Becky Vinter is our Guest Agent for Agent Shop Pitch day Sat. May 18th!!!

Double posting today, but we always have a full week at Musetracks.

Becky Vinter is out guest agent this month for Agent Shop!!!

Check her out here

Becky Vinter


Becky’s eclectic tastes span the whole spectrum of women’s fiction, from literary to “bookclub” to romance of all subgenres. She is also in the market for voice-driven YA fiction, particularly stories with a strong romantic or suspenseful hook. In nonfiction, she is looking for both prescriptive and narrative nonfiction on the topics of food, travel, spirituality, pop culture, health and wellness, as well as select memoir. Some of her favorite recent reads include Ann Patchett’s State of Wonder, Tana French’s Faithful Place, Helen Simonson’s Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand, and Dave Egger’s Zeitoun.

Becky began her career in publishing at the Feminist Press in 2006 before moving to NAL/Penguin, where she acquired and edited commercial women’s fiction. She joined FinePrint in 2011. Becky grew up in London and earned her BA in English Literature from the University of Leeds. She now lives in Brooklyn.

Follow her on Twitter @BVinter

Agent Shop pitch day is May 18th!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So get ready! I’ll post the word GO this Saturday around 10:00am EST.

Send your pitches to candi_agent_shop @  (take out the @ spacing)

Read the rules for pitching under the tab above marked Agent/Editor Shop!

And don’t forget! If you want updates on attending agents and editors for Agent/Editor Shop, join our Yahoo update group here:


3 Responses to Becky Vinter is our Guest Agent for Agent Shop Pitch day Sat. May 18th!!!

  1. Marcia says:

    Hello Becky,

    I’ve spent a great deal of time this past week on my enquiry letter and re-editing my manuscript. In anticipation of pitch day I prepared a new pitch and was ready then poof! into that overflowing waste bin adrift in the vast somewhere out there it went! I’m sure I’m not alone here in when I say I wanted to pull my hair out but I didn’t I just preared another. It’s what I do. I write. In anticipation some day I’ll find the best agent for my stories, the reason I keep on keeping on doing what I do even when hubby shakes his head and wonders at my sanity.

    Thanks Candi for giving us a forum and for having some really great agents take their time to look at our work. Marcia


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