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Hi All!

I think this link has a lot of applications for writers- especially those that aren’t trained in the art of utilizing the internet and social media to their advantage. (I know I’m one of them!) I will be book marking this for future reference since I’ve already taken a page of notes on what’s out there. I hope you find it useful

Here’s what they have to say about themselves:

“It’s frustrating isn’t it? Owning your own website can sometimes seem like you’re left standing alone in the corner of the room. You keep hearing about how other sites are attracting thousands of visitors to their site everyday, but you check your statistics only to find a handful of people have dropped by.

It doesn’t have to be this way…

Social media can help you spark up a conversation that connects with an audience. There are so many different social network, social news and social bookmark sites that it can be difficult to know where to begin. But much like a conversation, you just need to listen and have something interesting to say.

Here at, we offer a regular selection of in-depth articles, statistical analysis, simple to digest guides, original and unique resources. has information that will help you expand your website and help you to truly engage your audience.”

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