Talk Back: How do you celebrate writing milestones?

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Talk Back – Tell us how you write!

What is writing success worth celebrating to you? And how do you celebrate those milestones?

I just finished my manuscript this week-end. By that I mean I finished the whole 90,000 words beast – 5 drafts and all and sent it to printing for a submission.
This took me way too long. All I wanted to do is prove to myself that I could finish something again (and by that I mean something an agent or editor could read) and I am now beside myself with happiness to see that I did it.

It took my a while and a lot of ups and down in the writing business to define writing success for myself. And now that I learned to totally separate the writing itself from the business side of it, I am in a much happier writing place.

So for me success is completion of a full manuscript ready to submit. And I did it. But I don’t know how to celebrate. All I can think of right now is grab a notebook and write another novel right away because it’s so much fun.

I heard of people going out for dinner, drinks, manicures. Having a party, doing something completely different for a while…

What about you?
What do you consider milestones? And how do you actually celebrate?

Much love,
Marie-Claude xoxox


9 Responses to Talk Back: How do you celebrate writing milestones?

  1. Celebration for me is a glass of wine and several phone conversations with my sister who appreciates the struggle since she is a writer as well. The exhilaration of completing a manuscript with edits and seeing it sent off to the publisher is one of the most satisfying creative accomplishments I’ve ever achieved. The feeling is unmistakable and I feel like I could conquer the world. Within days I’m wanting that high once more and so I sit down and start another book.


  2. Congratulations, Marie-Claude! Just completing the Beast is an accomplishment!

    I set a complete and sometimes (okay, usually) childish indulgence for myself when I am finally finished. One year, it was the “Emma Peel Megaset” DVDs from THE AVENGERS. Another year it was an obscure British TV series titled DEPARTMENT S. Two years ago, it was THE BARON (again from the UK).

    Are we seeing a pattern here? (grin) Probably. BUT… using a small indulgence as motivation can work wonders.


  3. Linda Joyce says:

    Your post is a much needed reminder. I believe celebration is important, especially when completing a major task such as completing a novel. I buy rocks. Not just any rocks, but semi-precious stones. I have several pieces of rose quartz, amethyst, crystal, fluorite, etc. These trinkets don’t cost much, often less than ten dollars. Having them in my office, besides looking pretty, remind me of my accomplishments, which encourage me when the tunnel looks lonely and dark.


    Linda Joyce


  4. It depends on the milestone. When I got my agent and my contract, I took myself out to dinner. Sometime I take myself out to lunch. For finishing a book, probably an evening off with a book and glass of wine.


  5. jbrayweber says:

    Congrats on finishing your manuscript, MC! WHOO HOO!

    For me, I celebrate before I’m finished. I get down to the last chapter and I break out the bubbly. Seriously. I drink a mimosa as I whittle down to THE END. Puts me in an awesome mood.


  6. Wow! Very nice post! Normally I don’t do anything but I think maybe allowing myself to do something else creative but not writing related (art) might be helpful to better writing in the future!


  7. I actually get two celebrations for finishing a big project — the moment I’m done, I wind up getting an unbelievable writer’s high that lasts for at least 24 hours. You couldn’t get the smile off my face with a sandblaster. After that dies down, I usually buy something — a piece of jewelry, a small sculpture, whatever — that reminds me of the manuscript. It’s my little tchotcke keepsake for being a good writer and finishing the dratted thing.


  8. Oh wow I love all the way you guys celebrate. Bubbly, a small something! Maybe I need to treat myself 🙂
    Thank you for the congrats!


  9. Selma says:

    I celebrate by immediately sending my work off to be blasted by betas, lol. I think I need to learn to relax XD


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