It’s Pitch time! Welcome Debby Gilbert with Soul Mate Publishing.


All pitches need to be sent to Candi_agent_shop (at) yahoo . com

Welcome to another round of Editor Shop!

I’m super excited to be hosting the awesome Debby Gilbert. Best of luck to everyone pitching.

And welcome to our spotlight author – one of Soul Mate Publishing’s lucky authors – Rebecca Heflin with her novel Rescuing Lacey.

Blurb: A tough battle-scarred photojournalist must confront the after-effects of a traumatic event and acknowledge her hidden vulnerable side if she is to rediscover her soul and accept the love that will rescue her.
Author website:
You can find Rescuing Lacey here: Amazon
Rebecca Heflin not only writes wonderful characters, her descriptions of Costa Rica are rich and vibrant, making one feel as they were there too.  Not only that, the sexual tension between Luke and Lacey is exquisite.  It grabs one by the throat and keeps the reader turning those pages! The story is a bit predictable, losing it half a star, but don’t let that be a deterrent. This story is sweet at times, romantic and sexy at others and assuredly, well worth the read!!!
~Tonya Smalley, InD’tale Magazine
Finalist, 2013 Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence            
Finalist, 2013 Colorado Romance Writers Award of Excellence


Come one, come all. Even if you’re not pitching, feel free to come join in the conversation. I’ll be giving away THREE prizes again this round. All you have to do is join in the fun! Every comment will be entered for a chance to win one of these prizes!

1 – An ARC of STAY – My new release coming in August 6th!

2 – 3 $10.00 Gift certificates from Soul Mate Publishing

3 – The Top Pitch Slot!

Easy breezy…

Here’s what we’ll start with as our topic this time…

Who would you cast as your hero if your novel hit the big screen? 🙂


20 Responses to It’s Pitch time! Welcome Debby Gilbert with Soul Mate Publishing.

  1. You rock, Candi! Talk about a dreamy topic…

    Nikolaj Coster Waldau (Jaime Lannister from Game of Thrones)



  2. Girl!

    Le sigh…

    He is yummtastic!


  3. Tie: Vin Diesel or Jason Momoa.


  4. Oh P.I.! Jason Momoa… Delicious.


  5. For mine… For STAY

    I’d have to go with Henry Cavill or Chris Pine



  6. Oh, wait! I have a new story and have Chris Hemsworth as the hero! How could I forget that? LOL!


  7. Gina Danna says:

    I’d have Channing Tatum He was who I was envisioning when I wrote it.


  8. J.M. Griffin says:

    I’d have Angie Harmon as the heroine in my Esposito series. She’s the one person I envisioned in the role as I wrote the first book.


  9. Mmmmm – Chris and Tatum!


  10. J.M.

    Angie is such a down to earth looking actress. I love that she always seems so natural.

    She’s one that probably wakes up looking gorgeous with having to work at it. A classic beauty.


  11. My actress for my current WIP would be Keira Knightly!


  12. Margay says:

    Ryan Gosling


  13. Yes Margay!

    Can’t forget Ryan! Not that anyone could… 🙂


  14. katieteller says:

    I don’t know, I don’t know of any Maori actors in their mid twenties 😦


  15. Theo James would be perfect in the lead for “Secrets & Lies.” 😀


  16. B.L. Foxxe/Morganelle Kitsune says:

    I’d go for an unknown depending on which title made it to that status 🙂


  17. Katie… Hmmmm, that is tough.


  18. Tracy! I love his pouty lips!


  19. B.L. – YEP! You and me both.


  20. He does have beautiful lips. That body and personality fits perfectly for my character.


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