Hump Day Kick Start – Fatigues Edition

Song of the Day: Hard To See by Five Finger Death Punch

Hump Day Kick Start – for your muse, a writing picture prompt, or just a visual treat.


Love a man in fatigues? This prompt is for you.

Tell me about our soldier. Who is he? Where is he? In enemy territory? What’s with the intense stare?What’s he thinking? Is he a mercenary? Did he just complete a secret operation? Speaking of details, what do you think the rope is for? Why is he dirty? And more importantly, is he going commando?

Come on, you clever little devils, you. Let’s hear your take.

20 Responses to Hump Day Kick Start – Fatigues Edition

  1. Charlie Walters, a second tour sergeant of the USMC, is taking a PT to get the rocks and dirt out of his boot and the air on his tired ass. ‘PT’ is personal time for you civilians. Yes, he’s going commando, not only because the air feels better on his parched hide, but because he’s always been a free swinger as his ‘bros’ would call the preference.

    Sergeant Walters has seen his share of combat while stationed in Afghanistan, however, he’s been lucky so far and dodged the bullets flying at his unit. The wind blows with a vengeance through the canyons and down the slopes of this desolate country. He wears it like armor against the unrelenting sun to protect him from the enemy as well as the elements. The rope is for climbing and securing a man when the trail is twenty feet straight up. Charlie sees the climb as just another part of his sixteen hour days on patrol.

    He wears the look of a man who’s been through hell and emerged by the skin of his teeth. Unscathed physically doesn’t include what he’s seen, heard and felt. Those wounds will live with him from now on. Given the opportunity, he’d rather not share the pain, nor would he hide from the memories. Just a free swingin’ dick from south Alabama clocking off his time until he can hop that bird that will see him home.


    • jbrayweber says:

      Great characterization, Catherine. Charlie would make an awesome hero – driven by honor and duty, yet wounded and distant, and in need of the right woman. 😀

      Thanks so much for sharing.


  2. jeff salter says:

    “Are you sure you’re the medic?” asked Sgt. Bud Nolan, as he tried to shake the scorpion from his combat boot … while trying to keep his freshly-bitten foot off the ground.
    “Yes, I’m the medic,” replied Cpl. Stephanie Trask, “with the armband and everything. Who were you expecting?”
    “Well, I didn’t know the Medical Corps hired anyone who, uh, looked like you…”
    “Anything in particular that you find disagreeable about my appearance?” Stephanie was already miffed at his attitude and she really needed to begin work on his scorpion bite.
    “I didn’t say ‘disagreeable’,” answered Bud. “In fact, you’re … you’re …”
    “Oh, good grief … just spit it out. If you don’t hurry and get those britches off, we’re gonna probably have to chop off your foot.” She wasn’t sure if he’d realize how much she exaggerated.
    “Well, I’ve never undressed …uh, in front of a woman before.”
    “You mean you’re a virgin?”
    “Didn’t say that,” replied Bud. “Just never had my clothes off when I was, uh, occupied in that, uh, way.”
    “Whatever. Well, put your eyeballs back in your head, shuck those britches, and let me see the bite area.”
    Sgt. Bud Nolan, despite the pain in his foot, smiled as he stripped off his soiled fatigues…


  3. Oooh! Supernatural Dean hotness! This is so good I need a minute of swoon before I can come up with something impudent.


  4. “C’mere baby, I got an RPG I wanna show you.”


  5. Suzan Harden says:

    Sgt. Jared Taylor didn’t understand why his spec ops team was sent into Afghanistan to rescue a teacher. Only after snipers have cut him and the woman off from the rest of his team does he find out she’s the president’s daughter.

    And she’s not happy about being rescued from a Taliban death squad. Now they’re on the run with no backup.

    He found them shelter for the night, but the frigging teacher keeps trying to run away. Fine. He has no problem tying her up to keep her safe. And if him stripping to get that blasted sand out of his shorts offends her Ivy League sensibilities, well, boo, friggin’, hoo!


  6. Nancy says:

    Sorry, I see only Dean!..Love those boys! 🙂


  7. Odie8654 says:

    “What do you mean she’s gone?” Mitch stopped boot mid air, foot still suspended in an artistic pose, aggravated impatience written all over his tired face. He’d been getting ready to hit the bunk after thirty-seven hours on patrol.
    “You need a dictionary there Sarge?”
    “No I need a damn explanation, Fitz! How did she get out, I thought she was in the brigg?”
    “Ahhh, well….”
    “Find her damnit, she couldn’t have gotten far.”
    “Yes sir Sarge.” The private scurried from the half wood, half tent barracks they all called home.
    “You can come out now, I know you’re hiding in my foot locker.” Mitch demanded.
    “Why didn’t you give me away if you knew I was here?”
    “Because if you were stupid enough to hide here sweetheart, you can’t be quilty of murder.”
    Defiantly she stared him down, how dare he call her sweetheart. “How do you know it wasn’t a plan to throw you off, fake my innocence?”
    “I know women sweetheart, and trust me when I say, you have the looks and the brains, but believe me when I tell you, you don’t know anything about being a cold blooded murderer.”
    Relief washed over her and she finally began to shake. “Can you help me? I didn’t murder your brother…”


  8. Odie8654 says:

    Thanks jbrayweber! You made my week!!

    My husband is EX-military (pre Gulf-War though) so thankfully didn’t
    have to see the action our babies (young men and women) are in now.


    • jbrayweber says:

      Thank your husband for me, Odie8654. I greatly appreciate his service in protecting our country.
      And I meant it. Write this story!


      • Odie8654 says:

        Your kind! I printed it out to keep it in my mind. I’m soooo busy trying to get “Tell Me My Name” primped so that the little booboo’s are gone. I’ve been submitting on it. Had an offer of rep/signed with agent and then because I asked the “7 questions an author should ask her agent” questions, she became very evasive and dropped me like a hot potatoe. Soooooo picking myself up off the floor. I was a little leary when she wouldn’t answer questions, so God worked it out for best. I found that chapter 18 of the story was “dull” and got the editing done!! (Well a few pages left). So blessing there. Anyway, are you represented and (thought I read you are?) And are you strictly romance? (I apologize things have been so crazy (grandbaby) that I haven’t gotten a chance to tear through everyones books yet).

        Do you always do the “Go” thing at 10:00 for submissions?

        Thanks again hon!


      • jbrayweber says:

        Persistence pays off. Keep on swimming, keep on truckin’, keep trudging along, how ever you want to say it, just keep writing and never, EVER give up.
        And to answer your questions—and I am only speaking for myself, not the other MuseTrackers—no, I’m not represented by an agent, nor am I actively searching for one. No, I am not strictly romance, I have written a few historical short stories that are more along the lines of macabre fiction. But romance is all that I have published.

        Now to answer your question about agent/editor shop, that is for Candi. I, myself, do not handle that part of MuseTracks. (sorry)

        Thanks for asking. We always enjoy when folks pick our brains. 🙂


      • Odie8654 says:

        Ok, now you have my curiosity up hon! Not agented? How do you have these books published? E-publishing? I’m way naive on all this still, or did you get a publisher straight off?

        Either way, you are obviously moving forward!! I’m 53 (Ugh) but I’m worried maybe I’ll be 73 before I get an agent, heehee to old to enjoy the benefits of being “famous” hahahaha Just kidding.

        Thanks for the great encouragement, it is sooooo helpful on weeks like these past two have been!!!



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