Talk back: Is your writing a job or your hobby?

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So today I’m asking you a very simple question: how do you consider your writing, like a job? Or a hobby?

My writing is actually a hobby for me. Shocking? Well there are all kinds of hobby isn’t there? And mine is more of the marathon runner kind instead of the week-end photography kind. I’m pretty obsessive about it and I practice writing every day.

The truth is, it’s when I started writing as a job that all things went pear shape for me…

Because I was so scared of it, it all started as a hobby. But then I joined writers groups where I learned that to be successful I had to treat it like a job. So I did and it worked. I sold my first manuscript to a NY publisher very quickly. And I worked at my writing job daily: 8-10 hours a day. The problem was that even though I worked the hours, the money just wasn’t there. Definitely not enough to support a family of 4 in Seattle in this uncertain economy.

My new job made my family very nervous.

So stress started piling up and words were now preceded with dollar signs and I just lost myself as a writer.

So I went back to school and now have a regular day job. And writing is done before and after work. I tell my family that my writing is my hobby. I do it everyday and very seriously but the “hobby” label make them breathe easier.

I found my happy writing place.

So what is yours? Do you need to treat your writing as a job to get respect at home and motivated? Or has it backfired on you? What is your experience?

Much love,
Marie-Claude xoxox


13 Responses to Talk back: Is your writing a job or your hobby?

  1. Writing is my job, even though I’m not making any money right now.


  2. What started out as a hobby of sorts has turned into a full-time job especially with marketing via social media. Like you I think I need to return to less stressful term of “hobby” but for my own relief and rejuvenation rather than my family’s benefit, lol!


  3. jbrayweber says:

    I treat it as my job, with flexible hours. But I have to divvy up my time between my writing, editing, and other author maintenance.


  4. Ellie Saxx says:

    Absolutely my job, and I love it. Once I left Cubicle Land I swore I’d never go back…

    That said, it’s tough to balance what I want to write with what is profitable to write.


  5. frecles24 says:

    I want to make my writing more successfull. I love it. Writing is my passion. More loving it because I know the reader behind the book will be happy. I have simple children’s books. The Ted and Raymond book teach more than ABCs and 1-10. I love writing for children. I could tell you all about the books but this is a question about job or hobby. It is a hobby/passion first. If it becomes a JOB then I need to look elsewhere.


  6. Gemma says:

    I try to treat it as a job, just one with more flexible hours. I’m in school full-time so school work takes precedence.
    I hope I can make a full-time job out of it. Maybe have a job as an editor for a publisher to help pad the income.


  7. Ella, hang in there and the money will come 🙂 it’s just a matter of time!


  8. P.I? I came to realize that the business aspect of writing is completely different from the writing. I chose to do less business these days. But everyone is different. Some do both really well. Hope you find your peace of mind soon 🙂


  9. Jenn you do so much and it look so effortless! And you have good hair! How do you do that LOL


  10. Ellie, it’s so nice to hear that it’s possible to leave the harsh cubicle life behind for writing!


  11. Freckles I like that you use the word passion. Sometimes we forget that it all started with the passion for writing 🙂


  12. Gemma, writing and school is really hard, I’ve been there just a year ago. But it does get better.


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