The distraction of shiny new writing things…

On my Kindle: Charlie All Night by Jennifer Crusie

Do you ever get super distracted from your WIP? Oh how I hate that!

I had a little time to spare the other morning before leaving for work and I started googling for publishing opportunities.I saw a call for short stories series and my mind started to play with that information.

What if I submit that short story I have? It’s almost ready! Then, I might have another book out there soon if it get accepted! Those stories are only 13K words!!!

Oh so attractive! And what a wonderful distraction from the monster beast that is my work in progress.

But I got to finish that first!!!

I get so distracted. I tend to jump on new things so easily in a “Oh, I can write THAT” fervor. Hence the paranormal short, the steampunk novel, the small town romance, the YA fantasy, all waiting to be edited.

Live and learn.

I MUST finish, edit, polish and submit my current project BEFORE I do anything else, don’t you think?

Much love,
Marie-Claude xoxox


4 Responses to The distraction of shiny new writing things…

  1. Fortunately, I don’t get distracted from what I’m doing like that, but it comes from long training. Also, I’m not sure I could write something that’s only 13,000 words. Tweeted.


  2. Ella, the 13,000 words was hard and intended for Nocturne Bites. Now they changed their line so I’m stuck with it LOL thanks for the tweet!


  3. Renee Regent says:

    Great post- so true! Struggling with that myself…when I get distracted by the stories piling up in my head, I do some research or outlining on them, and that usually satisfies the itch to start something new. But I won’t start actual writing until the current WIP is at least beta-ready. Like having just a taste of chocolate when you are on a diet!


  4. Renee, I like your idea of doing the outline then move on. I’m training myself to finish things. That is my biggest goal of the year. Finish… That all!


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