Link Of The Wekk


I’ve found a web site that we should all be aware of in this fast and furious age of technology. This site is dedicated to defending your rights in a digital world. This is such a new frontier that laws are not set in place yet to protect you from this virtual cornerstone that we find ourselves relying on more and more. I especially like their “Deeplinks Blog” which discusses a whole range of matters. Be sure to read the article on E-readers and how much information is tracked from your reading habits….What???? You thought that was private- think again…..


***My blog on Thursday will do a more in depth look into this matter.




3 Responses to Link Of The Wekk

  1. Great link. I tweeted and shared on FB.


  2. Thanks so much Ella! Hope you got some great info out of this.


  3. Great link, Stacey… and a reminder that in many ways the Internet is *still* a New Frontier. The EFF has been around since 1991 or so, back even before the big AOL push that got the world online. They have done some terrific work and it’s good to have them around. Cannot wait for your blog!


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