Hump Day Kick Start – Taking a Breather Edition

Song of the Day – Fly From the Inside by Shinedown

Hump Day Kick Start – for your muse, a writing picture prompt, or just a visual treat.

break time

I’ve been super busy this week. So busy, I really could use a break. Kinda like the sexy piece of, er, I mean, today’s prompt.

So who is our guy? Where is he? Is he a mechanic who scooted on his butt to hard?  Maybe he’s a rolling stone resting up for another leg.   With those dark glasses, it’s hard to tell if his eyes are closed or if he’s looking at someone or something. Is he the contractor caught  taking a ‘breather’ by the beautiful homeowner? Could he be a law enforcement agent on assignment just thrown to the ground by his sexy partner after he inadvertently insulted by questioning her ability to kick ass with manicured fingernails? Maybe he’s getting up from a roll in the hay with farmer’s daughter.

Let’s hear your take. Love to hear from you.

15 Responses to Hump Day Kick Start – Taking a Breather Edition

  1. Wow- seriously WHERE do you get these pics?? I know Jeff likes it when you add in the fair maidens but I’m not complaining about today’s pic! Just makes you wonder where DO these guys hang out in real life?


  2. jbrayweber says:

    Well, Stacey. I never told you this, but… I keep all these hotties at my ‘Dude’ Ranch. I routinely, er, visit to personally to make sure the fellows are remaining in tip top shape for my photo shoots. *shrug* It’s what I do in my spare time.


  3. Ruth Kenjura says:

    wow, first time I had a gal knock my pants right off.


  4. jbrayweber says:

    LOL! Good one, Ruth!


  5. Tanning the nether-regions is a delicate and precise process.


  6. jbrayweber says:

    HAHAHA…yes, I imagine this is true, Kristen. We must be careful not to scorch such precious treasures.


  7. jeff7salter says:

    Like Stacey, said, I need more fair maidens.
    But since we’re stuck today with Ralph, I’ll go ahead and tell you what’s been going on.

    Ralph had to crawl under the horse trailer to check why the suspension had gone wonky at one of the wheels.
    While was focused on his efforts, Lucinda walked by and asked him for directions.
    At first Ralph didn’t even see Lucinda, and (after all) he was concentrating. {most guys can only think of one thing at a time}
    But when he heard her voice and looked out from under the trailer, he saw a lovely pair of legs.
    Naturally, his head jerked to get into better viewing position. When he did, Ralph’s noggin smacked the axle so hard that he fell unconscious back into the dirt.
    Lucinda knew immediately that he was in peril, so she grabbed his pants cuffs and tried to pull him out from beneath the trailer.
    Well, these particular britches, as you can imagine, didn’t fit quite as tightly since Ralph got his abs all six-packed and everything, so before Lucinda realized it, his britches were pulled nearly OFF.
    She reached down to check his pulse.
    Seemed normal.
    Lifted up his eyelids and checked pupils.
    Seemed normal.
    So she propped up his head against the side of the trailer and took a moment to survey the situation.
    Then she realized that, despite his apparent unconsciousness, certain vital signs were (shall we say) “elevated”.
    Unable to restrain herself, Lucinda quickly decided to spring to action … but she took a second to put Ralph’s sunglasses back on, just in case he came-to while this next part was going on.


  8. jbrayweber says:

    *gasp* Lucinda, you naughty girl! Ralph, you faker! Hmm…seems these two are perfect for each other.
    Well done, Jeff! My favorite line, ‘since Ralph got his abs all six-packed and everything’. 😀


  9. jeff7salter says:

    Heh heh heh
    And I left out the part where she straddled his apparently inert body in order to feel behind his head for blood or brains.


  10. jbrayweber says:

    Haha…So you had to refrain yourself. You know, just in case you might shock anyone hear. Or maybe you were just keeping that little jewel for yourself.


  11. jeff7salter says:

    Well, you know, Jenn … some of your readers might have very delicate constitutions.


  12. jbrayweber says:

    Really, Jeff? Hmmm… by now I think they’d know they had made a wrong turn. LOL!


  13. Sarah Andre says:

    Good for Jeff! That’s the way to get in the spirit.

    As hot as this pic is, Jenn, I gotta say…the only thing that keeps running thru my head is:
    Hired Dude is taking a break on the horse ranch and is…er…about to enjoy his lunch hour in a quiet, private setting.

    Which, let me add, really annoys me! What a waste. I’m right here in my kitchen, pal. I see that truck behind you! 😦


  14. jbrayweber says:

    Well, Sarah, maybe he’s just warming up. You know, because you are so smoking HOT woman, and he doesn’t want to, um, embarrass himself by arriving before the cows come home.


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