The distraction of shiny new writing things…

On my Kindle: Charlie All Night by Jennifer Crusie

Do you ever get super distracted from your WIP? Oh how I hate that!

I had a little time to spare the other morning before leaving for work and I started googling for publishing opportunities.I saw a call for short stories series and my mind started to play with that information.

What if I submit that short story I have? It’s almost ready! Then, I might have another book out there soon if it get accepted! Those stories are only 13K words!!!

Oh so attractive! And what a wonderful distraction from the monster beast that is my work in progress.

But I got to finish that first!!!

I get so distracted. I tend to jump on new things so easily in a “Oh, I can write THAT” fervor. Hence the paranormal short, the steampunk novel, the small town romance, the YA fantasy, all waiting to be edited.

Live and learn.

I MUST finish, edit, polish and submit my current project BEFORE I do anything else, don’t you think?

Much love,
Marie-Claude xoxox


4 Responses to The distraction of shiny new writing things…

  1. Fortunately, I don’t get distracted from what I’m doing like that, but it comes from long training. Also, I’m not sure I could write something that’s only 13,000 words. Tweeted.


  2. Renee Regent says:

    Great post- so true! Struggling with that myself…when I get distracted by the stories piling up in my head, I do some research or outlining on them, and that usually satisfies the itch to start something new. But I won’t start actual writing until the current WIP is at least beta-ready. Like having just a taste of chocolate when you are on a diet!


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