get all that reading done!

    So many awesome books…


  18. Anne Hope says:

    Thank you for having me, Candi. As for what inspired my Dark Souls series, I’d have to say it was a combination of my passion for the paranormal genre and research. When I came across the myth of the Nephilim, my interest was instantly piqued. I just love dark, tortured heroes!

    Good luck to all those who are pitching today!


  19. Hi everyone, have just woken up down in NZ. 🙂 Good luck with the pitches. I actually sold a 3 books series (not to Samhain) through a blog pitch so they’re sooooo worth it!

    And what inspired me to write Finn? Well, I love friends to lovers stories, and had the idea of a woman reclaiming her sexuality with her hot best friend floating around in my head for ages. It’s pretty angsty. Oh and just to add that like Anne, I love dark, tortured heroes.


  20. Hi Jackie! Good morning.

    Love friends to lovers stories! And as much as I love the bad boys, I have a particular fondness for the good guy that melts your heart!

    Thanks for hanging with us today!


  21. No problem! It’s lovely to be here and thanks for having me. Well, Finn is a little bit of a bad boy. Because I love bad boys too…hehe.


  22. gailhart says:

    I too am very fond of the good guys. Nice guys don’t finish last with me. 😉


  23. My inspiration for Kindred of the Fallen?

    This might sound crazy, but I promise I’m sane. The characters started talking to me one day while I was in the shower. They’d reached a major turning point in their lives and demanded I listen to their problems. I asked if it could wait until I was dressed, but they’re pretty strong-willed.


    • Hey Isis,

      Since we’re all readers or writers, none of us will think you’re crazy! Characters become so real at times, they live in our heads! If we don’t let them out, we’d go crazy. LOL.

      Bet they didn’t let you get dressed! Are you one of those writer’s that has paper/notepads/writing stuff nearby at all times? I sleep with a notebook under my bed because I’ve woken up so many times and needed to jot down an idea… 🙂


  24. Mari Carr says:

    I like the notebook idea. I’d probably get more sleep if I did that! LOL. I’m an early-morning writer. Get up quickly so I don’t forget scenes or characters or plot ideas!


  25. Hi Candi. Thanks so much for inviting me to the pitch party. I appreciate you including me. May I invite my alter ego, Cindy Hardwell?

    Congrats on your book release. Well done!


  26. Mari, I wish I could do that! I’m so groggy first thing in the morning any idea I had from sleep is gone too quick! Hubby laughs because he now looks at any scrap of paper, napkins, paper bags, for my notes BEFORE he throws anything away… Yes, ideas come from everywhere, and if I don’t have a notebook, anything will do. 🙂


  27. Hi Catherine,

    Glad you could stop in! And of course, we always welcome alter egos! We all have them!

    Thanks for the kudos! 🙂


  28. Ellie Heller says:

    I have a general question (any author(s) can answer): What’s the time period between when you sign your contract with Samhain and when it’s available for sale? I realize there isn’t going to be a standard answer, just asking out of curiosity. Thanks!


  29. Mine was eight to nine months. It can vary hugely depending on several different things, but Samhain seems fast from what I’ve heard from other writers about other publisher schedules…

    Great question! It will be interesting to see what everyone elses timeline was…


  30. Isis and Candi. I can’t believe someone else has this happen as well. Right before I go to sleep, the characters sort out things and new ideas pop up in my head. I suppose because I’m relaxed. I even wrote about the character/plot dilemma on my blog. I agree with you Candi. Keeping a notepad everywhere I relax is a must now.


  31. Catherine,

    I think it happens to every writer! Ideas always pop up when we least expect it. I can overhear a conversation in a grocery checkout line and think “Crap, nothing to write on!”

    I’ve written on my hand before… 😉


  32. Mimi was one of commentors that correctly answered my question from yesterday and just won a $25 giftcard!

    Congatulations Mimi!


  33. Congratulations Mimi!


  34. Time period from submission to publication with Samhain – for my latest book – due out in May, I submitted it in August. So 9 months. I think my first – Cowboys Down was about the same and my second – Worlds Apart was faster. It can depend on what Samhain has a lot of at the time. My most recent is romantic suspense and my editor happened to have a lot of those.


  35. jennifer mathis says:

    good luck to everyone pitching


  36. Lacy Danes says:

    Good Afternoon-Evening,

    For me Dragon’s Fate story line came to me in a dream. The rest I flushed out with my CPs. I truly love where the story is going.

    I too have things come to me in strange places. Some when I am driving, in the bath, at work in a meeting and more. When something clicks I write it down asap.



  37. I have to run away for a little while. I SHOULD still be able to get updates on my phone, but while I’m gone, I leave you in the capable hands of all the other visiting authors!

    While I’m gone:

    Authors – Share an embarassing writing moment. Did your grandmother blush when she saw your steamy cover? 🙂

    Readers/Pitchers – What do you look for in a book cover? What grabs you or turns you away?


  38. Time from contract to release for my first book was 9 months too.

    Embarassing moment? Lol! Great question. Well, my mother read a draft of my second book – which contains lots of sexy bits – and when I asked her what she thought she said, ‘Oh, I loved it. I think we all want a man who can do that!” TMI, Mum!!


  39. Fedora says:

    LOL, Jackie! 🙂

    A curious question for all you authors–are you all “out” to family and friends? And if so, do they read your writing? 🙂

    I love hearing how/when some of you get your story ideas–very persistent, these characters of yours!!

    Oh, and congrats, Mimi!


    • Great question Fedora!

      I’m out to everyone. I don’t give out huge details because I’m a cub scout leader and have been for sixteen years. When asked, I tend to say – “I write romance. Not family friendly, but definitly couple friendly.” That usually gets the point across without having to give too much detail. 🙂


  40. Mari Carr says:

    Oh…I can give you embarrassing. My mother called me one day. Said she had to take my book away from my dad because he was getting “too worked up”. Said she was putting him back on a JD Robb In Death mystery for a little while so she could get a break. Yikes! And LOL!

    My Samhain book releases vary. Usually between 7-9 months. 🙂


  41. Mari Carr says:

    Fe–Yes and No. Most of my family knows and a few trusted friends. That’s about it. Until I quit the day job, I’m laying low. 🙂


  42. Eeek, Mari! That’s NOT what you want to know about your Dad! 🙂

    Yes, I’m ‘out’ to everyone. Got the ‘will you ever write something else?’ question a lot but since I get on my ‘romance is awesome’ soapbox every time anyone says it, I don’t get it so much anymore. Ha! A good friend of mine – who is not romantically inclined at all – read my book and got up to chapter 6. Which I count as a win. 😉


  43. Ellie Heller says:

    Thanks for all the replies!
    What do I look for in a cover. First people who look at least moderately realistic – NOT too thin, disproportionate, odd color flesh, glossy skin (if you’ve seen someone like this, you’ll know what I mean), those all turn me off. And if there are guys on it, I want it to be a pose that makes sense and isn’t clearly a cut and paste of a guy who may look like the Hero but isn’t right for the cover because he’s standing in an odd way which doesn’t make sense with the cover. Again, if you’ve seen this, you hopefully know what I am trying to say.
    Clearly it’s easier to say what turns me off about a cover, rather than what I like!


    • Ha! Ellie, I couldn’t agree more. There is something harsh about an obvious photshop. Even if we all know the pictures are manipulated, there is something cold and impersonal when the picture doesn’t look natural. Even paranormal can look natural!


  44. Suzanne says:

    Candi congrats on you new release, looks like a great book and i am looking forward to reading it. Best of luck,


  45. Suzanne says:

    I love blogs like this because I get introduced to new authors and hear about new releases from authors I have read. Cynthia, I have the first in the Texas Montgomery series. Looking forward to reading them all.


  46. B.L. Foxxe/Morganelle Kitsune says:

    Hi All,
    Sent in a pitch *waves to the others who sent something in as well.* Now just am waiting since I saw that there wasn’t a “Stop” yet. 🙂


  47. Hey B.L. Good luck. I just got back home so in the next few hours I’ll be slowly going through and weeding out the ones that didn’t follow directions.

    The picthes that made it will be posted here in the morning for Jennifer to ‘shop’.

    Glad you gave us a wave!


  48. B.L. Foxxe/Morganelle Kitsune says:

    You’re welcome! I’m glad I could still make it after all. 🙂


  49. Hi everyone!

    Obviously, I’m back. 😉

    So, to answer my own questions…

    The idea of Primitive Nights came from a news article I was reading about an uncontacted peruvian tribe and the impact the outside world was having on them. Of, course, I imagined the people working to help, and next thing i know, Myla was shouting in my ear to be written.

    Embarassing moment? I shared this on the Samhain loop the other day, so I guess I can share it here too…

    While at work, I always have my Blackberry in my back pocket. I have my text messages set to three buzzes. That way if my kids need me, I recognize their texts. I have my e-mails set to a single buzz so I know the difference. Of course, ythe other day the messages NEVER stopped because of the TGHO party. At one point, my boss was standing next to me and she kept giving me these strange looks. Now mind you, before I tell you what she said, we’re a small group, and we’re all friends, and they know I write.

    After a minute or two, she looks and me and chuckles. I ask her what’s so funny, and she says her and the other girls want to know if I’m researching my next book. I say no, having no idea what she means. She laughs harder, and I hear several chuckles from the other ladies.

    So I foolishly ask… “Why would you think that?”

    My boss nearly loses it and says they all wondered what the buzzing sound was that they’d all heard coming from my pants all day!

    I’m sure they believe me when I say it was my phone telling me about all the fun I was missing at Samhain, but I’ve got a feeling I’m not going to live this one down for a while!

    And they ALL want to be writers now. 🙂


  50. Danielle Doolittle says:

    Sent a pitch in. Hoping I followed all of the directions. Was emailing while breaking up a wrestling match between the small creatures everyone tries to convince me are normal human boys. Now I wait with everyone else who sent something. *waves*


  51. Big wave back Danielle! Good luck!


  52. Late-o comment on the book cover (which I hear is irrelevant once you sign a contract, anyway…) and while I’m sure you’ll all hate me, I just want a cover that won’t embarrass me at work or on public transit. Can’t tell you how many of my pals and I rip off the covers of brand new books to bypass the “What are you reading? Shades of getting it on?” and “ooh! Girlie porn” comments.

    Peer pressure. It never ends. I’m hoping for a plain cover with writing so flourishy no one can read it!

    Candi, u r a saint for doing these pitches!


    • LOL girldrinkdrunk! I think the ereaders have made a lot of people happy for just that reason. The covers never bothered me except when I was at a family friendly event. When you’re at an all day cub scout event, it’s hard to have a sexy cover without worrying that one of the kids would see it. Not that there was much time to read anyway, but you get the picture!

      And I’m glad to do the Agent/Editor shops. When we Musetrackers first started out, we had a bunch of supportive people further along than we were, encouraging and guiding us. Musetracks and all we do here is just our way of giving back!

      Thanks for stopping in.


  53. Fedora says:

    Awesome–thanks for answering, everyone! Glad you all have supportive family and friends, even when it might be a little embarrassing at times 😉

    As for what attracts me in a cover? I love a cover to really reflect the mood and feel of the story–when the cover artist chooses images, fonts, colors, and a style that give me an accurate feel for the hero/heroine, the type of story, and even the time period, I really love that. I do appreciate eye-candy, but again, mainly if it makes sense for the story. Sometimes it’s just funny if it’s a half-dressed guy or couple on the cover, and the actual story is an action adventure taking place in winter. I think, “Really???” And even color choices set an expectation–if the cover is all pastels and a cartoony type graphic, I’m going to be surprised if the story is a dark, intense one. So I like the whole thing to fit together.

    Um… that was quite babbly for not sayin’ much 😉


    • Fedora, I couldn’t agree more. With the cover comment, not that you were babbling!

      Yes, a cover should match the tone of the book. I’, okay with seasons not matching, as long as the scenery matches what the couple is surrounded by. If the story is set in Alaska and there are palm trees on the cover, um-no. 🙂

      Thanks for playing with us!


  54. Thanks for inviting me to play, Candi and for all your hard work. The time difference between you and me meant it was hard for me to keep up but I’ve read all the posts I missed and good luck to all those who pitched!


  55. Joy Daniels says:

    Congrats to all who pitched – whether you were chosen or not it takes guts to put your ideas out there. And a big thanks to Jennifer Miller for reading pitches and sending a great bunch of authors on their way to publication!


  56. Jennifer Miller says:

    How fun to read all these posts! I can’t wait to see the pitches!


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