Warning: Erogenous Zone Ahead

Song of the day: Excitable by Def Leppard

In the spirit of romance and Valentine’s Day,  let’s talk about erogenous zones for women and men. Erogenous zones are those special little areas of the human body which have heightened sensitivity. When stimulated these areas kick start sexual arousal. Yeah…we like that. Aside from the obvious hot spots in and around baubles, treasures, staffs  and crown jewels, I’m just going to hit a few high notes. Great information for writers and readers, alike.

For the ladies…

Behind the knees: Warning! It tickles. A grazing touch or sensual kiss to this sensitive spot is oh-so sexy and tantalizing. Talk about getting weak-kneed.

The lips: Kissing id good. Mugging is better. But the pad of a finger or thumb drawn across the lips or a nip on the bottom lip can also be spine-tingling. Face it. The lips are one of the most erotic parts of the body. Just think of all they can do.

The scalp: Yup. It’s super sensitive on your noggin. A massage on your head releases tension, which in turn helps blood flow. Blood flow makes you all feel-good. Especially when the blood is flooding the girly parts. And don’t forget the pleasure/pain factor. For some, a little hair pulling can be just as stimulating.

The mons pubis: In English, that’s the pubic mound. It doesn’t take a genius to know any attention here gets the pot boiling. It’s a tease above the tease—and the arousal meter is in the dangerous red zone.

Getty rf neckingThe neck: Ah…sexy, yet vulnerable. How else can I describe the feathery-soft pecks, the ravaging kisses, or the lascivious tongue upon the throat.  Makes the toes curl.

The feet: Speaking of toes, did you know there are pressure points on your feet? A foot massage can really trigger the right GO buttons. As an aside, many men love women’s feet. Some, to the point of fetishes. Especially when we wear high heels. The heels lengthen our legs and women feel ooh-la-la sexy in them. Having a lover slowly strip you of your heels (or beg you to leave them on!) can bring both partners to mucho caliente arousal.

The ears: O.M.G. This spot seems to have a direct electric connection to all parts below. A hot breath, a teasing lick, and let the fireworks begin. Yowza!

For the gents…

Lower abs: Stroking the area between the navel and pelvis sends signals of things to come to men’s sacred points, creating, ahem, tension. The good kind.

The inner thighs: Could it be that attention in this uber sensitive, tragically underused area is like lightning to the lightning rod?

The nape: Just as with women, the boys appreciate suckles and caresses along the base of the throat and along the collarbone. Especially when free hands are a-roamin’.

The eyelids: You betcha. To kiss an eyelid, the eyes must be closed. Closing your eyes leaves you with a sense of loss in control. We all know how most men like to be in control. Having their eyelids kissed leaves an impression that someone else is in charge. For many men, that’s, well, a turn-on.

The mind: While not necessarily a place you can physically touch, the male brain is an easily accessible and potent erogenous zone. All you have to do to unlock it is whisper something sexy in his ear. Talk dirty to him. Hoo boy, does he have an imagination to go along with sweet and spicy words. Or give him a visual treat—sexy underwear, leather dominatrix outfit, or simply your birthday suit.

There are plenty more erogenous spots than the ones I’ve listed, many of which are shared by both men and women. And not everyone’s hot button is the same. But it’s fun to explore, wouldn’t you say?

What other erogenous zones would you like to share? What flips your switch? What makes your partner go va-voom? I’d love to hear from you!

14 Responses to Warning: Erogenous Zone Ahead

  1. girldrinkdrunk says:

    My e.g. is a loaded dishwasher. ooooh! So steamy and wet. And the sound of my husband running a vacuum is almost as hot as his scolding voice when he tells the kids not to sass their mother! dreamy…


  2. jbrayweber says:

    We share fantasies!
    I can always count on you, Kristen. Your comments always make me laugh.


  3. Great post. I tweeted.


  4. jbrayweber says:

    Many thanks, Ella.


  5. jeff7salter says:

    I flunked high school biology, but I think I can follow this lesson pretty well. Nice looking lady in the pix, too.
    Visual aids usually help …


  6. jbrayweber says:

    Hmmm…I know of a few websites that can help, Jeff. Oh, wait…maybe I’ve said too much.


  7. jeff7salter says:

    LOL. you’d prob. get me into trouble …


  8. jbrayweber says:

    Maybe. Maybe not. And won’t that be fun!


  9. jeff7salter says:

    what plays in vegas, stays in vegas


  10. Great article! I’m neck kind of girl. If Peter tries to butter me up- it’s definitely kissing on the neck. Gets me every time! Sigh……


  11. jbrayweber says:

    I bet you are blushing right now, Stacey. 😀


  12. Sarah Andre says:

    WOW! And Happy Day Before Valentine’s Day to you too!
    Whew, thought this was your Wed Muse Pic and I’d have to write a vignet about those two.


  13. jbrayweber says:

    Don’t hold back, Sarah. I love when you join in the Hump Day Kick Start fun.
    Happy Day Before Valentines’ Day to you, as well!


  14. […] Warning: Erogenous Zone Ahead […]


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