Talk Back: Are you a happy writer?

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Talk Back – Tell us how you write!

I do have to ask: what makes you a happy writer?

We had this meme from Chuck Wendig (and the associated blog post) circulating around the internet last week and it did get me thinking.

I can’t seem to find moments when I am truly happy with writing anymore. I remember the excitement I had when I finally told myself it was ok to try to write, and when I had, oh I don’t know 3 chapters written or so, I felt soooo happy.

I had spent most of my life dreaming of being a writer and believing that, because I never went to school to study writing, I could never get a book published, see a real book with my name on it in a big bookstore.

And I wish I could say that I was completely happy when it happened (and yes I was happy) but by that time I was so wrapped up in the crazies of the business side of it, that I was not as happy as when I sat down to write those words the very first time.

It took me quite a while to find my happy writing place again. It meant a lot of pulling out from writing groups, a lot of time thinking about what writing means to me and a total different mind-set where happiness comes from accomplishing my allocated daily writing time and spending time in a woken dream with my characters and none thinking about selling, reviews and money.

In Mr. Wendig’s words, for me happiness is when I “care less.” When I just write, have fun and leave the rest to the universe.

How about you? When was the last time writing made you truly happy? What do you need from your writing to find that bliss?

Much love,
Marie-Claude xoxox


4 Responses to Talk Back: Are you a happy writer?

  1. Marcia says:

    Writing takes me places I’m physically limited to.

    Sometimes I have a hard time finding my happy place. That’s when I call upon my guides and muses and ask for inspiration. I have six books in various phases. All in different genres. Heaven knows every time I edit, my work my writing style is the better for it.

    I search for polish knowing perfection doesn’t exist.

    I don’t have time for groups, for learning about marketing or publishing or illustrating all I have time for is writing. When the universe decides its time I’ll be ready. And waiting. And care less about what I could be doing besides writing in my ‘spare’ time.


  2. I am a happy writer. That said, I had all three of the books I sold done, and my editor said they didn’t need line editing. The one I’m working on now won’t come out until Fall of 2014, and I have the first two of the next series written. I think the lack of stress helps a lot.


  3. jbrayweber says:

    Great post, MC.

    Love CW’s list, too. He’s spot on. I do have trouble with setting realistic goals. I had no idea how difficult this past year was going to be time-wise. In no way could I have accomplished more than what I did, not at this stage in my family’s lives.

    That said, I AM happy for what I did do and far I have come.

    Keep up the great work!



  4. I understand completely Marie! Over the last year I’ve made myself crazy with writing groups and social media that had me nearly crying in defeat. I had to pull out of a lot of places as well stop contributing until this week when I finally realized I’m writing for my readers not for reviews or how many “likes” or chart high numbers. I think I’m truly happiest is when I have a book accepted by publishers and I’m forced to think professionally rather than hysterically. At the point above I feel like I’m seriously going through the process that will bring the best I can do to my readers. I hope I’m heading toward happiness again! Nice post!


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